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What I love about EW is you know when things go wrong and you know when to get out of a position at minimal damage...it has helped so much in my RR work
"Kenneth_Aydt" - Trading Room - 2019-10-03
The relief of EWT philosophy on investing has been such a gift (besides being extremely profitable) that I have to say this is the most enjoyable service offered anywhere on the internet and probably the best investment I have ever made. Thanks Avi.
"Talapus" - Trading Room - 2020-01-27
My 401K money has been protected during this, and I'm making money in little chunks in my trading accounts. And that is all thanks to Avi, HD, Garrett, Zac, and so many great members here. Sincerely, my account and my family say a huge THANK YOU to you all.
"Franchise" - Trading Room 2020-03-16
After this week's action and watching how Avi & company nailed the piss out of so many moves, you can't argue with me anymore about the efficacy of EW. . . Just amazing to have a methodology that works so well PLUS the guidance from Avi.
"Bcindc" - Seeking Alpha 2020-03-09
I honestly don't know how anyone loses money on this site. You guys have the closest thing to a crystal ball I've ever seen.
"joneil" - Trading Room - 2020-09-23
I will say this about this site and the crew in general: It is one of the most cohesive, cooperative and harmonious "work" groups I have ever experienced. Everyone's dedication is exemplary, above and beyond the call of duty. The leadership is outstanding. All the trading and money making aside, it is a true pleasure to be here. I haven't even talked about the quality of the analysis. That, I think speaks for itself. OUTSTANDING!
"Nanook" - Trading Room - 2018-11-08
When it comes to navigating the markets, I feel like I was driving with a blindfold on before finding EWT.
"bryanjf1" - Trading Room - 2020-08-07
Avi, you are the best strategist that I follow and you have made more prescient calls than anyone on the street. I currently subscribe to your service and am very pleased. I have been a licensed financial advisor for over a decade and worked at a number of Fortune 500 companies in my career, including usbank, Morgan Stanley, Russell investment and now am a director and lincoln financial and i can tell you that none of the so called experts have virtually an ability to determine market direction. With you insight, i have made a killing and am basing my strategies around your advice. Keep up the good work and ignore the naysayers who are missing out on your sage advice!
"Blue Chip Investing" - Seeking Alpha 2020-04-12
Avi applies the most rigorous application of Elliott wave and Fibonacci analysis that I have seen. Add to that the invention of Fibonacci Pinball, a simple and elegant Fibonacci extension theory that I haven't seen anywhere else. It provides an almost eerie sense of direction once a second wave is identified.
"ChillyD" - Trading Room - 2020-06-30
Top ticks, bottom ticks. Not sure if EWT has enough power to move the market just yet or bigger money is following these world class analyst. Sure is a pleasure to be in company of such great analysts.
"Goelz" - Trading Room - 2020-06-17
What's incredible is that not only are the analyst's here supremely insightful, collectively presenting multiple scenarios and interpretations, but some of the members too contribute with high quality analysis and charts. Quite special...putting it kind of mildly :-)! Keep up the good work, Avi and team.
"findependence" - Trading Room - 2019-05-23
EW + Avi and team=$$$
"Kwker" - Trading Room - 2019-08-05
After comparing notes on the crash, a group of good friends asked me how I am doing so well. I told them that the literal best analysts in the world let me hang around with them. I feel privileged that an ordinary guy could be smiling while everyone, including those who should know better, freaks out!
"CapSix(Lou)" - Trading Room - 2020-04-28
I joined the room in late Feb after seeing my account vaporize with the massive plunge. With the assistance of all the pros here, I'm glad to say that I've not only recovered my capital, I've also made a small 20% gain, and no need to trade on "fundamentals". I will be prepared for any turns this time! Many thanks to the EWT team!
"Alvin" - Trading Room - 2020-06-03
In following Avi and his team's analysis and checking it with my own charts, the last month has gone from intellectual challenge to honestly life-changing. While my contemporaries, with whom I speak with regularly, are bemoaning their account balances, mine is up - significantly! That's because of you, Avi and everyone else at EWT.
"Oldbarn98" - Email - 2020-03-26
Thanks Avi. I really cant put into words how much this service has meant to me and my family.
"BuccoFan" - Trading Room - 2020-07-21
I remember distinctly reading an article in 2011 by some kook who had the audacity to call the top in PM when they were obviously going nowhere but up. I dismissed him for the exact same reasons people dismiss him now and went on to suffer catastrophic losses over the next couple of years. Yesterdays highs of both GLD and GDX tapped Avi’s resistance zones nearly to the penny and have since turned down. And the guy gets criticized for being right. If you want to feel better about being wrong, stick to perma-pumpers like Adam Hamilton. If you’re interested in actual price action and calls that actually get updated as conditions change, this is the place to be.
"Destin" - SeekingAlpha - 2018-10-12
I've been an equity analyst for almost ten years but that can't compare to how well your fib pinball works
"HenryAdam" - Trading Room - 2020-06-28
In the course of the last 20 years I subscribed to all manner of 'expert' services . . .This forum is at another level. There is nothing like it that I know of.
"Green" - Trading Room - 2019-05-22
Can't get enough Avi.. And not just from you.. from the other analysts too.. Am not too vocal on the board because about 6 months after I joined, I realized LISTENING to you guys (and putting my own biases away) was the way to go. Also, between the analysts and coverage, there are SO MANY trade ideas I don't even have to ask for something. Love the team you have put together and the approach.
"IndnStig" - Trading Room - 2020-07-23
Zac and Garrett: Amazed at how you read the different price actions and know which wave and which fib so quickly. Your calls are so right on.
"Evolving" - Trading Room - Trading Room 2020-03-19
I’ve been following the Fibqueen’s work since she started here and it’s amazing! I can more clearly visualize market direction and setups. It perfectly compliments EW.
"Bloodndastreet" - Trading Room - Trading Room 2019-12-02
Ricky, you are a prodigy and Master teacher. Took enough profits at the scale to pay for more than your annual subscription. Letting the rest ride for free until the wheels fall off. If you are not subscribing to Ricky's ES trades, you are missing out on an amazing opportunity.
"Harv" - Trading Room - Trading Room 2020-04-09
I’ve been here a while and watched the membership grow. What has been maintained is a sense of community allowing for the open sharing of ideas in a respectful manner. This is not only a site with great analysts providing their services and guidance and those behind the curtains updating and making it all run smoothly but also a very knowledgeable membership willing to share and teach. Hats off to all that make this site a wonderful destination.
"IMOK" - Trading Room - 2019-05-22
Would just like to say Avi, Your approach and professionalism. and the time you take to look after every one on this site is superb. Your a great mentor and I can't thank you enough for turning my trading around. Ive literally turned a huge corner this year and I feel its due to your self and your teams help. So thank you.
"BobbyJ" - Trading Room - 2018-10-26
There are wave counters and then there is EWT. There is nothing that can hold a candle to this site and the wealth of information that is generously shared here. The wave counting by the analysts here is head and shoulders (no pun intended!) above anything you will find elsewhere. I think what sets them apart is that they will actually teach you
"Nrh/Nicky" - Trading Room - 2019-09-04
Its amazing to have so many different analysts with different frames .. and when they concur .. powerful.. if they don't .. then sit on the sidelines. Cash is a position.
"Ghat" - Trading Room - 2020-01-31
I have been investing and speculating in gold, gold stock and futures since 2003 and, whilst I am not a subscriber, Avi has been the most accurate analyst I have read by a long shot. This is through bull and bear, always qualifying his predictions as he is well aware that it is a probability game in the end. I've seen many, many analysts come and go who staked a bullish or bearish position, happened to fluke it, garnered large following and then lost everyone a lot of money when the tide turned. Avi is the real deal - bull or bear.
"Larry" - Goldseek - 2019-11-26
The Mining Stocks Portfolio service and Elliot Wave in general have really helped me enhance my performance and have also taught me so much for the markets.
"nikaras19978" - Email - 2020-05-28
A group whose quality is unreal!
"RickS" - Trading Room - 2019-05-22
This is the best trading community I have ever joined.
"desifinance" - Trading Room - 2019-05-22
Whomever has yet to join Avi's EWT Pinball on SA or his main site you guys are really missing unbelievable opportunities. Their analysis, analysts and the groups are superb. Imagine knowing back in 2016 the market had 2 years and 800 Points of upside in his analysis and charts and one would have confidentially bought the bottom. On the ElliottWaveTrader.net you can and will get 100's of different charts, perspectives and the ability to buy with confidence or even more important not to buy if a indices or security is topping and should and will head lower which allows you to short, take profits or wait for a pull back. Now for the best part when they see a stock which looks like it is about to break out or down they post it and I have watched and experience many 5x,10x and even 20x returns in a few hours out to 1-10 day returns. Avi, you, your team and site is really far above anything I could have even imagined.
"dgnyc77" - SeekingAlpha - 2018-02-16
This past week has been very profitable....Thank you all at EWT for the phenomenal navigation these past few weeks in a crazy market!
"TraceyU" - Trading Room - 2020-03-13
If you're looking into technical analysis, this guy is one of two "must hear" sources. When Avi Gilburt talks, even Warren Buffett listens.
Robert Strayer - FaceBook - 2019-08-31
Avi and all his team including its members are a great bunch of people. This is one of the best sites I've seen and I have been an avid trader for 40+ years.
"SP500_trader" - Trading Room - 2019-05-15
have worked at numerous top tier investment banks and hedge funds and must say that I am deeply impressed by your analysis. You've become a critical part of my day! Thanks and keep up the great work!
"asap200x" - Trading Room - 2019-05-22
This is a great site with the best analysts and a very helpful community.
"Zen" - Trading Room - 2019-09-10
sold my uvxy puts for weekend money - made enough for a small car over the last couple weeks - thx (to) MG (Mike Golembesky)
"thebroker8829" - SeekingAlpha - 2019-08-08
I have tried many different investing services and used many strategies but none of them fully lived up to my expectation ... until I recently entered into Smart Money room and got to know its trading team.....I highly suggest everyone try out their system for 3 reasons: (1) Unbiased (2) Good risk management (3) Very careful and considerate and intelligent team.
"DrChen" - Trading Room - 2019-07-12
Thanks for the awesome call on GDX this week. Paid for a couple years on this site.
"Incline-JS" - Trading Room - 2020-01-24
This site is for teaching people to fish with the shark, not to get eaten. E-wave is not my main methodology, but seeing what the analysts have done here is pretty amazing. As a subscriber/observer I can say without exception that they give you the tools to make good choices.
"bunker" - Trading Room - 2018-04-07
I became interested in cryptocurrency trading at the beginning of the year, but knew very little about it. I found the cryptocurrency service extremely helpful. I was able to watch videos where Ryan explained the basics and potential problems you could run into. He, and other members, also answered my questions when I was confused about how to get started... The proof is in the pudding. Over the past few months, my son and I have each made 40% on our investments. Even with a small investment, our earnings have more than covered the cost of the service.
"Rocker-2" - Email - 2019-05-20
Avi- this room is amazing!
"paul2uuu" - Trading Room - 2019-05-22
you are certainly fortunate to have found this place. I know I count my blessings for finding it 3 1/2 years ago . . . now that you are part of EWT you will (should) realize how there are a countless great opportunities presented each day, week, month... this place is honestly the most wonderful online community and its mission is to help people and educate them...and keep them at this successfully "forever."
"Giuseppe" - Trading Room - 2017-01-06
I appreciate your your insightful technical analytical focus on the market. I have been a financial advisor for 37 years, and I have NEVER felt comfort from fundamental analysis as a predictive tool on future market movement. I have mostly felt anxiety. Thank you, Avi, to you and your associates, for helping me sleep better at night, because I no longer have to be imprisoned by the capricious whims of the fundamental analysts and soothsayer economists. -John Martin, proud subscriber to Elliott Wave Trader for 9 months, but follower of Avi Gilbert for many years
"john3148" - SeekingAlpha - 2017-03-27
What differentiates you is the unemotional probability based reasoning for the primary and alt counts. Like I said before, you and your team of EWT are the best technicians out there . . . Trust me, I've been trading for 25 years and no one knows EW like Avi and his team. I use several tools to trade the markets, but the EW tool hands down, no one even comes close.
"RonR" - Trading Room - 2019-04-22
What differentiates you is the unemotional probability based reasoning for the primary and alt counts. Like I said before, you and your team of EWT are the best technicians out there . . . Trust me, I've been trading for 25 years and no one knows EW like Avi and his team. I use several tools to trade the markets, but the EW tool hands down, no one even comes close.
"RonR" - Trading Room - 2019-04-22
This site is hands down better than anything out there. All of the analysts are TOPNOTCH and so are the TRADERS on this site
"Jared" - Trading Room - 2019-05-23
Avi I am truly amazed at how well you and all the analysts here have managed to call this market....it has been a sight to behold, been in markets 20 years now and have never seen such accurate prediction
"Rossie" - Trading Room - 2017-12-17
I consider my EWT subscription one of the best and smartest decisions of my investing career.
"joneil" - Trading Room - 2019-06-28
Avi, you and the analysts can take a bow for the spectacular performances that we have witnessed. OUTSTANDING!!!
"Viper" - Trading Room - 2018-12-23
Avi's service is the best I've come across. Just an old man's opinion that has done this over 50 year
"bill_7715" - Trading Room - 2019-05-31
two best decisions in my life: 1) Marry my wife 2) Join VIX room.
"Reegs" - Trading Room - 2019-03-27
You CANNOT get a better group of analysts anywhere else on the net. Absolutely stunning team Avi has here
"Knowledge101" - Trading Room - 2019-05-13
best place i have ever found to trade ..... analysts are fantastic and other members are very helpful......no other place on the web like this one
"905mercur(Barry)" - Trading Room - 2018-12-28
I hope you are around for another 8 years!! What is offered here is almost too good to be true..
"Nanook" - Trading Room - 2019-09-10
One thing I like about this site, is rookies like myself can rub shoulders (even if only electronically) with the pros and learn so much in a community setting where everyone helps each other in an environment of free flowing ideas and opinions! And, of course, we have a stand up no BS leader with a proven track record!
"bullhammer" - Trading Room - 2016-10-22
Avi, I am simply amazed every day but the team you have put together. I feel so very thankful and blessed that as a small "mom and pop" trader, I have access to some of the best analysts on the planet. Thank you to you and your amazing team!
"Snowman" - Trading Room - 2018-12-23
Thanks Avi! You and this site are making a huge difference how I manage my clients money . . All by simply buying low and selling high based on the EW charts.
"ElGringo1" - Trading Room - 2019-01-31
Thanks Avi! You and this site are making a huge difference how I manage my clients money . . All by simply buying low and selling high based on the EW charts.
"ElGringo1" - Trading Room - 2019-01-31
If not for Ryan's service, I wouldn't buy or trade cryptocurrency on my own. I thought I was too old for learning and managing these crypto accounts, but I was able to do it. It is very important to read Ryan's list of security measures to be taken when dealing with cryptos. Ryan provides us with analyses covering a large range of coins, teaches us how to trade, answers our questions and makes actual trade calls! We also have a good team of members contributing to the service by sharing information and their personal counts. I enjoy it!
"Chana" - 2019-05-12
thanks Avi for all the hard work you & your team have done. You guys truly care & even better your analysis is spectacular.
"DG007" - Trading Room - 2018-12-28
I met Avi in Miami in July 2013 ...The reason was I was tired of Robert Prechter of EWI negativity on the SPX...Avi and team brought a balanced and unemotional approach to the markets. As a 35 year veteran of trading.....I Highly recommend this service...
"Jiffypop" - Trading Room - 2017-11-30
Congratulations Avi and the entire staff at EWT!! Hands down, the BEST STAFF of any financial site on the web!! You don't hear it often enough, but you've made a significant difference (financially) in my family's life, and other's too I'm sure. Thank you all for the help, guidance and camaraderie you've given me these past 5+ years!!
"Fred_Garvin" - Trading Room - 2018-09-27
"The amount of trades I've been able to take the past week resulting in 100%+ returns is nothing short of amazing. If you do not have Stockwaves, you are only doing yourself a disservice."
dgriff617 - Trading Room 2020-05-18
I have been with many other advisors/subscriptions before I came here. You are THE BEST in this business. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for all that you have done for me and my life. I cannot thank you enough. Though sometimes I believe that you are 'supernaturally superior' in your analysis, it is your human-ness that I have come to admire the most. Most importantly, the fact that you sincerely and genuinely care for the financial well-being of members like us - that is astounding and touching. You are a huge gift to all of us.
"PSK" - Trading Room - 2016-08-24
I have optimizer and is a must-have for me to know the cheapest, optimal gain and implied volatility to consider before trading. Extensive video tutorials also. Leo is very knowledgeable but down-to-earth, -takes time to answer questions both simple and complex.
"StoneEzel" - Trading Room - 2018-03-08
There is no shortage of self proclaimed experts offering their analysis of various markets every day. Over many years I have read countless articles written by many different writers. I have only found 2 that are worth following. Avi your market analysis and projections are second to none. Your ability to stay on the correct side of different markets is incredible. Anyone willing to take the time to follow you for an extended period of time cannot dispute this.
"Doug Thompson" - GoldSeek - 2018-10-29
Wondering if Stockwaves is worth it? Consider this...My account is UP 5.5% on a day when the market is DOWN 20 points. Just sayin'...
"ItsOnlyMoney" - Trading Room - 2018-10-04
Congratulations to Avi and all the analysts for taking this vision 7 years ago and turning it into a first class operation. The product provided on a day to day basis is truly exceptional, from the fantastic real time analysis to the teachable moments, tips and experiences generously shared by the analysts. Props to you Avi for continually seeking ways to improve the service.
"AirGuardian" - Trading Room - 2018-09-27
I must say it is absolutely sick how you guys call virtually every turn in the market. This is just not normal outside of the trading room. Im not going to say how much I've made just making use of the ideas here. Suffice it to say that the annual subscription is a small part of the swing trading profits ive made here since Monday. So many thank you's for this great service!
"algo" - Trading Room - 2018-11-02
Probably not said enough Avi, but small time traders like me really appreciate the site and community you have created. It has helped me greatly and I appreciate your (and other analysts/members’) generosity in helping to guide us.
"Lulzasaur" - Trading Room - 2018-04-07
This is an amazing group of people with incredible knowledge and experience. I started out with an EW Trial last August after reading an article by Avi in Market Watch. Fast forward to today where I subscribe to 3 different services. My account is up 60% YTD and there is no way I would be able to achieve this performance without the guidance and information on this site
"TrojanAlum" - Trading Room - 2018-07-11
"Great call on WLL last Wednesday Zac/Garrett -- my purchase is up 105% already!"
"Keto" - Trading Room - Trading Room 2020-03-16
This is an amazing group of people with incredible knowledge and experience. I started out with an EW Trial last August after reading an article by Avi in Market Watch. Fast forward to today where I subscribe to 3 different services. My account is up 60% YTD and there is no way I would be able to achieve this performance without the guidance and information on this site
"TrojanAlum" - Trading Room - 2018-07-11
Avi you have built something as close to perfection as could possible , This place is something way beyond anything I have ever imagined exists
"moshein1wetrust1" - Trading Room - 2018-08-15
I have been following you for a year and your accuracy is amazing. I am an old timer and I have never seen anything like it.
"Joe Stern" - SeekingAlpha - 2018-10-15
I know the analysts here get congratulated fairly regularly, but they really deserve it, they do a tremendously good job! I almost feel that this sight gives me an unfair advantage on trading the market.
"DamienC" - Trading Room - 2018-06-26
I feel like this site opens so many people's eyes to the most profitable way to trade the markets, while in the meantime all the FA analysts keep getting hammered
"ItsOnlyMoney" - Trading Room - 2018-09-15
I was new to this site only just over a year ago, and like many of you I had absolutely NO IDEA what the heck was going on. But I spent a good deal of time going through all of the materials here, and studying the charts, and practicing on my own, and slowly but surely the pieces of the puzzle have started to come together (though I still have a long, long way to go). As a result of taking the time to study and learn FIRST, my trading profitability has increased exponentially (and paid for every service I subscribe to ten-fold) Learning EW is like learning a new language--- you come in and you can't understand anything; then you start learning some vocabulary words; then some of the grammar starts to kick in, and you can start to make out some sentences; and eventually if you submerge yourself long enough in it you can become fluent -- but it is a process that requires a good level of participation, and I think you will only get out of it, what YOU put into it. JMTC.
"Nicole" - Trading Room - 2018-03-08
In my 20-years of active trading, Avi and this EWT community have been the BEST source for clearly defined parameters outlining R-R opportunities. Period
"Maximus_AS" - Trading Room - 2017-06-25
This is a great site with many supportive" brainiacs". I am humbled by them but overjoyed to swim with them too.
"paul2uuu" - Trading Room - 2019-04-02
I've been in a few trading rooms over the years. This is BY FAR the best one I've encountered. The level of expertise of the analysts and members is astounding, and all, including you, share more than I expect.
"rgatling" - Trading Room - 2018-08-15
I can still hear the talk in my head at the office during Brexit - people were moving their 401k's to cash out of fear of another 2008/2009 meltdown -to them I was an idiot and crazy because I told them then the S&P would be at 2,500 at least in 2 years, maybe 3 and possibly higher to 2800 -I would have never known we could reach these levels without guidance from this site
"DAVEJ" - Trading Room - 2018-08-27
Congratulations, Avi. As a 2 year member of EWT, I have seen my portfolio more than double over these past 2 years, thanks to you and your wonderful team. I advise all 20,000 followers to check out the FREE TRIAL of this wonderful service. It's how I began.
"User 37220206" - SeekingAlpha - 2017-12-20
Thanks Team - Return to date - all due to the team here. Avi, HD, Scooby etc...... AWESOME TEAM OF ANALYSTS. Rate of Return*** AS OF 04/30/2018 +27.93%
"Reegs" - Trading Room - 2018-05-04
Wow.....you guys are good! I mean REALLY good!!! I've had more success in the last two months (after joining EWT a few months ago) than in the previous 32 years of trading and I don’t think luck has anything to do with it.
"Pacman" - Trading Room - 2018-04-24
Thx! This service is SOOO much better than others out there. Mucho Thanks Avi! Couldn't have done it w/out you and the others...
"DrewsViews" - Trading Room - 2018-08-15
Congratulations, Avi. As a 2 year member of EWT, I have seen my portfolio more than double over these past 2 years, thanks to you and your wonderful team. I advise all 20,000 followers to check out the FREE TRIAL of this wonderful service. It's how I began.
"User 37220206" - SeekingAlpha - 2017-12-20
Avi, you are unbelievable!! Almost like having a crystal ball.
"Knicpop" - Trading Room - 2018-07-09