Our Partners & Special Offers

MotiveWave is an easy-to-use full-featured professional charting, analysis and trading platform. Advanced strategy analysis tools, like Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, Harmonics, Gartley, and Gann, as well as Volume and Order Flow Analysis tools help you find key points for entering and exiting the market. Features includes support for multiple brokers and data service providers, multiple ways to place trades, hundreds of built-in indicators, built-in strategies, trade simulation, full strategy back testing and optimization, advanced Replay Mode, and pattern matching algorithm scanners. Get your free 14-day trial now!
ElliottWaveTrader analyst Leo Valencia has developed a complete cycle of online courses for all levels of options trading, now offered though his educational company, Convex Institute. Our special EWT discount saves you as much as 50% (using discount codes EWT for the individual courses and EWT3 for the 3-course bundle).
IQFeed (which Zac uses) is offering our members a discount that's not available online. IQFeed provides a tick-by-tick professional data need on futures, stocks, forex and options, with deep Historical Data -- 180 days of tick (Pre and Post), 10+ Years of 1 minute data on eMini's, 15+ years on daily, weekly and monthly! Includes 700+ Market/Breath Indicators -- TICK, TRIN, PCRATIO and more -- and the ability to watch up to 1800 symbols simultaneously. Plus live-streaming news and 24/5 customer support.

Please contact our rep Dave Forss directly at dave.forss@dtn.com or call 402.255.8432 and mention "Elliott Wave Trader" for the discount and any help.

ElliottWaveTrader has a media partnership with MoneyShow, in which our analysts are frequent guest speakers at MoneyShow events.
Trading Computers
If you're looking for a trading computer, TradingComputers.com has a range of options for multi-monitor systems or even a laptop. EWT's Carolyn Boroden uses their computers, which were provided to her at a discount. Visit their site to check out the options.