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Crisis Mode Continues Into Weekend

Yesterday and today the mood pattern reflects crisis or disaster mode on a daily scale and it's not uncommon to see market pullbacks along with this pattern as well as mini crises along the way.
by Dr. Cari Bourette - 16 hours ago

Slow Methodical Grind - Market Analysis for Jun 16th, 2021

We’re expecting more of the same slow methodical grind this week as volatility has dried up, but be mindful of mid June-late June weak seasonality.
by Ricky Wen - 1 day ago

'Make Income While You Sleep' Buffet Says, 2 Dividends For Peaceful Dreams

Today, we'll look at two high-yielding stocks that have the potential to offer long-term growth.
by Rida Morwa - 4 days ago

Choppy Market With Slight Upward Bias

There are no clear signs from price as the choppy action continues, and this coming week is monthly OPEX week so we may just continue with this chop with a slight upward bias.
by Princely Mathew - 4 days ago

Stock Waves Charts of Day: PYPL, VZ, INTC & Crypto Stocks

Today’s Top Charts video starts off as usual with some recent wave setups before going into a few bonus charts at the end.
by Garrett Patten - 1 week ago

Russell 2000 Pushing Higher

The Russell 2000 Index (RUT) is trading slightly higher this morning and still following the expected path quite well.
by Mike Golembesky - 1 week ago

Nightly Crypto Report: Who Is Fibbing?

There is a marked difference between Ether and Bitcoin as Ether basically has a high consolidation versus its recent range, while Bitcoin continues to risk a severe drop.
by Ryan Wilday - 1 week ago

HDO Market Outlook: The 4 Phases Of The Bull Market

The current bull market is mostly "liquidity-driven" and is very similar to the bull market that we saw back in the early 2000s.
by Rida Morwa - 1 week ago

Eye on COUP, EGAN, ARNA, ECL & More

Tonight’s Stock Waves Charts of the Day video features two names that we haven't gone over in a video that have been recent Wave Setup additions and a couple of other stocks that we might be adding soon.
by Zac Mannes - 2 weeks ago

Rest/Digestion Ahead Of Higher Highs

The Emini S&P 500 (ES) closed at 4198.5 yesterday, showcasing a gap up and crap session as the bulls were not able to sustain the immediate trend.
by Ricky Wen - 2 weeks ago

Lookout For A Reset Lower

We exited all our swing longs on Friday with some pretty decent profits, and are in a short trade currently from 4210 area on the Emini S&P 500.
by Princely Mathew - 2 weeks ago

The U.S. Dollar Barely Holding On To Support

The DXY pushed lower into the early part of this week breaking slightly under the lower end of support at the 89.65 level.
by Mike Golembesky - 2 weeks ago

Two More HDO Holdings Raise Dividends

EWT's dividend service High Dividend Opportunities (HDO) saw two more dividend raises in its model portfolio this week, after two the previous week, continuing to prove that you can find high-yield and enjoy dividend growth.
by "System" - 2 weeks ago

Anticipating IWM's Low & Subsequent Rally

We had a setup zone in IWM in the 210.58-211.45 area with timing for a low on 5/13-15 plus or minus a day.
by Carolyn Boroden - 2 weeks ago

Nightly Crypto Report: Action Remains Constructive

Both Ether and Bitcoin struck a bottom overnight and put in five waves into our intraday highs, which bodes well for a breakout as long as we hold over yesterday's low.
by Ryan Wilday - 3 weeks ago

Stock Waves Top Charts Video: BSX, KR, MTDR, TLRY & More

For today’s Stock Waves Charts of the Day video, let’s start off with some recent wave setups we've added before revisiting some cryptocurrency stocks.
by Garrett Patten - 3 weeks ago

Trend Day Continuation Above 4185, Needs To Sustain

Yesterday played out as expected, as price action reclaimed 4185 on the Emini S&P 500 (ES) and produced an uptrend day into the 4200 key level.
by Ricky Wen - 3 weeks ago

Internals Mildly Bullish, Options Data Neutral

We could be setting up a secondary high in the next few days before another retest of the lows or lower lows.
by Princely Mathew - 3 weeks ago

Crypto Service Cracks Elite List In Just 3 Months On Seeking Alpha

In just 3 months since launching on Seeking Alpha, Ryan Wilday's Cryptocurrency service is now the 13th largest out of 182 services in SA's Marketplace.
by "System" - 3 weeks ago

Setting Up The Next Rally

While it has become increasingly frustrating to identify exactly how the next rally of wave v of 3 is attempting to set up, I am still very much in the camp that we will be going higher in the coming weeks, even if we have one more trip lower on the S&P 500 before that begins.
by Avi Gilburt - 4 weeks ago

Bullish Lean To SPY's Chop

SPY is back in the 414-418 web, yet again, but we remain long and looking higher.
by Luke Miller - 4 weeks ago

Market Outlook May 16, 2021: About The Market Pull Back

There are several reasons that have resulted in this week's mini-market crash that pulled back the S&P 500 index by about 5%.
by Rida Morwa - 1 month ago

The U.S. Dollar Finds Support Again But No Confirmation Of A Bottom Just Yet

While the DXY's turn-up off of support could certainly turn into a larger degree wave B bottom, we still need to see further upside follow-through to give us initial confirmation that this is indeed the case.
by Mike Golembesky - 1 month ago

Spotting The SPX Low

This week, we spotted Fibonacci timing cycles that anticipated a possible low on 5/11-13 -- and key price support on the daily charts that included symmetry and a .618 retracement on the SPX.
by Carolyn Boroden - 1 month ago

Video Chart Analysis on NBR, TER, COIN, UEC & More

I'm going to start off the Charts of the Day Video with few of our recent wave setups that have been posted, and then go over a few other charts of interests that look like some decent potential setups as well.
by Garrett Patten - 1 month ago