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Failure To Launch Increases The Risk Of A Deeper Pullback

Last week we saw the market continue to push to new highs breaking through some very key pivot levels on its way to what was looking like a clean break to new highs -- but right at the close on Friday, Mr. Market had other ideas.
by Mike Golembesky - 4 days ago

A Week Of Winning Stock Waves Calls

This week in Stock Waves, a number of Wave Setups reached or exceeded their resistance levels, including AMD, AON, BE, BOOT, FUTU, GOOGL, HRI, MSFT, ONTO and WCC.
1 week ago

Outlook: A Big Shift by Monday

End of this week into early next week, we have been on alert for a mood shift to a more somber tone possibly following a period of “denial.
by Dr. Cari Bourette - 1 week ago

Weekly Crypto Report: Possible Extension?

We do not yet have any evidence that Bitcoin and Ether topped in their respective b waves, and this may indicate more extension in the third.
by Ryan Wilday - 1 week ago

Buying Pullbacks - Market Analysis for Jan 22nd, 2023

We got the expected pullback which tested the 3900 support area in the Emini S&P 500 (ES) before a strong rebound to end the week above 3980.
by Princely Mathew - 1 week ago

Where Fundamentals Meet Technicals: CI, PRU

This issue of Where Fundamentals Meet Technicals looks at two stocks with different risk profiles.
by Lyn Alden Schwartzer - 2 weeks ago

The Debt Ceiling - Market Analysis for Jan 19th, 2023

Ultimately, it is just political grandstanding. An agreement will be reached.
by Rida Morwa - 2 weeks ago

Market's Upward Grind Begins To Slow As A Pullback Before a Breakout Remains The Expectation

A pullback is still expected before a strong breakout higher occurs, as indicated by the pattern off the lows and the negative divergence on multiple timeframes.
by Mike Golembesky - 2 weeks ago

Anticipating The Tailspin In Tesla & Apple

Since Lyn Alden Schwartzer's October 30 write-up, the S&P 500 is up over 2% while AAPL is down 14% and TSLA is down 47%.
3 weeks ago

Favorable Setup Into Friday

As of writing, it’s a trend week up context from Monday Jan 9th into Thursday Jan 12th, which means that buyers have a favorable setup going into tomorrow.
by Ricky Wen - 3 weeks ago

European Indices Close Lower

The FTSE 100 Index closed mildly lower today, but otherwise not enough evidence of a local top or the blue count being derailed.
by Garrett Patten - 3 weeks ago

Tracking The Energy Sector In Stock Waves

Stock Waves has always followed the Energy sector closely, but even more so since the 2020 lows -- and with much success!
by Zac Mannes - 3 weeks ago

Here Are Two Of Our Top Five Dividend Growth Picks For 2023

As we begin the New Year, the HDI team has highlighted five picks that are generating high yields today and that are top contenders to raise their dividends in 2023, regardless of what the market or the Fed does.
by Rida Morwa - 4 weeks ago

Nightly Crypto Report: Poised To Drop

I do not see a bullish case unless Bitcoin breaks over $17,900.
by Ryan Wilday - 1 month ago

A Lot Of Mixed Signals

Staying in cash is the play until we have a clear cut trade signal.
by Princely Mathew - 1 month ago

The U.S. Dollar Pokes Into The Target Zone

The DXY has seen consolidation near the lows for the past several weeks which was suggestive that we would see at least a small break into the support zone.
by Mike Golembesky - 1 month ago

Getting Close - Market Analysis for Dec 19th, 2022

The MACD on the daily chart is now striking the minimum target we set weeks ago which would re-set that indicator to support another rally higher.
by Avi Gilburt - 1 month ago

New Monthly Lows for European Indices

The Dax Performance Index, FTSE 100, and Euro STOXX 50 started off initially higher last week before rolling over to make new lows on the month.
by Garrett Patten - 1 month ago

Decisive Breakdown Below 3950 As Markets Heads Into Santa Rally Bullish Seasonality

Basically, 3950 on the Emini S&P 500 will be the most pivotal point of battle for the incoming sessions given the context of the breakdown structure below the 4-week low.
by Ricky Wen - 1 month ago

Nightly Crypto Report: Bears Back Against the Ropes

The late-day pop in the big coins pushed through resistance. As tortured as the upside counts are, bears failed to see follow through.
by Ryan Wilday - 1 month ago

Markets In A Holding Pattern As We Near The Target Region For A Local Bottom

Today the markets moved sideways and for the most part, very little has changed from what has been laid out yesterday and this morning.
by Mike Golembesky - 1 month ago

Market At An Inflection Point

We are consolidating below a long-term trend line that has held back any advance attempt since THE top. Getting above that line and closing above will be a big statement from the bulls IF it can happen.
by Princely Mathew - 1 month ago

European Markets Trade Higher

The DAX Performance Index traded higher last week, making another new high on the month.
by Garrett Patten - 2 months ago

Market Outlook: Value Continues To Outperform

With only a little over a month left in the year, value stocks have established a convincing lead over growth stocks. They fell less and are recovering faster.
by Rida Morwa - 2 months ago

Bullish Seasonality Week, Need To See Breakout Continuation

Buyers are in pretty good shape going into one of the most bullish seasonality weeks as long as support keeps holding.
by Ricky Wen - 2 months ago