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I am incredibly happy to have discovered this community, it is giving me support/resistances and risk managed patterns to trade. 8th consecutive month in green in 2022, without stress !!! Avi you taught me 100% of my trading by being crystal clear, always honest and providing alternatives. many thanks
Sylvain - Trading Room • Sep 3rd, 2022
I’m convinced, EW theory is THE best way to approach markets for investing/trading. Whether you’re scalping micro moves, day trading swing trading or long term investing, EW always has you covered. Most people have a lens or a way they view the market but how consistent over time is it? For myself I like fractals and have made life changing trades off them. But as my trading days add up [and] the value of EW becomes clearer, especially when coupled with fib #s, I have to give credit to you Avi for this!
bullhammer - Trading Room • May 5th, 2022
Love this community! If you have a mindset to learn, this place is a gold mine.
"FletchFFletch" - Trading Room • May 7th, 2021
Unparalleled value...can't even imagine trying to trade without this service.
"GoodLuckChuck" - Trading Room • May 5th, 2021
Having EWT sometimes almost feels like having a cheat sheet when it comes to discerning market behavior.
@TsaiMaxim - Twitter • Jan 23rd, 2023
Thanks Avi and all honored analysts, as a retail trader, EWT really changed my life.
Ultima - Trading Room • Sep 9th, 2022
I cannot imagine a better value for the money out there than what you provide. Nothing even close to your product.
Falcon16 - Trading Room • May 12th, 2022
In about twenty years learning in the markets the most gifted, talented person in the world, regarding markets analysis, I've encountered is Avi Gilburt
"FALLACY_NAVIGATOR" - Trading Room • Apr 30th, 2021
Your team are the best traders & analysts. truly a world class trading site.
"MambaMentality" - Trading Room • Mar 4th, 2021
Avi, your fib ratios have been an absolute game changer for me....Being able to confidently map out the story and outline is truly amazing.
Brett G - Twitter • Jan 2nd, 2022
Love this community. Best analysts anywhere, and so many terrific experienced members who are generous enough to share their thoughts and trades. . . None of us can control the market, but this site provides more confidence via the counts and suggested stops. Appreciate you all! Absolute rock stars!
"WildWestie" - Trading Room • May 19th, 2021
I can't tell you how much EWT has changed the way I trade!
MikeB - Trading Room • Dec 8th, 2022
I love this site. You’ve changed my life. Thank you so much for all that you do!
"Dee19" - Trading Room • May 7th, 2021
The relief of EWT philosophy on investing has been such a gift (besides being extremely profitable) that I have to say this is the most enjoyable service offered anywhere on the internet and probably the best investment I have ever made. Thanks Avi.
"Talapus" - Trading Room • Jan 27th, 2020
Sometimes i wonder if you guys at EWT are real humans or AI robots, it is amazing how accurate you have been, excellent! The best financial investment i have ever made is to sign up at EWT.
"Ilias Chelidonis" - Twitter • Feb 22nd, 2021
I'm in my 8th year at EWT. I tell you truthfully that I view EWT as the single greatest tool for markets and lifelong learning that I have ever found.
"GGX" - Trading Room • Dec 8th, 2021
Kudos to all the AMAZING analysts and members we have here! I’ve been on EWT a little over 2 years and I still can’t believe the quality and diversity of the people here. Kudos to you and your team Avi! What a great job you did!
"SP500_trader" - Trading Room • Apr 28th, 2021
STILL amazed at how accurate Avi/Mike are with laying out the paths/points of resistance...These blue boxes are something else. It's gotten to the point where we just expect it and think its normal - but it's insane and we're lucky to say the least. Thank you gentlemen.
alfaalfa1 - Seeking Alpha • Jan 20th, 2023
My AUM has grown exponentially because of you and I can't thank you enough. My biggest regret is not signing up sooner! You've done more good than you will ever know.
"AAMilne" - Trading Room • Mar 2nd, 2021
Killin’ it with your ag product/nag gas charts, Jason … wouldn’t even attempt to trade these without your guidance.
montybird - Metals/Mining/Ag Service • May 20th, 2022
Amazed at how my portfolio has performed just "following the fibs."
"MARLIN" - Trading Room • May 7th, 2021
Again MEGA-Gain Eur/USD....Thank you very much....you are the best .... your prediction of BTC (20.) ist also amazing....THX!!! :)
RGG889 - Forex Room • May 12th, 2022
This site has literally changed my/our family's life
"megatronus" - Trading Room • Apr 28th, 2021
This [cryptocurrency] service is simply the most profound and beneficial subscription service I have been a part of, on any platform. Ryan and Jason are amazingly dedicated to helping this community....Most importantly they offer incredibly accurate guidance in the crypto market that is otherwise opaque and fraught with pure speculation. In this bull market, they are an indispensable resource to guiding you through the extremely volatile world of crypto. This is highly recommended.
Wigleyja - SeekingAlpha
Lyn Alden [is] by far the top emerging macro analyst from 2020. Incredible addition to the EWT team.
"UKTR" - Twitter • Jan 13th, 2021
Thank You Mike. My membership is paid for for years just following this guidance this morning and trading accordingly.
AnilV - Trading Room • Apr 19th, 2022
Being a member of this service is like having access to the opposite teams playbook on the Sunday gridiron...Love it.
tywebbgolfer - Seeking Alpha • Nov 17th, 2022
This [cryptocurrency] subscription has been my best investment of the year!
cfcp - Seeking Alpha
Ryan truly has a finger on the pulse of the crypto currency market. His thoughts and recommendations reveal a truly unique talent that can benefit anyone remotely interested in this crazy fast-paced 24/7 market. Can’t recommend anyone higher for cryptocurrency analysis.
Godzuki - Trading Room • Nov 22nd, 2017
Avi, you and your team provide soooo much value. Thank you. Truly Top-Notch, World-Class.
theCa - Trading Room • Sep 9th, 2022
Carolyn you are awesome! Ive been looking at your charts and I am amazed by the detail and accuracy you put out here. WOW what a great service here on EWT!!
BigDaddyTuna - Trading Room • Oct 6th, 2021
Shout out to Carolyn de FibQueen ... To combine her work with the other analysts is golden and a work in progress for me. She shows me the stops the train may take! THANK YOU FQ, your detail has worked for me several times!
RWC1981 - Trading Room • May 9th, 2020
I have been investing and trading for 25 years and you guys are 'the best' I have ever seen. Great methodologies and great people using them!
"saminvests" - Trading Room • Jan 7th, 2021
My 401K money has been protected during this, and I'm making money in little chunks in my trading accounts. And that is all thanks to Avi, HD, Garrett, Zac, and so many great members here. Sincerely, my account and my family say a huge THANK YOU to you all.
"Franchise" - Trading Room • Mar 16th, 2020
After this week's action and watching how Avi & company nailed the piss out of so many moves, you can't argue with me anymore about the efficacy of EW. . . Just amazing to have a methodology that works so well PLUS the guidance from Avi.
"Bcindc" - Seeking Alpha • Mar 9th, 2020
I had been trading for 25 years when I joined this sight. I had a lot of ups. And a lot of downs. But I have been here almost 3 years and learned so much that I am having a lot of ups and not so much downs; less risk, more reward. This is not to brag, but to pay tribute to the great team of analysts, and great members here.
"DamienC" - Trading Room • Dec 8th, 2020
I honestly don't know how anyone loses money on this site. You guys have the closest thing to a crystal ball I've ever seen.
"joneil" - Trading Room • Sep 23rd, 2020
Easily the best trading/investing website I have ever found is right here at ElliotWaveTrader.
"MJK" - Trading Room • Dec 21st, 2020
I will say this about this site and the crew in general: It is one of the most cohesive, cooperative and harmonious "work" groups I have ever experienced. Everyone's dedication is exemplary, above and beyond the call of duty. The leadership is outstanding. All the trading and money making aside, it is a true pleasure to be here. I haven't even talked about the quality of the analysis. That, I think speaks for itself. OUTSTANDING!
"Nanook" - Trading Room • Nov 8th, 2018
(Zac) you have been an absolute Master Class professor on ES micro. Thank you so much
akaLevi - Trading Room • Dec 9th, 2022
I have been at this game many years and have never found a service that offered more valuable, timely and actionable analysis.
"SteveB" - Trading Room • Feb 3rd, 2021
Good Morning, no more Zac, your new name is, The Coin Maker! My account thanks ya!
Luke-M73 - Trading Room • Feb 3rd, 2023
When it comes to navigating the markets, I feel like I was driving with a blindfold on before finding EWT.
"bryanjf1" - Trading Room • Aug 7th, 2020
Avi, you are the best strategist that I follow and you have made more prescient calls than anyone on the street. I currently subscribe to your service and am very pleased. I have been a licensed financial advisor for over a decade and worked at a number of Fortune 500 companies in my career, including usbank, Morgan Stanley, Russell investment and now am a director and lincoln financial and i can tell you that none of the so called experts have virtually an ability to determine market direction. With you insight, i have made a killing and am basing my strategies around your advice. Keep up the good work and ignore the naysayers who are missing out on your sage advice!
"Blue Chip Investing" - Seeking Alpha • Apr 12th, 2020
Avi applies the most rigorous application of Elliott wave and Fibonacci analysis that I have seen. Add to that the invention of Fibonacci Pinball, a simple and elegant Fibonacci extension theory that I haven't seen anywhere else. It provides an almost eerie sense of direction once a second wave is identified.
"ChillyD" - Trading Room • Jun 30th, 2020
Top ticks, bottom ticks. Not sure if EWT has enough power to move the market just yet or bigger money is following these world class analyst. Sure is a pleasure to be in company of such great analysts.
"Goelz" - Trading Room • Jun 17th, 2020
What's incredible is that not only are the analyst's here supremely insightful, collectively presenting multiple scenarios and interpretations, but some of the members too contribute with high quality analysis and charts. Quite special...putting it kind of mildly :-)! Keep up the good work, Avi and team.
"findependence" - Trading Room • May 23rd, 2019
EW + Avi and team=$$$
"Kwker" - Trading Room • Aug 5th, 2019
After comparing notes on the crash, a group of good friends asked me how I am doing so well. I told them that the literal best analysts in the world let me hang around with them. I feel privileged that an ordinary guy could be smiling while everyone, including those who should know better, freaks out!
"CapSix(Lou)" - Trading Room • Apr 28th, 2020
I joined the room in late Feb after seeing my account vaporize with the massive plunge. With the assistance of all the pros here, I'm glad to say that I've not only recovered my capital, I've also made a small gain, and no need to trade on "fundamentals". I will be prepared for any turns this time! Many thanks to the EWT team!
"Alvin" - Trading Room • Jun 3rd, 2020
In following Avi and his team's analysis and checking it with my own charts, the last month has gone from intellectual challenge to honestly life-changing. While my contemporaries, with whom I speak with regularly, are bemoaning their account balances, mine is up - significantly! That's because of you, Avi and everyone else at EWT.
"Oldbarn98" - Email • Mar 26th, 2020
Thanks Avi. I really cant put into words how much this service has meant to me and my family.
"BuccoFan" - Trading Room • Jul 21st, 2020
I remember distinctly reading an article in 2011 by some kook who had the audacity to call the top in PM when they were obviously going nowhere but up. I dismissed him for the exact same reasons people dismiss him now and went on to suffer catastrophic losses over the next couple of years. Yesterdays highs of both GLD and GDX tapped Avi’s resistance zones nearly to the penny and have since turned down. And the guy gets criticized for being right. If you want to feel better about being wrong, stick to perma-pumpers like Adam Hamilton. If you’re interested in actual price action and calls that actually get updated as conditions change, this is the place to be.
"Destin" - SeekingAlpha • Oct 12th, 2018
I've been an equity analyst for almost ten years but that can't compare to how well your fib pinball works
"HenryAdam" - Trading Room • Jun 28th, 2020
In the course of the last 20 years I subscribed to all manner of 'expert' services . . .This forum is at another level. There is nothing like it that I know of.
"Green" - Trading Room • May 22nd, 2019
Can't get enough Avi.. And not just from you.. from the other analysts too.. Am not too vocal on the board because about 6 months after I joined, I realized LISTENING to you guys (and putting my own biases away) was the way to go. Also, between the analysts and coverage, there are SO MANY trade ideas I don't even have to ask for something. Love the team you have put together and the approach.
"IndnStig" - Trading Room • Jul 23rd, 2020
Zac and Garrett: Amazed at how you read the different price actions and know which wave and which fib so quickly. Your calls are so right on.
"Evolving" - Trading Room - Trading Room • Mar 19th, 2020
Thus far, the best stock-picking service I've seen--and I've been doing this for 35+ years!
"Gunfighter" - Email • Dec 4th, 2020
SW is my new service here and Love it!
Windward-Tack - Trading Room • Jan 23rd, 2023
I’ve been following the Fibqueen’s work since she started here and it’s amazing! I can more clearly visualize market direction and setups. It perfectly compliments EW.
"Bloodndastreet" - Trading Room - Trading Room • Dec 2nd, 2019

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