Latest Videos at ElliottWaveTrader

Below is a sampling of videos and Webinar recordings by our analysts at ElliottWaveTrader. About 8-10 videos are produced daily for members across all our services at EWT.

What's The Next Euro-USD Trade Opportunity - And much more!

Arkady Yakhnis, host of EWT's Forex service, shares his next trade opportunities not only EURUSD but in other forex, precious metals and cryptocurrency pairs.
by Arkady Yakhnis - 2 weeks ago

How To Find The Major Turning Points In The Market

Avi Gilburt shares his strategy of using Elliott Wave analysis and Fibonacci Pinball to pinpoint market moves.
by Avi Gilburt - 3 weeks ago

Charts From Scratch - NAVI - Week 63

by Jason Appel - 3 weeks ago

Cryptocurrency Charts - Monthly Public Webinar

Ryan covers the latest price action for Bitcoin, Ethereum, GBTC, and the pair ETHBTC.
by Ryan Wilday - 1 month ago

Opportunities Ahead in Index ETFs

A review of Elliott Wave theory as well as the wave counts on the S&P 500 and SPY from the Money Show's "World of ETF Investing Virtual Expo.
by Mike Golembesky - 1 month ago

Approaching A Generational Top

Stocks to watch on this market bounce along with bigger-picture view of last leg of this generational bull market.
by Zac Mannes - 1 month ago

Key Indicators For Trading The Stock Market

Princely Mathew shares the key indicators of his trading system used in The Smart Money, a subscription service he hosts at ElliottWaveTrader.
by Princely Mathew - 1 month ago

Investing Amid Economic Malaise

Lyn discusses ways to preserve and grow capital in a slow growth, stagflationary environment.
by Lyn Alden Schwartzer - 1 month ago

The Last Hurrah: Glimpses of a Large Correction Looming?

Garrett Patten addresses the key sectors and select stocks that could benefit from the market's bounce off its recent bottom, while also discussing the generational top forming in the bigger picture.
by Garrett Patten - 2 months ago

Bitcoin & Recession: Presentation from Money Show Virtual Expo

Ryan Wilday discusses where he sees Bitcoin going over the next year or so, and whether recession will put Bitcoin under pressure along with other risk assets.
by Ryan Wilday - 2 months ago

SW Charts of Day: Stocks To Watch After Releasing Earnings

A look at charts and Elliott Wave counts on some of the stocks that have recently reported earnings, including TSLA, UNH, BAC, GS, NVS, ASML & NTRS.
by Zac Mannes - 2 months ago

A Red Flag In Crypto Equities

Ryan discusses expectations for the future of crypto equities such as miners and exchange stocks, many of which have broken key support sending them spiraling lower.
by Ryan Wilday - 3 months ago

Intro to Fibonacci Time & Price Analysis

Carolyn illustrates how her Fibonacci analysis method works and how to apply it to identify lower-risk, higher-probability moves in the market.
by Carolyn Boroden - 3 months ago

Getting Started In Trading Cryptocurrencies

Ryan Wilday describes how to use his Cryptocurrency Trading service and get started in trading Cryptos, including exchanges to consider and the basics of crypto security.
by Ryan Wilday - 3 months ago

Stock Waves Charts of the Day: TSLA, AMD, MSFT & More

See coverage of some of the mega-cap stocks we follow: TSLA, AMD, MSFT, BRK, UNH, KO and INTC.
3 months ago

Awaiting A Bottom: Live Video

Garrett Patten outlines his wave counts on the Emini S&P 500 as well as in GLD, GDX, CL, NG and requested stocks.
by Garrett Patten - 4 months ago

Elliott Wave Analysis on BTC and Crypto

Recording of our Webinar from Tuesday May 10 by EWT's Jason Appel, who co-hosts the Cryptocurrency Trading service.
by Jason Appel - 4 months ago

Fibonacci Markets & Stocks: US Indices & Bellwethers to Watch

In this nightly video -- one of two videos provided daily in her Fibonacci Markets & Stocks service at EWT -- Carolyn Boroden highlights SPX, NDX, IWM, AAPL, AMZN, FB, GOOGL, NVDA, TSLA, GC and CL.
by Carolyn Boroden - 5 months ago

Charts of the Day: Wave Counts on 8 Stocks To Watch

Today's Charts of the Day include EBS, CDNA, MRNA, APPS, VIPS, SHOP, TWLO, and PYPL.
by Garrett Patten - 5 months ago

Where Are Metals Headed in 2022?

Avi Gilburt explores where metals are headed for the rest of 2022 in a presentation at the Money, Metals & Mining Virtual Expo from Thursday April 7, 2022.
by Avi Gilburt - 5 months ago