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  There is simply no better system of applying EW analysis, period! - RoyPrasad

Why Elliott Wave?

In order to trade profitably, you need to be well equipped to recognize the greatest probability pattern for the upcoming trend in whatever market you choose to trade. Elliott Wave analysis, when utilized appropriately, will provide you with high probability set- ups of what the market CAN do, while excluding what the market will not do. Ever wonder why the market will surge up after bad news has been announced, or will plummet after good news is announced? Elliott Wave theory explains this anomaly with the understanding that the markets move based upon public sentiment, and not news. Any seemingly good news that is announced during a negative sentiment period seems to be "discounted," and vice versa.

How Are We Different?

As you know, there are many market analysts that provide you with what the market must do, based upon their own personal biases. These are the analysts that have gotten it significantly wrong, especially for the last three years. Unfortunately, there are many Elliott Wave analysts in that camp, and they have given Elliott Wave a very bad name of late. Avi Gilburt and simply try to provide you with the greatest probability potential movements of the market based upon what the market is telling us, without any pre-disposition to biases, so that when you see the pattern develop, you will recognize it and know how to trade it appropriately. No emotion. No bias. Simply a clear reading of the chart patterns.


“Fibonacci Pinball is one of the most profound discoveries in EW analysis, as well as one of the most useful practical tools. . . there is simply no better system of applying EW analysis, period. It is that good. There is no sentient life form or computer software that could explain this chart pattern without using Avi’s Fibonacci Pinball!”
"RoyPrasad" - Trading Room2014-08-24
“Avi - Your Fib Pinball is the single most useful addition the the Elliott Wave lexicon that I have come across. It really sets you apart.”
"MattCatt" - Trading Room2015-02-22
“I've only been with Avi Gilburt for three days now but he helped me recover my first month's subscription by x100 already. . . the bloke's a bloody genius.”
"Alex Harrison" - MarketWatch2014-10-18
“ElliottWaveTrader is hands down the best resource for learning EW on the planet and the value you get here is truly incredible. There is nowhere else that you can get the learning tools and hands on one on one feedback like EWT. Also, the addition of Fib Pinball to EW is extremely powerful and you can only learn that here. I had a basic understanding of EW when I joined here but I was struggling putting it all to work, that all changed after I learned Fib Pinball as it all just seemed to click for me. My advice would be to not waste your money going anywhere else but really utilize all of the resources that EWT has to offer.”
"Mike_G" - Trading Room2015-03-07
“join Avi Gilburt's site . . . you can trade in real time using EW, and all the analysts are excellent and will talk you through the counts as they progress. They have all sorts of videos in their library too - It's a brilliant learning resource.”
Ben Lockhart - Contributor – Seeking Alpha2015-02-07
“I've been familiar with Elliott Wave Theory for over 40 years ... and in my experience, Avi is probably the best and most accurate analyst around.”
"TheGame2" - Seeking Alpha2014-07-29
“Not only are you really damn good at what you do, but it's the style that produces it: You test every one of your predictions and the logic for it, laying it out there for everybody to see whether it sinks or swims. You maintain your independence of mind, but are open to changing if the market shows differently. You apply the principles in adaptive creative ways, with multiple alternatives always in play and the market with the final word. It's incredible that you have an entire group of whip-smart analysts who, each in his/her own individual way, have these same qualities. Look, I've spent my life in high level scientific research, and damned if you guys don't think the same way as top level scientists. And, you don't let any of the great success give you a big head. You maintain your humor, poke fun, joke, encourage newcomers, and keep a judicious lid on posters who get carried away, while still encouraging them and bringing them back into the creative fold. Super atmosphere. Those things have also drawn an amazing set of highly experienced, really smart people to the site who aren't paid at all, but contribute another level of variety and insight. They love the camaraderie, and provide feedback, different views, ideas, and just plain fun. I toast you, and all those who make this site so remarkable!”
"DoughH20" - Trading Room2015-03-17
“The metals team at Elliott wave trader are outstanding. I feel blessed just to have found this website. Thank you!”
"Dave Kos" - Trading Room2015-03-25
“Avi thx again for opening this collection of analysts and traders I've ever none and period...I'm just lucky and happy to participate...amazing!”
"HarryDunn" - Trading Room2015-03-12
“The place is replete with Class Acts in every corner, nook and cranny. quickly becoming an investor's dream site, but with a family touch. Quite an accomplishment. Thanks to Avi and all staff. Well done folks.”
"Handyman" - Trading Room2014-11-27
“I signed up to this site last October for the amassed brainpower and analytical skill - my expectations have been surpassed. The sheer entertainment value though... is priceless! Thanks y'all!!”
"L2K" - Trading Room2015-02-27
“this site offers the best advice”
"Mitten" - Trading Room2015-03-18
“Thanks, Avi. Still loving the site and the analysis. Trading has never been so fun or profitable”
"AcroNaut" - Trading Room2015-01-27
“Quick plug for ZAC & Garrett and the Stock waves service so posting this to the main board here. These charts for RAD and GOOGL have not been updated or tidied up for some time. They are the counts posted months ago by Garrett in Stock waves and price action since has played out exactly to his script. The moral of this little tale is: JOIN STOCK WAVES NOW!”
"MikeR - Trading Room2015-02-13
“Stockwaves is truly an amazing service. Any questions or requests are quickly attended to by Garrett or Zac. They also usually provide charts with EW counts. Not to mention extensive ideas on stocks they watch. Highly recommended.”
"QuadShot" - Trading Room2015-03-12
“I have been here a while. But I am still amazed as to how the tape can follow the fibs to the penny.”
"Ransom" - Trading Room2015-03-17
“I have been reading your articles . . . and you have been incredibly accurate . . . better calls than anyone else I have ever seen on market watch”
Eric Neptune - MarketWatch2015-03-10
“I truly believe that the concentration of talent at EWT is unmatched anywhere. This compliment certainly applies to all of the fine professionals you have assembled to analyze the markets; and, also to a great many members, who contribute so much. My trading/investment skills have improved tremendously since I joined this crew. And, I have had a whole lot of fun along the way.”
"El_Hombre_Espantoso" - Trading Room2015-02-14
“With the help of Avi though managed 18% last year.”
Howard Sevey – Marketwatch2015-03-05
“Your Miners' call last November was simply amazing.”
"Sweetwater" - Trading Room2015-03-08
“I have never made any money until now . . . this is the best site for trader thanks Avi”
"mhussaini1" - Trading Room2015-03-17
“This site is THE best usable information site I have ever seen. I have been "investing" for decades and am very comfortable with that world, but NOT the results I have obtained. I have been too brave (foolish), optimistic (perma something or the other), and listened to way too much FA. This site seems to be full of some pretty smart people that are committed to something that actually gets results.”
"Buster" - Trading Room2014-12-31
“Miners have been a challenge, don't know if in another place in da world you can find more dedicated and talented work than here, capable of trading this with such accuracy”
"Neguev01" - Trading Room2015-03-04
“WHO is the master of the metals-universe?! Check Avi's WE update please!”
"Peter" - Trading Room2015-03-06
“you've assembled quite the crew here. Hats off to everyone on this site. Unbelievable amount of brainpower here.”
"nchuabre" - Trading Room2015-03-19
“you are all awesome. it is plain stupid not to belong to stockwaves. it is GOLD and you guys are GOLDEN.”
"fariba" - Trading Room2015-02-12
“Larry, I personally appreciate the individual attention you give to each of the members of your group .... you leave no stone unturned...”
"Banet" - Trading Room2015-02-22
“Actually if anybody follow Avi's analysis should be very gratefull. I don't see any other analysis done more accurate with risk management. He’s one step ahead of the market always”
Simon Cooper - Market Watch2015-01-27
“Avi I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how wonderful your site and all the EW technicians that you have enrolled. I just completed my first month with you and I have to say I'm obsessed with trying to learn this analysis. I have not seen this type of sharing and knowledge powered individuals in the financial arena anywhere.”
"Aquaman" - Trading Room2015-01-31
“Been here for 90 days and it is the best site I have ever found !”
"AZGolfer" - Trading Room2015-02-26
“Really appreciate your sense of the market psychology going on. Fascinating. And I know I'd be one of them without the opportunity of your perspective. So thank you very much. And thanks for setting up Larry - he's a wonder. And the same goes for the entire site - you've found and also attracted a totally remarkable group of people. I learn a huge amount every day. Really exciting and fun, instead of terrifying!”
"DougH2O" - Trading Room2015-03-15
“100% expected by EWT....0% expected by CNBC retail (speaking about S&P500 break out this week)”
"Revenge" - Trading Room2015-02-13
“I have been with you since August 2012. You keep taking your game up a level, every day, every week consistently. Thank You.”
"Ghat" - Trading Room2015-01-11
“Avi, your guidance over the last month has been AWESOME....I loaded up with April Calls in SPX and RUT at that 2000ES region for the longer term per your turn date chart...simply fantastic returns”
"SP" - Trading Room2015-02-13
“Excellent job EWT team, stellar analysis this week! Also, special thanks to Garrett and Zach's calls in Stockwaves, this thing pay for itself and then some”
"JAppel" - Trading Room2015-02-20
“Avi, Larry You guys are unbelievable! I have been trading for4 years now, but never had so much success. In just2 month I have turn 200K into 800K. What more could a trader want?”
"Kamran" - Trading Room2014-11-19
“Avi is a professional trader that also happens to be one of the best experts to be found anywhere related to Elliott Wave and Fibonacci theory.”
"Gelstretch" - Seeking Alpha2014-11-13
“Probably the best call (bullish U.S. Dollar) of any analyst all year, anywhere. No one else was looking at that one, came as a shock to most.”
"Japhy" - Trading Room2015-01-23
“Thank you Larry for all the informative advise as we go along thru-out the day! I'm new and I enjoy this T Rm very much. Best I've ever used in over 20 yrs of trading of the markets.”
"HeavyMetal" - Trading Room2014-12-15
“You have Spot ON Charts. You are as good as the HFT computers and I followed your resistance points to a "T". You and your amazing staff have given me a very profitable Dec. and early Jan.”
"EagleEye" - Trading Room2015-01-05
“Larry. I have to give you a big "THANK YOU", I have traded 3x ETF for 3 yrs. I have never seen anyone could trade so well. You are the man.!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much!!!!!”
"Jerry" - Trading Room2014-12-23
“I've never met a better group of talented people as well as people willing to share as I have on this site. Avi, you have put together an amazing community and everyone here is so lucky to have found it. I for one appreciate all that everyone here shares and would like to thank you.”
"Gordy" - Trading Room2015-01-15
“When an individual come into one's life with class, dignity and honesty, It's a joy to be associated with him and his organization of like character. I'm thankful for you and your organization sharing of genius.”
"KodieDog" - Trading Room2014-11-27
“Just wanted to stress how Avi was so right all this time. Masterpiece of trader,he added in the place a investor would have, without blinking.”
"Neguev01" - Trading Room2015-01-24
“I have never seen a more accurate EW technician than Avi Gilburt. If everyone else is saying something different than he is, then THEY must have missed something.”
"Wrongwaygoldman" - Trading Room2014-12-01
“Hey, just want to say how grateful I am for this site, for this community of traders, and for the amazing calls and analysis”
"AcroNaut" - Trading Room2015-01-14
“The greatest asset this site has is your honesty put truth above all things ,money and prideful arrogance, most notably. ..your a fine gentlemen, and your group is of equal caliber....I truly appreciate the service provided , so thank you to all at EWTrader.....”
"TSOL64" - Trading Room2014-12-03
“THIS IS THE BEST EVER TRADING PLACE TO BE, IF YOU are LOOKING for MAKING MONEY,THE BEST EDUCATIONAL AND MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITY in trading indexes, I am very proud of you Avi. Great work for all yours years. Will recommend to everybody, it is really true. Best of the best, high end EW trader. Thank you!!!””
"GSTTRADING" - Trading Room2014-11-16
“On Nov. 14, 2014, my first day as a video subscriber, Avi described a bullish trade on GDX. Eager to get involved, I was trading as soon as I could. That day, I was the low and 3 cents from the high on 140 GDX calls, got most of the good of 5,000 shares of NUGT, traded 1,000 of USLV and a boatload of SLV options, all for an unfathomable (to me) profit.”
"ronnier" - Trading Room2015-01-06
“It is almost a year that i have been on this site a very quite member and this site converted my portfolio from 60% negative performance to 60% plus. I am really thankful to EW team and their daily guidance.”
"Ali" - Trading Room2014-11-23
“you've gotta be the most accurate gold analyst in the world.”
"DaveKos" - Trading Room2014-11-05
“I’d like to wish EVERYONE at EWT a Happy (and SAFE!) Thanksgiving! The synthesis of information provided on this site… by Avi, who put EWT together and who relentlessly works to improve it for all our benefit…. to all his EXCELLENT staff, analyst and IT support BOTH…. And all the non-staff Pro’s who willingly share their educated opinions and views that are so helpful to many (and definitely me, particularly when they don’t agree I find! I LOVE having differing views based on various market indicators and data) to all the new and long-time members who ask questions, many of which I would not have thought of on my own but should have… makes EWT invaluable educational resource AND community. This year, I will certainly be thinking how thankful I am to have such a service, with great staff and members, available.”
"Reaper" - Trading Room2014-11-25
“Boys!!!!! Join Stockwaves - here are JUST 3 returns from this week! SUNE - up 154% on calls I bought yesterday! GDX - 447% JNUG - 316% GO Larry, Shift,Cow and Stockwaves!”
"Moshe" - Trading Room2014-11-18
“Anybody can rationalize things after the fact, but you're in the middle of the action and calling most of the moves with uncanny precision. Very impressive, even eerie.”
"DougH2O" - Trading Room2014-11-20
“For the first time i feel more confident and less afraid of the stockmarket and its due to the fact that i have a road map ahead of me and a navigator showing me the way. I tried Larry's (JDST) trade the other day and made 20000 in 3 hours - now thats what i call a service.”
Brian M.Ireland2014-12-27
“You are some of the best prognosticators I have seen. As a collective you are all awesome.”
"fariba" - Trading Room2015-01-06
“There were 2 things besides the blue box targets I listened for at the bottom. Avi says his "final short term hedges off" as he gave notice at the 3rd bottom now (6-13, 12-13 and recent) within a day of best buy opportunity each time, uncanny!”
"GG" - Trading Room2014-11-19
“I see how unbelievable accurate EWT is.”
"Lazylambal" - Trading Room2014-12-29
“These people are amazing! I am a short-timer on this site, but just last week I closed out a position with a 63% gain in just ONE WEEK! I would also like to personally thank all fellow members and leaders for their continued guidance, patience and fellowship - THANKS!”
"Rhetoric" - Trading Room2014-11-16
“Thanks to Avi and ARK! Made 100%+ on SLV short from Friday!”
"Snowman" - Trading Room2014-11-28
“Today marks my 2 weeks, and I've already erased a good portion of my previous losses in the metals. I'm so stoked to pay my first subscription premium tomorrow”
"Jacksonian" - Trading Room2014-11-30
“I have only been here for a little over a month and my account is now up over 2K... THANK YOU all, for all of the feedback. This is the best site EVER! Avi... I ♥ U MAN for creating this site!”
"Twenty20" - Trading Room2014-11-20
“becoming a member was my best financial decision this year! It is making me a much better trader and this is simply priceless.”
"Maximus_AS" - Trading Room2014-12-28
“The bible is 'The Elliott Wave Principle' available pretty much everywhere, but in addition to reading the book, I'd advise you to join Avi Gilburt's Elliott Wave Trader site should you want to learn to apply the principle yourself in real time. I have used most of the sites now, and all of them are useful and have merit, but his ranks highest in my estimation because you can interact with the analysts throughout the day and learn from them whilst trading.”
Ben Lockhart – Contributor – Seeking Alpha2014-12-18
“Avi, I spent my life mingling with the smartest people in the world. Having done that sets me up to tell you; "You are so damn good."”
"Noonenowhy" - Trading Room2014-12-14
“Your analysts continue to absolutely amaze me both in terms of quantity and quality. I have never seen a better group gathered into one place.”
"El_Hombre_Espantoso" - Trading Room2014-12-09
“I think we are so lucky to be here right now, with Avi and his great team. ”
"Floyd1" - Trading Room2014-12-12
“As someone who doubted Avi for quite a while, it should be obvious now how accurate he has been. I don't know how anyone can even attempt to dispute that he has been right on. I wish I had come to that realization much sooner!”
"Kyle10" - Seeking Alpha2014-11-17
“I have to say that Avi calls are just amazing, simply amazing. Avi should be on Bloomberg or CNBC talking investments, rather than the clowns they bring on.”
"Dverenes" - Seeking Alpha2014-11-14
“so much wealth of insight and wisdom here on the site. Truly, I haven't found another like it.”
"Preach" - Trading Room2014-12-12
“Trading is a risky business and Avi is the best "hedge against risk" I've ever come across. With his targets, I trade more confidently and sleep better at night.”
"Ninja Trader" - Seeking Alpha2014-11-27
“I have never seen someone call moves like you have”
"Gordy" - Trading Room2014-11-30
“I am so thankful that I learned of this site and Avi via MarketWatch a few weeks ago. Good stuff and very helpful to a new guy like me. It's like I can't learn enough!”
"Skmcobra" - Trading Room2014-12-01
“I can't stress enough to add Stockwaves. You will pay for it with Larry, Zac and Garrett many times over.”
"Climber" - Trading Room2014-11-19
“joining this site is the best investment I've ever done”
"Jacob" - Trading Room2014-11-30
“Avi-Gotta say man, you absolutely nailed the metals/miners big picture”
"Hawkeye" - Trading Room2014-11-14
“Avi, Because of your leadership and Larry - I'm up 40% in 5 days. I really don't know how to say thank you.”
"Geno" - Trading Room2014-11-19
“Yours is, by far, the best predictive method and balanced perspective I've read over the past year.”
"Ericsarmy" - Seeking Alpha2014-11-11
“Avi, I just signed up for your site. Very nice site and design. I don't think these weekly articles give enough info on the type of service Avi's site provides. On ElliotTrader site you get more up-to-date charts with specific targets and ranges and Fibonacci retracements along with trades. I find the Fibonacci retracement charts especially useful.”
"Stephen Aniston" - Seeking Alpha - Contributor2014-11-19
“Wonderful work! . . What you're doing is a mitzvah.”
"alan shapiro" - Seeking Alpha2014-11-23
“You nailed it as always, you are the master of metals.”
"rolo" - Trading Room2014-11-14
“Stock Waves is definitely one of the best services out there.”
"Takman" - Trading Room2014-11-18
“The more i shutup and follow avi's guidance, the more i make money. This is from a strong buy and hold fundamentalist.”
"last chance" - Seeking Alpha2014-11-12
“That GDX trade that Larry and Avi suggested was a thing of beauty. . . you guys really nailed it. Nice job.”
"RonMexico" - Trading Room2014-11-18
“i like the way Avi nails the tops and bottoms. This is what accuracy is! And why i am here too.”
"selespeed" - Trading Room2014-11-19
“I joined EWT back in late Summer 2013 and I remember early on Avi looking for an upper 20s USO target. So I used advanced search and came across this gem . Look at the monthly chart! Not trying to outdue Moshe and beat Avi's chest for him (heheheh)...but talk about price nailage! And then as it started to materialize, each week, Avi methodically takes in the new data, looks at his big picture chart and makes updates when applicable. What an exhibition. . . on top of that, he's surrounded himself with an amazing, generous team that has attracted a collection of members where a number provide outstanding insight and thoughts on their own. And probably the best of's an education site so the team and a number of members are "teaching us how to fish."”
"Giuseppe" - Trading Room2014-11-16
“I'm so glad to be here rather than where I was 1 year ago in my understanding of how the metals market works. Thanks Avi!”
"Jacksonian" - Trading Room2014-11-20
“Super impressed by Avi's attitude. One of the best authors in this space. Avi does not BS around with "but if but if but if" non-analysis, but takes a definitive macro stance with micro overlay. Very impressive. You know where he stands and he consistently refers back to prior calls. Keep it up bro, you're good at this and my new favorite author.”
"Iditarod" - Seeking Alpha2014-11-17
“I am new to your site. Been a big fan of your articles on SA and MW for a long time! Your calls on metals and mining are the most accurate out there!”
"Raffaella" - Trading Room2014-11-14
“When I first discovered this forum, I was trading mostly on fundamentals. I've since converted to Avi's way of thinking and my trading account is all the better for it. I still stray on occasion when greed gets the best of me, but more often than not, wind up losing. Discipline is the key along with a steady dose of Mr. Gilburt's articles.”
"Ninja Trader" - Seeking Alpha2014-11-23
“Avi, I have to say it too, one more time. Thank You. Your trading room was incredible . . . I know some will mock folks like me that apparently trip over themselves to thank and praise you. I truly am proud to do it so f,em. . . . No bias. No BS. Just business. It's not magic people. It's math. Yes there is risk in the interpretation but you obviously have been able to apply a proper scientific method which avoids the pitfalls of the emotions. That is a rare skill indeed. I congratulate you on your achievements and success.”
"Sawdustmaker" - Seeking Alpha2014-11-12
“Thanks Avi...that´s what I call a massive CALL. Respect, you will be judged on this for years to come.”
"Einherjar" - Seeking Alpha2014-11-16
“Wow 5 plus years and even 30 years or more of this sites service with Avi and crew can be paid for in one trading day like today!!!”
"Midas" - Trading Room2014-11-14
“God bless Avi. If only I listened to you much earlier instead of those senior idiots (like Jim Sinclair), I would be significantly better off.”
"Dorky" - Seeking Alpha2014-11-16
“Honestly, I'm a happy man I joined EWT a few years ago...Now I finally know what's going on in the markets. THX!”
"Peter" - Trading Room2014-11-02
“Sign up for {Avi's Live} videos - it will make a huge difference for your trading.”
"Swingtrader" - Trading Room2014-10-30
“Wellllll. Two weeks ago I started a trial here. 105% later I guess I can afford to stick around for a bit. Look forward to getting to know everyone. ”
"GG" - Trading Room2014-10-23
“Avi, The one true voice in the wilderness. Keep up the excellent work. Truly you are outstanding in understanding the gold market.”
"Pdtor" - Seeking Alpha2014-11-02
“Avi trading the metals is like asking an adult to color between the lines. It seems too easy! Great calls Avi. Wow.”
"Jwest0926" - Trading Room2014-11-05
“Avi, Larry and staff and everyone here, THANK YOU for setting up a great group of people here from diverse backgrounds and from all walks of life with a great common objective. I have met some very outstanding people on this forum. It almost feels like a big family and I am grateful for the opportunity to be here and learn this craft called trading. There's nothing like it, it defies all odds.”
"Mike1710" - Trading Room2014-11-12
“Avi you are nothing short of genius in the metals.... thank you !!!”
"DaveKos" - Trading Room2014-11-14
“Wow, again, great calls by Avi, Xenia, and Larry on GDX going back several days. Absolutely wonderful!”
"Mustang" - Trading Room2014-11-14
“EWT is the best EW advisory service that I have ever come across in 40 years of EW familiarity and periodic trading over those years.”
William M. - Dallas, TX2014-10-17
“Avi's analysis of the market is the best that I have ever seen since I've been investing.”
"AMEX" - Trading Room2014-09-11
“The staff are simply out of this world AMAZING :)”
"Renzo" - Trading Room2014-10-20
“Want to know the direction of the metals????? This Elliot Wave Trader, Avi Gilburt is the best trader I've ever witnessed. He has been so accurate over 3+ years it is uncanny. Now I personally have never studied the Elliot Wave Theory, and at first I just thought he was lucky and had a lot of skeptism, but after seeing his CONSISTENT accuracy over 3+ years, I'm convinced he has something unmatched by others. No person can be this lucky in their accuracy. This is a skill, I've never witnessed before, so he's one of the few people I follow closely.”
Anne H. Seattle, WA2014-10-27
“I have been following precious metals and their 'experts' for over 4 years now and it should be said that nobody comes close to the expertise you are using in addressing the pm markets.”
"Sven Van T" - Seeking Alpha2014-11-10
“Avi you are absolutely the King . . Great job King Avi!!!”
"Midas" - Trading Room2014-11-14
“I've done my losing and because of you, Larry, and Ark I'm now in the black. Thanks again for your service to all of us.”
"Geno" - Trading Room2014-11-12
“My broker informs me my account has switched to a positive equity curve slope since I started really paying attention to the analysis on this site!”
"TraderTim" - Trading Room2014-11-04
“As a great man once said "2014 is the year that metal bulls die..."....sure is coming true! :) Great call Avi, as always!”
"Crazybits" - Trading Room2014-10-30
“Faber says own gold, buy it a little at a time. That's what I'll do. But when Avi says we are going down, I buy slower. When Avi says that we have bottomed, I will buy faster.”
"Fishfryer" - Seeking Alpha2014-11-02
“as an amateur trader who was NOT doing well before joining EWT, I can state that my trading account is now up over 14% for the year and that's NOTHING compared to what some of the other, more experienced swing and day traders are making since joining the site. The guidance from Avi and the other amazing analysts he has hired on EWT has made many people richer than they already were, and others, like me, have been able to improve their financial lots in life.”
"Charlotte" - Trading Room2014-10-28
“I am a new member and am amazed and humbled by the depth of knowledge from all here. I am thankful I found an awesome community and feel like I can finally learn some things about trading”
"Sparty" - Trading Room2014-11-12
“Thank you guys for all the clarity on trading gold. The game is easier to see now with this excellent analysis. What was once a mystery, is now history!”
"Mike1710" - Trading Room2014-11-11
“Your price points are so dialed in that it's like you know what is going to happen before it happens”
"Sawdustmasker" - Seeking Alpha2014-11-05
“Avi Gilburt has made some of the best calls in the business”
"Birdman" – Kerlin Report2014-09-15
“Nice call on this one Avi, nobody on SA has been as accurate as you on predicting these gold/silver movements.”
"Alchemy" - Seeking Alpha2014-11-05
“I have been following you for a while now and think your foresight is best I have seen”
"Jeff Wood" - MarketWatch2014-10-20
“This was my first week with the team and I cant thank Avi and staff enough! I've always followed Avi's posts, but trading with this team has been a completely different experience! All I can say is I should have done this much earlier this year!!”
"Indio" - Trading Room2014-10-18
“The Elliott wave expert like Avi already saw it coming from a mile away and few years back [about gold]. He doesn't even care about the fundamental. Only those are perma bull refusing to see it and investing in hope. Just one word to all out there, "BE REAL".”
"Whowho77" - Seeking Alpha2014-11-01
“Your market timing is uncanny. I wish I listened to you earlier.”
"Soundofmusic" - Trading Room2014-11-03
“Avi called the target levels precisely, days in advance.”
"Abc Def" - MarketWatch2014-10-18
“I would like to say a thank you, particularly to Avi. While rightly there is much jubilation at 'being right' on the metals...the more important fact is that your talent and hard work have saved/made a lot of money for many families, including mine.”
"BrownTrout" - Trading Room2014-10-31
“if you follow gold, you've found the best in Avi Gilburt.”
"NinjaTrader" - Seeking Alpha2014-10-27
“Avi and staff are scary good!”
"DrillandFill" - Trading Room2014-10-30
“Hello New Members and Trial Members - I have increased my account by over 10% since Sept. 1. I am writing this post to try in a small way to repay the debt of gratitude that I feel towards Avi Gilburt, his staff and all the amazing people who are part of this community.”
"LaCrosseBill" - Trading Room2014-10-14
“I have become a loyal reader of your articles and will say that you are one of the best IF NOT the best out there when it comes to Gold.”
"Fdo" - Seeking Alpha2014-10-21
“Avi, your work continues to be unparalleled in excellence, execution, and dedication.”
"Paul" - Trading Room2014-08-05
“Avi Gilburt: the only voice of sanity and reason in the metals trade.”
"Rexxels" - Seeking Alpha2014-10-05
“This is truly the finest trading community in the business.”
"David" - Trading Room2014-09-06
“Avi's metals calls have been the best of any Metals analyst I've seen, anywhere.”
"Japhy" - Trading Room2014-09-20
“I would just like to take a quick minute to once again say: I LOVE EWT. My praise begins with the exemplary analysis and extends to the community Avi built and nurtured here. I have sampled many trading communities, participated in half a dozen, and actively participated in half of those; EWT is the only community in which I actively participate today.”
"Lovemyipad" - Trading Room2014-09-22
“The analysis and collective wisdom of the posters here is $$$$$.”
"M&M" - Trading Room2014-09-28
“Avi, I have been comparing your Service with EWI for 6 months now. Your analysis is einfach . .SUPERIOR. I will now stop my subscription with them.”
"Giorgio" - Trading Room2014-10-03
“I'm up a year's membership today, and I love this site. ”
"FTG" - Trading Room2014-10-03
“Avi was the only analyst I saw on any site or news service forecast the dollar move”
"Japhy" - Trading Room2014-10-14
“Avi, absolutely outstanding job by you and your staff today. My account is up 4.3% for the week! I couldn't have done it without your spot on analysis.”
"LaCrosseBill" - Trading Room2014-10-01
“Thank you for creating this truly unique and wonderful have literally helped change my life!!”
"Fred_Garvin" - Trading Room2014-09-22
“Your predictions about Gold market are just amazing. I have never seen anyone that accurate. For past few months I am following your advise and have done well. Its like whatever you say comes true. You are too good boss.”
"sanjay9002" - Seeking Alpha2014-10-12
“I was with you and a small gathering of the community at the Disneyland Hotel on that Thursday night when ES started to break while we were having a pleasant chat. You took a sip of Scotch and said: "I would love to see the market tag 1890 tonight, and gap higher in the morning." That is EXACTLY what happened. It will be one of the things I remember as long as I live, my friend.”
"El_Hombre_Espantoso" - Trading Room2014-08-31
“Excuse my british english but AVI and ARK are "bloody amazing" on the metals!!!!”
"Moshe" - Trading Room2014-09-12
“I was also there that night in the Disneyland Hotel when Avi said tonight is the bottom at 1890ES”
"Devi" - Trading Room2014-08-31
“You cannot argue with success. Absolutely brilliant work. Since 2008 I have searched for a "rock" to stand on. You are it, and are all alone. I have stopped paying any attention to the 99.9% of "experts" who hope you forget about the BS they dished out the week before. You consistently point them in the right direction, but they foolishly stick to their failed line of thinking. Can't thank you enough.”
"glenneagle" - Seeking Alpha2014-10-05
“I am making money with EWT!”
"Dubsdread" - Trading Room2014-10-04
“Avi is exceptional at what he does . . . Simple highly accurate info.”
"Sawdustmaker" - Seeking Alpha2014-09-30
“great call last night Avi on the 20 point down day!”
"Silversurfer" - Trading Room2014-10-01
“Avi, you've created the best site there is in the midst of trying times, simply amazing”
"RC" - Trading Room2014-07-25
“I stood up in front of 150 people at a seminar on tech analysis, and asked where you see silver in a 6 months to a year. He could not provide an answer. So after your constant analysis on metals and calling for 16 or 17 handle. I took that and said out loud 16 or 17 soon. I almost got ousted from the room as metals at the time just broke a 4 year trend line of some sort to see lots of further upside. This is NO JOKE . VERY GOOD CALL.. big KUDOS BTW this when it was at 22-23”
"Billie" - Trading Room2014-09-22
“I am grateful that I read Avi's article on Marketwatch which led me to this site. I owe so much to all the great people who post on this blog.”
"LaCrosseBill" - Trading Room2014-09-22
“8 for 9 on trades today seven of them I give credit to Sticky,Ark and Avi>I would of lost money on five of those eight winning trades without those guys”
"Kenneth_Aydt" - Trading Room2014-10-01
“You're the best gold analyst out there”
"Silverleaf999" - Seeking Alpha2014-08-17
“I doubt there is another site where so many are so gifted and so open and generous with their advice.”
"Scotsman" - Trading Room2014-09-03
“It's uncanny how accurate your price targets/levels are.”
"davidshelton" - Seeking Alpha2014-08-01
“I signed up for a trial subscription at his site . . . and I've been frequently astounded by the accuracy, particularly the moment to moment stuff that comes through in the intra-day updates.”
"Stephenrs" - Seeking Alpha2014-08-25
“Avi, you and the team have been spot on. To the penny almost and you've beaten your 7 or 8 time correct out of 10.”
"Bombers357" - Trading Room2014-08-27
“Avi has been right at least 2/3 of the times. Actually, his commentaries are impressive and the motivation behind my purchase of the book Elliott Wave Principle: Key to Market Behavior by R. Prechter; a uncommon move for someone holding a CFA.”
"EntropyOverload" - Seeking Alpha2014-08-25
“I am okay with a nearly 80% gain after commissions and costs in a year. . . My trading performance has improved greatly since I joined this community. My sincere thanks to Avi and his amazing staff. The folks who contribute are also among the best I have seen anywhere.”
"El_Hombre_Espantoso" - Trading Room2014-09-05
“I am absolutely amazed at the accuracy of the trend calls, possible targets and guidance that Avi and team ( Xenia, Garrett, Zac and Arkady ) provide.”
"Iknownada" - Trading Room2014-08-27
“You guys are doing great! I'm able to trade much better using the EW service.”
"swingandmiss" - Trading Room2014-08-27
“I highly doubt there is a more balanced and informed group of independent traders anywhere.”
"Maestro" - Trading Room2014-08-01
“I've been a subscriber to SA for four months; and read all the articles from various contributors regarding the PM's in that time. You are without peers in this realm and at the top of your game.”
"JELLAC" - Seeking Alpha2014-07-28
“The analysis and diversity is unparalleled”
"Bluechip" - Trading Room2014-08-21
“I thought his call to 124 this week was gonna be "wrong" I'm not doubting avi again bc he is the best”
"Tbot2020" - Trading Room2014-08-15
“There's a reason I pay to be here, and it's Avi’s opinion on metals. Others scream louder, but he's the one with the proven track record.”
"Fish917" - Trading Room2014-08-15
“this site is amazing in the depth of its analysis.”
"FET" - Trading Room2014-07-25
“Your posts are the only gold related posts I bother to read any more since throwing darts equates to most everything else out there.”
"Frogmaier" - Seeking Alpha2014-08-04
“My recommendation to new people on this site is PLEASE take advantage of the wealth of resources available (webinars, beginner blog, countless charts, helpful staff, etc) You will be amazed how much you can learn and how much confidence you will gain in EW with a bit of application...”
"Trey" - Trading Room2014-07-25
“Wow.... talk about "kicking ass" on a Sunday ! Avi, thank you and the staff ..You never fail to amaze !”
"Sailkat" - Trading Room2014-08-03
“the talent assembled here is incredible as is the generosity of spirit”
"WS" - Trading Room2014-07-25
“Special thanks to StockWaves team, Zac in particular, for making so many incredible calls inc AMZN, ALGN, SODA and others. Amazing!”
"Renzo" - Trading Room2014-07-25
“your calls turn out to be "dead nuts" accurate.”
"Buritcus" - Seeking Alpha2014-07-30
“This is the most content-rich site I've come across. . . . intelligent discussion and presentation of fantastic analysis.”
"Fish917" - Trading Room2014-07-25
“My conclusion if that most accredited analysts are better on picking tops than bottoms. However after reading Mr. Gilburt's blogs I have concluded that his sentiment indicators are outstanding. Even though I have always been a long term fundamentalist, I time my moves based first on what Mr. Gilburt has to say.”
"Silver Bog" - Seeking Alpha2014-07-20
“The recent downturn in the price of metals was called by Avi exactly right within 24 hrs, BEFORE it occurred. What have you got that compares with that?”
"CoinsK" - Seeking Alpha2014-07-15
“Feeling exceptionally grateful of finding EWT 11 months ago. . . i have learned more in the last 3 months than i did in the first 8 months (and i thought i learned a ton in the first 8 months). i am up over that 11 month period very nicely...around 10-11% from January and 20% from August. Thanks to staff and members for such a great learning experience. What a great tuition this place is on a life changing topic!”
"Giuseppe" - Trading Room2014-07-26
“Stock Waves has and continues to offer some far easier and very attractive trading opportunities and the support from Garrett and Zac within this service is nothing short of monumental day after day”
"MikeR" - Trading Room2014-07-27
“Avi, BINGO!!, love your posts, Have been following you for 2-3 years, amazing record.”
"Pdtor" - Seeking Alpha2014-07-14
"Guzzii" - Seeking Alpha2014-07-27
“New member here. Been soaking it in for a few months. I'm a relatively experienced investor, and moderately successful position trader. I look at technical charts to support my trades. Clueless when it comes to EW. What I like about this site: 1) the constant questioning from members and staff, and willingness to be wrong; 2) the trading discipline; 3) the strong sense of community; 4) the fact that since being here, I've become a better investor and a better trader. Considering that I've been investing and trading for 25 years, and it took EWT only 8 weeks to improve my performance, that's saying something.”
"DoubleSS" - Trading Room2013-11-07
“The sharing of information and ideas in this room is amazing!”
"Gordy" - Trading Room2014-07-25
“wow, new room is awesome. i have been here almost since the beginning of the website and it just keeps getting better. thanks to all. this is easily the best trading/investing website and also the best value for the money.”
"RonMexico" - Trading Room2014-07-15
“AVI you were so accurate with your warning on the 10th. Good warning call. I hope most posters on this forum were able to take notice and reduce their exposure on the bull miners, to reduce their loses today and yesterday.”
"Gold Dog" - Seeking Alpha2014-07-16
“As I sit here at 2 am CT and watch the sharp decline, I have to tell Avi he's got the bauce sauce. Right again.”
"Getting’ Long" - Seeking Alpha2014-07-19
“{your alerts} are simple, thorough, and easy to understand for the “non-elliott wave technician” - this is important. The others in the marketplace who attempt to provide this service and insight do not provide a complete explanation...”
"Java_K" - Trading Room2014-07-23
“Ok, the bulls got slaughtered and now the bears. Pretty soon nobody will be posting here because everybody will be lying dead on the battlefield LOL ... except Avi of course who sits on Olympus and enjoys the show :)”
"Stepehen Aniston" - Seeking Alpha Contributor2014-07-17
“Best online trading forum by a mile”
"Music" - Trading Room2014-06-18
“I am often entertained by some who challenge your expertise. The commentary most often reveals what they lack in knowledge, and seldom suggests much else, other than an invitation to debate the master's ability to substantiate what is accuracy.”
"Gelstretch" - Seeking Alpha2014-07-25
“Avi's precious metals calls have been unworldly impressive and the reason I joined this site. Unmatched.”
"BrownTrout" - Trading Room2014-06-27
“Avi studies the PM's carefully, offers unique perspectives on possible future PM movements, and devises hypotheses for these various possible future scenarios. Much more importantly, as I've been reading him, Avi is right much more frequently than he is wrong.”
"Prefan4200" - Seeking Alpha2014-07-16
“GLD indeed is a great tool and you are quite a prophet.”
"Filipo" - Seeking Alpha2014-07-17
“thanks a million times . . . this is sooo great . . . best guidance EVER”
"FlemishOne(Ron)" - Trading Room2014-06-17
“[other] sites and their FA nearly destroyed my life savings over a 2 year period with their perma-long calls. They have done similar to many. I pay to learn how to increase my odds of success by adhering to probabilities because FA can be so detrimental. I feel this is the best forum possible for that education and I have nearly recovered my losses due to this fine community.”
"KevC" - Trading Room2014-06-13
“I second your post on the fibs - speechless - nothing short of amazing. Soooooo glad I read one of your articles about 18 months ago!”
"Gronksworld" - Trading Room2014-07-15
“I think it was fantastic what Avi wrote last week about WHIPSAW ... it all came in within his time frame . No need to argue with him ...just watch and maybe read some of his old stuff and see how often he hits it ...FANTASTIC !”
"Bogi" - Seeking Alpha2014-07-14
“I am enjoying the timely info provided on this site. It blows away the other Elliott service I was using.”
"DaButcher" - Trading Room2014-06-24
“Avi’s site is a cornucopia of diversified analytical trading ideas, that are offered by over 100 site contributors, that are either full time analysts engaged by Avi, or are site members that are professional traders that contribute on a somewhat consistent basis. . . I was a beneficiary of immense knowledge and advice that enhanced my trading profitability to levels that I had not previously imagined. . . Avi's site is worth a close look, if you are looking to increase your trading efficiency, and knowledge.”
"Gelstretch" - Seeking Alpha2014-06-24
“Excellent, and I mean excellent guidance on metals this week, Avi. Trying to play both sides is tough, but your call two days ago to hedge, and even go net long GLD saved my A$$ on some positions I was holding and put me in the green this week. Thanks a bunch! You and Arkady keep em coming....and you too Xenia, excellent call on GDX and GC this week!”
"Mustang" - Trading Room2014-06-19
“Avi, Your weekend post on GLD was so great. The clarity was 100% and beautifully analyzed. I was taken aback at how brilliant it was...thanks so very much!”
"Korsakoff" - Trading Room2014-06-23
“To anyone who is not a member, I can only say that as a novice, though very careful trader, I have made more money there than I ever would have with my money sitting in a money market account. It's been a huge learning curve but wow - my account is up 9.3% since I joined in January 2014, and compared to others who glean information there, I believe I am on the very low side.”
"Charlotte" - Trading Room2014-06-23
“I highly recommend following Avi Gilburt . . . his work with Elliott Wave Theory in the precious metals space is superb.”
Eric Parnell – Contributor at Seeking Alpha and Founder and Director of Gerring Capital Partners2014-01-03
“I have been following the trading room for several months. I now believe that almost without exception, the advice offered by staff and a core of subscribers is given with the best of intentions, and that they genuinely want to see others do well with their trades. This, I believe, is the most valuable characteristic of the service.”
Jim S.Victoria, Canada2014-06-23
“For those who have been watching (even skeptically) you have been an uncanny caller on the direction of the market.”
"Arihalli" - Seeking Alpha2014-06-23
“I wanted to extend an acknowledgement to you on the BRILLIANT afternoon video today!! The ability for us to witness your thought process, especially concerning GLD, GDX, GDXJ, metals, long term vs. short term mindset, your strategies for using your potential profits to further your leverage towards prosperity was absolutely awesome. Today’s afternoon video is a great example of why I am a happy member.”
"Quadshot" - Trading Room2014-06-11
“The team you have assembled here is truly one of a kind, thanks again to you all.”
"Verde" - Trading Room2014-06-19
“As always, kudos to the EWT team for having hyper-focus on the metals during these big-move periods. Reminds me how I found this site, why I joined, and how much progress I've made in since with everyone's help.”
"Fish917" - Trading Room2014-05-28
“Started reading Avi's articles about the same time I started buying silver, little more than a year ago. He would say prices were going down, but I bought anyway, several times. Lose, Lose, Lose. My initial rejection was probably because he is a lawyer & money/stock guru. Come on, you gonna trust that combination? Well, he has repeatedly proved me wrong and I am tired of it.”
"Nocnurzfred" - Seeking Alpha2014-05-07
“Avi Gilburt's articles continue to week after week provide essential reading that upon considerable study is very deep and valuable. Avi understands Gold and Elliott Wave and gold investments at a Masters Level and a Prosperity Level. I have been reading and re-reading his articles since August 2013 and also his comments to posters and I would label all as Brilliant.”
"Quantum Profit" - Seeking Alpha2014-05-01
“Sold out of the short term GLD puts from last night. You truly are golden magic.”
"JB" - Trading Room2014-05-29
“I have been on this site almost 2 years . . I have been around the investment business and money managers for over 30 years and there are some people here that are true experts. I want to thank Avi for creating the site and the staff and expert volunteers for teaching me a lot.”
"Spider" - Trading Room2014-05-25
“Once you master this charting method, and want to introduce Avi's methodology of Elliott Wave ( he is the best ), then join his trading room and you then will be trading Gold with the success of the masters.”
"Gelstretch" - Seeking Alpha2014-05-08
“Thanks for another tune up Avi, you clearly have a knack for the market. People should seriously consider paying you for your handwork.”
"Sawdustmaker" - Seeking Alpha2014-06-01
“The analysts here are right about 70% of the time, and that is pretty amazing! WHERE could you find better??”
"Charlotte" - Trading Room2014-06-11
“I was getting murderlated trading based off the gold “gurus” advice. I have stopped the bleeding and have actually made up a substantial portion of my losses thanks to this site and the excellent commentary . . . Folks calls to the penny help build my confidence over the FA's "hold on to your seats" and buy buy buy never changing commentary.”
"KevC" - Trading Room2014-05-28
“Love this site and members willingness to help others. Thanks again I owe you on the last round!”
"MrG" - Trading Room2014-05-05
“Avi has demonstrated a high level of accuracy in his reports . . .”
"Redrummd" - Seeking Alpha2014-05-25
“You have done a great job on short term projections for the metals, much,much better than the so called metal gurus. Keep up the good work!”
"Alchemy" - Seeking Alpha2014-05-25
“nowhere will you find the list of analysts that are combined on this site, nowhere on the net, zac, avi, shift,ricky, xenia, ark all do a fabulous job, and throw in harry d, bama, EL and others who contribute, all have their special talents that make this the best site to follow and biggest bang for your buck you could ever hope to get”
"905mercur(Barry)" - Trading Room2014-02-11
“Avi has been so spot on since I started reading him over a year ago”
"Nocnurzfred" - Seeking Alpha2014-06-15
“Steve, I want to take a moment to again thank you (together with Avi and Garrett) for how straightforward and successful you have made my day trading become”
"VC" - Trading Room2014-05-12
“the Fibonacci Pinball method used by Avi is a "winner", and it also is amazingly accurate.”
"Gelstretch" - Seeking Alpha2014-06-01
“If you are a trader looking to profit from the daily movement of equities, though, avi is among the best! I have been following avi for almost a year, and I have a slight difference of opinion on the long term graph of gold, but his calls on daily, weekly, and monthly movement of gold have been around 80 percent accurate, or more.”
"Dbest" - Seeking Alpha2014-04-03
“you're too good to be true”
"Justaconsumer" - Seeking Alpha2014-03-18
“Great calls, excellent analysis and total consistency which makes you the primary asset that drives this service and sets its standards at such a professional and exceptional level. Many thanks and very well done!!”
"MikeR" - Trading Room2014-01-27
“I am forever grateful to you and the whole EWT gang. This place has taken my trading to a whole new level - so THANKS!”
"Ghostplump" - Trading Room2014-01-10
“Avi, you have proven again that you are not tied to any one particular direction. When the setup does not act as it should, you do take advantage of a trade potential. Admirable!”
"Seadoo" - Trading Room2014-05-23
“I have made more money on this site than any other.”
"LeftField" - Trading Room2014-04-03
“Anyone not in STOCKWAVES is missing out. Another one for 318%”
"Omega" - Trading Room2014-03-31
“I have to say that your calls of the major turns in PM's end June, Aug, Dec, and again the recent turn have been truly amazing moneymakers.”
"GG" - Trading Room2014-03-24
“Just as a reminder to all of us trying to learn EW trading... Be sure to check out all of the resources under "Beginner's Blog" --> "Categories". The stuff there is amazing. I've been using it for the past couple of months to learn EW and have to say it is . . . a GREAT resource if you are truly dedicated to learning how this stuff is supposed to work. Steve is great at responding to questions as well.”
"MonkeyDarts" - Trading Room2014-04-17
“If you’re not currently using the Options Service, in my humble opinion you are not taking advantage of one of the best resources on this site. It is absolutely incredible. I manage both personal and investor capital, and have gleaned so much from the service.”
"Mustang" - Trading Room2014-03-26
“I think you guys should be very proud because you predicted the fib levels to the penny... thanks for all the help. I have made money very consistently thanks to you both (Avi and Steve)”
"VC" - Trading Room2014-03-14
“....I’m delighted, truly, by the distinguished, constructive, and "willing-to-help-out-others" - mentality and attitudes on this remarkable site. THANK YOU ALL WHOLEHARTEDLY. It is truly a pleasure.”
"FlemishOne" - Trading Room2014-03-07
“I paid not hundreds but thousands of dollars to a "professional investor's education" firm (not to mention names), and I should say that I learned less there than just reading the crumbs that Xenia drops from time to time for non-subscribers . . . Thank you Xenia”
"momchi" - Trading Room2014-03-16
“This has been interesting as I try to learn how to EW count... or should I say "play fib pinball". This EW stuff is incredible.”
"Monkeydarts" - Trading Room2014-03-10
“This room's a gold mine.”
"Chance" - Trading Room2014-02-28
“All those wishing to trade gold, should look to Avi Gilburt, as his record is among the best in my opinion.”
"Dbest" - Seeking Alpha2014-03-23
“I’ve been in the investment biz about 10 years and have literally subscribed and/or read 200 plus investment blogs/websites/newsletters. After all these years, this is the only one that i am willing to pay for and i can't imagine that I'll ever leave.”
"RonMexico" - Trading Room2014-02-13
“Hey Avi, EW really is amazing (or you still have that direct line to the all knowing Fed). On the chart, it looks like the market turned to the penny of your fib target. My engineering skills are still my money maker, but applying some risk management, and using your analysis, my membership has been paying for itself”
"FTG" - Trading Room2014-02-28
“Remember the old E.F. Hutton commercials decades ago ? Now it's, "when Avi speaks people listen !"”
"Terry1" - Seeking Alpha2014-02-13
“Thank you for your stellar guidance on ES today. I would have never figured the scenario you laid out this am. You have put out some incredible alerts over the months I have been with you!!”
"SuperBlimpo" - Trading Room2014-02-28
“Thanks Avi you are terrific and "Long Live Elliott Wave Analysis" it is the best at forecasting Gold and Silver. Cha-Ching!!!”
"Quantum Profit" - Seeking Alpha2014-02-14
“. . . subscribe to StockWaves, you can't afford not to.”
"ElToroOro" - Trading Room2014-02-20
“Thanks Ricky for all the help learning EW. I am finally getting to the point where I can start making my own counts on stocks instead of figuring out other peoples. Great addition to the site!”
"Allie" - Trading Room2014-03-03
“Gotta love Stockwaves......just fantastic”
"Nanook" - Trading Room2014-02-19
“I am a relatively new trader (Nov 2013). I have invested for over two decades. I wanted to learn day trading as a skill as a backup, just incase the economy tanks and I lose contracts. I have lost money steadily for 3 1/2 months now. I just wanted to say that I posted a profit each of the last 3 days. It just so happens that I joined this site 3 days ago. I did the one month trial before, but I wasn't trading then. I want to thank the Pros and the members. I believe you keep me 'in-check' by giving alternatives to my main perspective. I would especially like to thank Steve/Ricky. Your daily live videos have helped tremendously. I hope to be a long time member.”
"Silver_Rush" - Trading Room2014-03-07
“Avi, Your FibPinball is mind blowing . . . the most useful tool I have ever traded with”
"Chris_Maikisch" - Trading Room2013-12-04
“The author's predictions and calls have been highly actionable. Top traders have a 3 out of 10 success hit rate. This author has about 7 out of 10.”
"DJ Sandcastle" - Seeking Alpha2013-11-24
“Avi, followed you on SA, watched for 15 days on free trial, signed up as a 3 month member today. Had a gold long based play upon your recent recommendations. It was up enough to pay for my membership cost 10 times over so I closed it out based on your advised caution here. Many thanks, I'm not near smart enough to do this on my own...”
"Byster" - Trading Room2014-01-02
“Your calls have been nothing short of excellent. Thank you”
"John_Galt" - Trading Room2014-02-06
“Avi, the real master of the game. " Chapeau bas, monsieur."”
"GYRD" - Trading Room2014-02-03
“I have been following Avi for about 5 months now and my trades based on his analysis have been running about 90% winners. I have not seen him make a bad call yet. My losers are invariably trades where I guessed and hoped instead of patiently waiting for Avi's recommended entry point. Avi's columns are for serious traders who want to understand the markets better and profit from trading them. For me, they have always been a breath of fresh air compared to many of the other MW analysts.”
"Michael Laing" - MarketWatch2013-11-25
“2 Trades just paid my years subscriptions - AKAM, TSLA Thanks Zac & Xenia!”
"RNC" - Trading Room2013-10-24
“happy to do a screen shot if anyone does not believe me, but my roth ira is up 96% this year thanks to stockwaves.”
"RonMexico" - Trading Room2013-11-14
“Avi, Thank you so much for founding this site and running it with such diligence and integrity; I have done well and could not have found a better site!!”
"Charlotte" - Trading Room2014-02-16
“Thanks so much for your updates on They are so helpful, and really the best insight into having the correct approach to market psychology that I have ever seen! ”
"Beejal Patel" - MarketWatch2014-02-10
“Elliott Wave rules!!! The rest of the news, manipulation, Comex, China, India, morality, Fed, Yellen, US Dollar, QE is all just useless chatter, or worse negative trash that can distract your attention from what really matters in moving Gold and Silver, Sentiment and Elliott Wave and Fibonacci golden ratio. The rest it is just blog gossip and venting and make believe. Great Elliott Wave advice has brought me great profits.”
"Quantum Profit" - Seeking Alpha2014-02-16
“ trading Gold is one of my passions... Avi is maybe the best at defining probable moves”
"Stretch" - Trading Room2014-01-03
“Avi, KGB, Steve, COW, Arkady and the team! I spent the last 2 weeks slowly selling my longs and began building a short position in both metals and markets via puts! Today my portfolio is up 30% and its thanks EW and ALL your foresight!”
"Moshe" - Trading Room2013-12-02
“You guys really are very impressive. It's like watching the equivalent of Pele, Muhammad Ali, Jack Nicklaus and Usain Bolt at their respective areas of excellence:-)”
"Norm" - Trading Room2013-12-18
“I enjoy Avi Gilburt's contributions because he is a top notch Elliott Wave analyst. His public record on market direction calls speaks for itself.”
"Jepkratz" - Seeking Alpha2014-02-09
“Thanks for the clear charts. A few days of this service is worth more than all the TA books out there!”
"Morgan" - Trading Room2013-11-29
“Xenia, your service is off to a great start. For me personally, the educational value is VERY high. After subscribing to another options service for 3 months, I can say that the P/L and the educational value here are FAR superior.”
"RDA" - Trading Room2013-11-03
“this may be the best site out there, and you'll see it is well monitored and supported with amazing talent. Avi has built a World Class site and team of pros, and many other non staff members add even more depth and talent to the site. Stick around and you'll learn that very quickly. I plan on being here for a very long time. ”
"PokerGuy" - Trading Room2013-11-24
“I joined Avi's site a couple of months ago and I have been following his and his team's calls on a daily basis. I continue to be astounded by the accuracy of their calling the turns step by step. I recommend that anyone that doubts this avail themselves of his fifteen day free trial.”
"User 179864" - Seeking Alpha2014-01-13
“Steve, your detailed analysis and follow through is making my account and holiday fund happy!”
"Coastal1" - Trading Room2013-11-14
“I joined here in August, set up one account early Oct. to try EW practice, the $X I put in, it is more than $3X now [in December].”
"CL/Clare" - Trading Room2013-12-26
“If only I heard of Avi first before I heard of Jim Sinclair, I would have made a lot of gains.”
"Dorky" - Seeking Alpha2014-01-12
“I just watched Ricky's beginner's video tutorial posted this afternoon. Fabulous, Ricky! I feel like I made a quantum leap in understanding and trading Elliott in this illuminating hour. I thought, "Ricky provides training wheels for the Elliott Wave bicycle...maybe it's a motorcycle."”
"FJ" - Trading Room2013-12-05
“Steve, Just AMAZING charts and posts... you got my learning curve going parabolic while trading SAFELY”
"SurfEW" - Trading Room2013-11-14
“Xenia Options Service: Xenia, Thank you - this is exactly the type of insight I am hoping for in your service. There are plenty of services that give entry and exit targets - but I'll never learn anything useful there. This is much better imho!”
"Frisco" - Trading Room2013-10-11
“If you are going to trade this very dangerous [precious metals] sector...Avi is the man..a proven track record”
"Physical Receipt" - Seeking Alpha2014-01-05
“I was one of those FA guys...thought I knew quite a bit about "the financial world." I was a CPA with an MBA in finance and economics, and 25 years "real world experience." I had it all...right? WRONG! I can't begin to tell you how much your posts in particular, and this fantastic site have opened my eyes to TA. I've struggled with it, but it's starting to finally click! I went from making a "decent" return on my money to making more in an hour, day or week than I can sometimes believe! All I can say is EWT works for me. And I love learning from everyone on this site...couldn't ask for a better group of people!! Thank you all!”
"Fred_Garvin" - Trading Room2014-02-03
“If you're not reading Avi Gilburt, well, you should be...”
"WeBuyGoldReviews" - Facebook2013-05-20
“LONG LIVE AVI I have done this for 50 years....IN 50 years, yours has been as good as it gets....”
"Guzzi" - Seeking Alpha2013-12-01
“I've been trading since I was 18( started trading after my 18th birthday) but without any real direction. Two years ago I started reading marketwatch, not with any real aim, my version of waking up and reading the newspaper Then I came across Avi's articles, which were hands down the most informative. For months I would eagerly await his monday article and plan around that, but in June of last year I decided to do the free trial. After 2 days of the free trial, I knew if I could stay solvent, I'd never leave. So far so good. I've made all the amateur mistakes, I continue to make them, but when I look back on what I've learned, I'm amazed. I made enough money last year to take my girlfriend to LA . . . So to Avi, the analysts, and all the contributors here, I'd like to thank you for teaching your craft, and giving this young trader something far more than money - a strong sense of self esteem”
"Enceladus" - Trading Room2014-02-03
“I have been following Avi since February (2013) and trust me, he was the ONLY one on MW telling people to stay in. Also saw him call the flip in July when everyone else was calling for a crash. That's why i'm now a member here. He's not a sensationalist...”
"Preach" - Trading Room2013-10-24
“I can vouch as a new member to Avi/Xenia/Cow that not only are the postings from these experts invaluable to my learning ( and making profitable decisions ), but the community of experts EWT has attracted makes this a no brainer for me. You learn from master's while honing your own skills. No better site/service/members/experts in my humble opinion. VERY VERY thankful that I can be part of this community”
"Winningtrader" - Trading Room2013-11-14
“Avi and his Team are the best analysts I have ever met. EW is really magic if I compare with other methods I have ever learned. I am very grateful that I found this site and will keep learning. Avi, thank you!!!”
"Crystal" - Trading Room2013-11-28
“As an EW noob I have to say, I've learned a metric tonne of info in a week of membership. Thanks all for the great charting and insights, and the great beginner material/videos too”
"Japhro" - Trading Room2013-12-12
“I have used Schaeffers options service in the past and I can honestly say that Xenia's is a superior product to that.”
"Coastal1" - Trading Room2013-11-03
“I have read 1,000+ articles in 2013 on Gold and Silver metals and their ETF mining funds and can truthfully say that all of Avi's comments are worth their weight in Gold.”
"Quantum Profit" - Seeking Alpha2013-12-23
“This site and Avi and the team provide value to the subscribers way way beyond the cost that we are paying. I honestly am amazed on how many updates and alerts that Avi, Garrett, Xenia, Ark send out daily. Its short term, long term and all the possible tradable assets. Truly outstanding. The latest addition of "beginner teacher" Steve is a stroke of a genius from Avi. I am very certain that a vast majority of the subscribers here very very very happy with the level of attention and service provided just like I am. I would like to congratulate Avi and his team. I have not been so happy a customer ever with any product or service like I am with the EWT site.”
"Scorpio" - Trading Room2013-11-24
“Avi's track record is something crazy like 7 or 8 out of 10.”
"AR" - Trading Room2013-10-29
“Avi, I don't post very much at all due to working long hours at my day job. You and your staff are the best guides/analysts in the world”
"Theta" - Trading Room2013-11-24
“As we move to the end of 2013.. It has been an amazing year... the GREATEST EW SITE OF OUR LIFETIMES>. and the Best Year in stocks analysis by the GREATEST TEAM in maybe half a century.. What a market.. we are soooooo blessed to be investing in the greatest of all stock markets with AVi at the Helm!... Facts are Facts”
"Moshe" - Trading Room2013-11-26
“When I first ran into EW, I was studying for my CMT. It was so "different," I blew it off (they drew trendlines through bars, ya know). I tried several times to practice EW. This site is the first time its coming together for me. But there are a couple of things I've had to do: 1) Apply what I already learned about markets and technicals; 2) Breakout the books and watch the library webinars on this site, and; 3) Know my personal limitations. The staff here is amazing. They are honest and candid; routinely exposing us to some of the most intimate details of trading and strategy. They are trying to teach AND advise. That can be confusing. Because they are each giving us so much, it can be a struggle for even the most experienced to keep up. But I'm learning. And, you will to ... if you do your part.”
"coolirishdog" - Trading Room2013-12-16
“It is extremely well documented over the course of 2012 that Avi's analysis is nearer to 80%% correct. This is a provable fact. Personally I am a 100%% fundamentalist giving little, if any, credence to technical analysis. But I do my homework, read Avi's findings and can only tip my hat to it's uncanny ability to track current trends.”
Gary Strand - MarketWatch2013-01-08
“RICKY IS G-D!!!!”
"Ransom" - Trading Room2013-12-13
“Avi is probably the best elliott wave analyst out there and I have looked at many others. He seems to work really hard at it and has this innate ability to defy the odds and see the big picture. Pretty amazing stuff!”
Judy Barnes - MarketWatch2013-08-08
“The past week has really showcased to me what EW can do. Just by following Avi and Steve's charts, my trading account pulled its best week ever . . . I was really impressed by the immediate impact just trading based on EWT's fibs and waves had on my account. Can't thank the EWT team enough!”
"Hcube" - Trading Room2013-12-03
“Avi, I ponder your delivery at times. Tonight, on Thanksgiving Eve, I will make an appreciative observation: you make everything seem interesting; you make things come to life; you animate the world. Jack Nicholson does this in his acting, and it's why so many people want to watch him in films, because no matter what the film or his role, he'll make the screen come alive. You have this enthusiasm in both your writing and your video presentations that gets people excited, wakes them up, makes them feel like something important is going on. You are an extraordinary, inspiring guy and I'm very happy I crossed paths with Elliott Wave Trader and you.”
"JW" - Trading Room2013-11-27
“I joined EW recently with the hopes of learning the theory and practical application of EW to my own trading/investing. I have not been dissapointed!! Between Avi, Ricky, Xenia , Zac, Ark and Garrett, there is literally a welath of experience being imparted on every post, I did not join EW to follow others to make easy money. It was critical that I learn to develop and practice EW in my own decisions and feel that as a novice EW trader, I have not been dissapointed and would offer that the site has exceeded my expectations. I have carefully followed the trade recommendations on ES and over the past 2 weeks alone have raised my portfolio by 10%. The MOST important reason this is so is that I have tried to be patient and waited for the right setups to present themselves ( based on Avi/Sticky/others) before entering a trade. I also leg into trades and also use stop-losses with every trade placed, This allows me to cut my losses early and establish a larger position as the trade goes in the direction anticipated. My BIG THANKS to all the staff and members here. You all continue to humble me with your tremendous guidance.”
"iknownada" - Trading Room2013-12-16
“EW team simply the best.”
"Dawn" - Trading Room2013-12-13
“As a new member ( under 2 months ), I really feel compelled to write this. I will be brief, but let me just state that the value for the money at this site is unparalleled. I am constantly learning which was my primary reason to join and Avi and the other analysts - Garrett, Zac, Zenia, Sticky, and Arkady are masters in their respective areas. I feel this is site is the best if you are truly looking to gain an education on how EW is applied and how you can apply the teachings to your own trades. Another BIG PLUS on EWT is the member community. Clearly the most experienced bunch of traders and professionals. I cannot begin to name them as I would probably fill out an entire screen. In closing, AVI and Team, you are the best”
"iknownada" - Trading Room2013-11-24
“Avi was right on the money all year long, from early up swing in March thru May. He was bullish all the way, and he did warn us of the June swoon and an August minor correction. All have happened accordingly. Man, this guy is good.”
Leo Nguyen - MarketWatch2013-09-16
“[Avi} has assembled a small team of analysts that are very good at what they do. One specialize in stocks,one options one in world markets and one in metals and the dollar. Additionally, many of the members there are really good traders and they also offer help and ideas. I have tried many trading rooms and this place is hands down the best in terms of learning and the people involved there. Avi is also very generous with his time and his knowledge. Avi also introduced fib pinball there and it is unbelievably accurate at catching support and resistance. Try the trail for 2 weeks and explore the site. Read the articles and watch the free educational webinars. Watch what folks do in the trading room and check it out for yourself. You still have to execute trades yourself but for precision market analysis its a great site.”
"Sam I am" - MarketWatch2013-08-14
“ive been trading long time and this place is best ive been in over the 10 or so sites ive been in in 20 yrs..........awesome folks and great character qualities and many times fun too....thats important to me....cuts the stress”
"Timmay" - Trading Room2013-11-24
“The camaraderie and teamwork is the reason this site is successful (IMO). Sure, there is amazing talent and expertise that can result in $ is done in a very helpful, team-oriented manner by staff and members. That's the golden ticket IMO.”
"Giuseppe" - Trading Room2013-10-01
“Avi and gang, I have to say, the continued improvements, and specifically the addition of Ricky/Steve and Xenia have had an enormous impact on not only my learning curve, but the net liquidation values of all my accounts. I manage two commodity pools, a small hedge fund, and a number of personal accounts, and every single account has benefited in varying amounts by these additions. When coupling the new additions with Garrett, Cow, Arkady, and yourself, you've assembled an excellent team that can enable anyone to make a comfortable living being a trader, or simply seeking to improve upon overall performance to long term holdings.”
"Mustang" - Trading Room2013-11-14
“Using the analysis on this site has increased my trading account by 50% in 2 months”
"Allie" - Trading Room2013-11-08
“Avi, Xenia, Garrett, Arkady - just wanted to say a big thank you for all the guidance the last week or so. I am a relatively new member and new to EW and trading. For the last couple of months I've been reading posts, watching and rewatching EW videos (what an amazing resource), and generally trying to learn learn learn. Last week I entered my first 4 swing trades: long TLT, EEM and short gold and GDX. I followed your advice Avi to keep my stops tight (I probably set them too tight) and got stopped out today with some very nice profits on gold and GDX. Looking to re-enter on a pull back, and hoping EEM and TLT take off. The staff on this site are amazing, as is the range of members. I'm learning soooooo much!”
"Will-M" - Trading Room2013-10-01
“I strongly believe that Avi's big picture and weekly pictures ARE more or less about 100% right month after month.. no one better in business. PERIOD.”
"Bama" - Trading Room2013-01-20
“Garrett is by far an amazing talent as it pertains to tracking the ES on a micro level. I have put REAL MONEY behind that statement.”
"Chris_Maikisch" - Trading Room2013-11-24
“I was able to cut and paste and then print all the posts this am (11/7/13) from Avi and the key members of the EWT/Fib team so far this morning. I wanted to see how accurate they are in this volatile, fast-moving market. They have accurately described for us the twists and turns in the dynamic market today, and have done it in real time. Amazing! . My hat's off to each of these masters but particularly congratulate Avi, the Master Jedi.”
"Ziott" - Trading Room2013-11-07
“How much money did Ricky make us today!!!!!! He had the trade out BEFORE open. Just like Avi yesterday... Well done!”
"TCAT" - Trading Room2013-11-14
“This is definitely the best investment website I have ever been a member of in the last fifteen years of investing.”
"Mpointer" - Trading Room2013-09-24
“The market doesnt move on sentiment , it moves to match Steves count!”
"TripleB" - Trading Room2013-11-21
“What I've learned since I've been here -- throw out the noise and let the price patterns provide you with the highest probability trades. Within the framework of a reliable risk management process, there's no better way to ensure your success as a trader.”
"GatorTrader" - Trading Room2013-11-14
“Newbies (I still count myself among them, though I'm learning fast here), THIS is what a real trader's site looks like. Compare conversations like this thread, that spring up spontaneously around here all the time, with the drivel posted on the 'big sites'. After a while, there's no longer much reason to visit those 'big sites' anymore.”
"Handyman" - Trading Room2013-06-16
“I LOVE COW (Zac), my wife LOVES COW, my brother loves COW and my sister-in-law loves COW...and my MOM really loves COW...her portfolio has doubled since I started Stockwaves :)”
"SP" - Trading Room2013-09-11
“I read a few books on EW over the last several months and got very intrigued. I then found this site and really was impressed with Avi's approach. I joined a little over a week ago. What I have found is a true "Holy Grail" - a community of people that share their opinions in a professional manner(even when they disagree) and share many great ideas and thoughts. The level of high-quality analysis by Avi, Zac, Xenia, Arkady and Garrett in unbelievable. I've already made some excellent profits and the best thing is I UNDERSTAND what is going on in the markets(well, at least more than I did before). I just wanted to give a shout out and make sure no one took for granted what I see here. I've been on other sites and they do not have the level of professionalism that is here.”
"EWWally" - Trading Room2013-08-28
“I followed Garrett all day and have doubled my account. Been trading 12 hours. Only had 2 small losing trades in that time today. Garrett really nailed it”
"TT" - Trading Room2013-09-07
“Avi,. You're the most accurate forecaster on the metals I've come across yet.”
"Rexxels" - Seeking Alpha2013-11-04
“Hi Avi, Wanted to thank you, and let you know that as I've been learning EW over the last weeks, the last couple of days have been like a light bulb going on - things are crystalizing very rapidly, in large part due to your communication and teaching on the board. I'm SO glad I found you, and really can't thank you enough. I'm developing quite a passion, maybe borderlining on obsession :) with trading, and just loving it. Your service is great - the collection of people here is amazing, and I look forward to becoming even more confident in time and contributing more at that time. Thanks again, Avi.”
"KazMan" - Trading Room2013-10-08
“I've studied Elliott Wave for over 30 years. I love how dynamic and relational you make it.”
John PetersonCaledonia, IL2013-09-30
“I've been following Avi and his silver analysis since last March and have become a believer in Elliott Wave and Avi's Fibonacci Pinball. Thus, I grew tired waiting for new articles to come up on SA and joined Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Pinball take some study (it's more a school of thought than a strategy or a few indicators) but the site has plenty of good materials and I've found the video webinars to be most helpful. Once you have a few tools to guide you, you begin to understand the market with new clarity. Admittedly, Avi's prognostication with silver seems a little less like soothsaying now that I understand his framework but it's made my relationship with "the market" much more proactive. I've traded for many years using a hodgepodge of techniques and finally... I feel like the searching has paid off. Not a paid shill :) - just a thankful investor. Thanks, Avi - I look forward to some shared success!”
"Nelsonf" - Seeking Alpha2013-09-03
“There cannot be ANY OTHER SITE IN THE WORLD that gives one such accurate and timely PREDICTIONS of the FUTURE as this SITE!!! AVI and crew, you guys are AMAZING- almost inhuman!!”
"Dodger" - Trading Room2013-05-01
“I have been trading for approximately 6 years and have joined EWT about 2 months ago. As each day passes i still wake up every morning with excitement to check the charts out from all EWT analysis. I feel great to be a part of this fantastic growing community”
"Billie" - Trading Room2013-09-24
“I spend all of my free time here, and following up on ideas I read here. My wife was grousing that I am too fixated on EWT. Then I told her I have increased our retirement fund 20% since July. Now she is here too. Can't get her away from the computer!”
"Heisenberg" - Trading Room2013-11-03
“Avi is as close to perfection that I have ever seen in 25 years of working in the investment industry.”
DP - Trading Room2012-10-20
“I am addicted to this site. First thing in the morning, I open EWT, during day time whenever I get to laptop, this is the first site I open. Just before going to Bed, this is the last site I closed. Keep up the good work Guys. Hats off to you, Avi and the Team.”
"Docs" - Trading Room2013-11-03
“I have to give a big kudos to Garrett for his GMCR chart he put out yesterday. This morning GMCR appeared to complete a c-wave of iv of 3 down at 83.87, which is exactly the 1.00 extension. Actually 83.80 was the low. When the stock hit the 1.00 extension, I automatically triggered into Sep call options to play a potential wave v of 3 with an initial target of 87+. Using EW, it was a perfect low risk entry. The stock jumped higher from this area this afternoon and have a nice gain in the position. It just goes to show that EW does in fact work and can really enhance your trading significantly.”
"Boots" - Trading Room2013-09-04
“This site has given me a depth of understanding I DEFINITELY haven't found anywhere else. That is the key - UNDERSTANDING!!! This site has given me the ability to day trade in addition to creating swing trades and longer term trades with much better precision and understanding of how and where to put in stops.”
"groovehead" - Trading Room2013-07-09
“I cannot say enough good about Zac's STOCK WAVES picks. Anyone considering joining, I suggest you not hesitate. Lots and lots of winners.”
"CHluke" - Trading Room2013-11-12
“I'd like to chime in and give my endorsement to both services. Thanks to Moshe's incessant ranting about StockWaves last month, I finally joined and couldn't be more pleased with the service. It is a huge bargain for the price!”
"Geek" - Trading Room2013-10-14
“Avi, I have been investing a short time. Basically since PM's have tanked. Learning has been fun, and I have many publications arriving every morning. Out of all the writers, you have the best track record, hands down. I have taken to learn Elliot wave theory for that reason.”
"Dbest1" - Seeking Alpha2013-09-08
“I'm for Avi but not that long ago I was arguing with him. He was right and I was wrong. Look at some of his article from about a month or two ago. Avi knows what he's talking about when it comes to trading PMs.”
Dave Mackel – Seeking Alpha2013-09-30
“It's important to know when to be a timely contrarian and when to avoid being roadkill. Avi helps us stay one step ahead of history.”
Stephen Heffron - MarketWatch2013-11-11
“I look forward to your articles, Avi. If you don't mind me saying so, you are a master and we are very fortunate indeed to have access to your analysis here on MW.”
Stuart Smithfield – MarketWatch2013-07-23
“I am soooo thankful AVI for learning EW with you and the team... Best decision I have ever made was joining this site. Highest gains I ever made in trading happened this past week, expect to outdo this performance this week! I always thought Bio and volatility plays were the best but PM wow!”
"Larry" - Trading Room2013-09-15
“I just picked up a 800% return on BBRY on 3 days over at Avi's sight...using that EW bunk... I have also mostly turned off the Market News......Avis levels are spot on and he's clearly a gifted EW tech..and you folks have decided it wont work.......try it for 2 weeks and then come back here and tell me he's bunk....wont cost you a dime to try it...”
"Sam I am" - MarketWatch2013-08-14
“Thanks again Zac! FFIV, FTNT, IRBT (stopped w $) AEM & ANGI. I'd say 4 out of 5 is about 4 better than I could have done, that's for sure! I wish I could have added more, but my brain couldn't take it all in so fast. Again, GREAT WORK! This service is the best thing since sliced bread!”
"Mindsugar" - Trading Room2013-10-23
“For someone who just joined last month, i am so thankful for finding Avi and company...members and staff. This has been a wonderful month of learning and making money. Love it! Thanks to everyone”
"Guiseppe" - Trading Room2013-10-18
“I want to thank you Avi because with your site and you and your great staff because I am losing a lot of my emotions in trading situations that have hurt me in the past. It really is hard to put into practice but with time and this great site I am making huge progress!”
"JeremiahLaments" - Trading Room2013-10-07
“Garrett and Cow, Today your timely posts and charts allowed me to get in and get out quickly for a clean profit. Even with my busy day job, I could zoom in, look for your posts, and zoom back out. I have been watching EWT for a month now, and the markets are making sense for the first time in 20 years, instead of getting caught off guard "at random" with "inexplicable" turns. Your wording is straightforward and clear. Thank you so much for your help.”
"WaveRider" - Trading Room2013-06-24
“I've been bearish since November and lost a ton of money following the doomsday analysts...until I started reading Avi on MW.”
"Preach" - Trading Room2013-09-13
“ Zac , amazing job this week on all ER's . I just got done selling out of my last weeklies in ALXN i got for .70cents sold avg $6.10 . I need moshe to figure that return. 1 of my Top 3 lotto trades all time for me !! u da man ! Thanks ”
"GaryGNU" - Trading Room2013-10-25
“Avi - I appreciate your work and always consider your analysis. It's uncanny how accurate you have been with the major calls you have made.”
Richard Boas - MarketWatch2013-09-04
“He gives multiple scenarios and I missed that initially. I like his analysis (being a Math major), so it's fun to watch how his analysis works. Possibly my favorite analyst just because of the in-depth analysis that he does.”
Wayne Parker - MarketWatch2013-09-04
“Avi, i have to say you’re a market genius. You keep calling every damn market!”
"StocksandBlondes" - Trading Room
“I like the US penny, I think it says "In God we trust". The other side should say "With Avi we count". Flip it and win every time.”
"$urf E.W." - Trading Room2013-08-06
“Avi, I started reading your articles on market watch and was impressed with your market analysis. This then lead me to the Elliott wave trader site were I signed up for a free trial. Based on yours, and the other contributors to the sites recommendations, I have already made thousands of dollars in profits during this short trial. Thank You!”
M.N.Satellite Beach, FL2013-07-26
“If you did nothing else but followed Cow on these two (FLSR, BA) based on stock waves, you should be able to retire early. Amazing job Cow.”
"Bigelam" - Trading Room2013-07-24
“I just wanted to say to Cow, Avi, Garrett, and the gang...THANK YOU!!! I just had the best day of my trading life today, and i owe it all to the entire crew here @EWT! Your timely updates and advice on entries, exits, stops, and risk management, as well as your willingness to TEACH your subscribers the intricacies of EW so that we can do for ourselves, is simply unparalleled! I thank all of you for your tireless efforts on our behalf, and I hope you will continue this site for many years to come!”
"WorkerB" - Trading Room2013-07-15
“Amazing Avi. Never thought we'd see these levels [in silver]. You and Arkady are amazing”
"bag" - Trading Room2013-06-20
“Avi, Some of your predictions of late have been amazing! Good Job.”
"Judy Barnes" - MarketWatch2013-06-17
“Avis insightful comments and his track record are unbelievable and to sum it up with one word “FANTASTIC”. In contrast to PERMA BEARS and PERMA BULLS he is right in being a PERMA REALIST.”
"KT1" - Trading Room2013-06-13
“Like I said, trading with Avi , Garrett and company is the way riches!!! Love you guys, cha ching”
"SteinwayB" - Trading Room2013-06-11
“I just wanted to offer my thanks and congrats to the team on the last couple of days. The work that has been put into riding through this decline and looking for the turning points is impressive.”
"Dave101" - Trading Room2013-06-06
“This has been said today but gotta thank all the amazing people here for the play by play advice today. Can't find that kind of support anywhere else! Thank you Avi”
"ASOT" - Trading Room2013-06-06
“After reading your Sunday articles for the past five months now I can now say that I am impressed with your depth and complete knowledge and understanding of how our economic system affects the PMs market. I was one of those skeptics that was convinced that fundamentals drove the metals higher not sentiment. I am now a believer of Avi's!”
"Yosemite Joe" - Seeking Alpha2013-06-09
“Avi, thank you for all you do, I know I’m a better person for having “met” you and for sharing part of my days with you. I’ve learned some things from you that have affected me so much — I’m wiser and kinder for seeing how you deal with people.”
"Bill" - Trading Room2013-03-25
“Thank you Avi! I have no idea what I would be doing had I not found this website, probably getting whipsawed and short squeezed! then chasing”
"Ricky" - Trading Room
“I had to join after reading you for a while, observing your high level of energy and responsiveness, and realizing you with a chart is like Jordan with a basketball.”
"AMoney" - Trading Room2012-09-01
“Just wanted to let you know that I really like the new Member Portfolio function. The one that allows members to post their proposed trades. Nice addition!! ”
Bob (aka RojoZia)2012-07-03
“You have hit everything on the nail, great site and enjoy each webinar.”
Jeff Carl2011-12-01
“I have learned more from Avi in the last several weeks than i have learned in recent memory about trading.”
ctyankeeNov 7, 2011
“Avi has been spot on unlike others on here - the crazy old man who talks like a kids book and Gayed who couldnt find a commission with both hands. You rock Avi”
"Don’t Like Investment Advisors" - MarketWatch2013-07-30
“I have to admit I WAS a market news junkie. All of the writers on the site were great at telling me why the market was up or down after the fact then have another article to explain the opposite when the market changed. It was so obvious to see each person's bias. When I came across some of your articles I realized that you didn't have a bias. You looked at the market for what it was and traded on what the market was telling you at that point in time. During the free trial you offered I came to realize what a tremendous pool of talent you have attracted to this site and how much I have to learn. I have only been on subscription for a few weeks and have not yet made a trade in that time. I have paid my share of stupid tax and am not in any hurry but know that my next trade will be based on excellent analysis and not on any bias on my part. I have really enjoyed all of the analysis that you and everyone else here has provided and feel honored to a be a part of this site. I would rather spend my time reading these posts than any article on Marketwatch (except for yours which I would read here first anyway)”
"Tarheel" - Trading Room2013-07-09
“Avi you are god! Thank you for everything! Loving trading with you. $&@/ing loving it.”
"Ransom" - Trading Room2013-10-30
“You have no idea who Avi is. This guy is one of the best analysts (if not the best) in the market. There I said it. I've been following him for quite a while, and even though I consider myself a savvy trader, he taught me things I would have never learned anywhere else. His return on investments is staggering. He is usually spot on, many times on the penny. I still make my own decisions (every investor should,) but if Avi isn't on board with my decisions, I'm definitely not comfortable. He is that good.”
"Davemet" - Seeking Alpha2013-01-22
“Avi has been dead on with regard to AAPL if you look back at his articles and responses”
Satish Mathan - MarketWatch2013-08-14
“Time to review your Big Picture post of January especially 1st quarter. It is all playing out as predicted. Your EW analysis is frightening. Makes every other analyst look as if they are playing pin the tail on the donkey.”
"Leagle" - Trading Room2013-04-11
“Avi is the one to pay attention too, read, learn and ask the right questions, nothing is perfect but with Avi your chances to profit increase substantially.”
Jeff Perkins - MarketWatch2013-07-30
“We are fortunate to have an analyst of the high caliber of Avi writing at Market Watch. He doesn't have to be right all the time to garner my respect. But the truth is, he's right way more often than not. Thanks, Avi, for your superb insights and clarity.”
Stuart Smithfield – MarketWatch2013-08-20
“I am new in EW, started June. I am closely watching you and Arkady in Silver. Lost a lot in Gold due to those inflation, Tapering, QE-infinity guys. After I started to follow you and Ark, I started to earn :) Therefore you are doing great job. I also believe that I am the voice of also silent members. Thank you all again.”
"Turk" - Trading Room2013-08-26
“Avi you rock! (and same for the others on this site with their keen insights!). I'm a newbie to your service and in a couple of days, I've made enough to pay for your service for a few years!”
"DogBoy" - Trading Room2013-06-21
“Avi, Garrett..... Thank you so much for the step by step guidance.... I am normally a nervous nelly asking myself "Are we there yet?" and I rarely get answers with my limited knowledge... but you guys are awesome... thank you so much .... now I am no longer nervous... I am at peace and enjoyed today's trading session immensely. Thank you from the bottom of my heart....”
"RvThere8" - Trading Room2013-06-19
“Avi, I always read your articles on marketwatch, and I kept noticing over and over how your analysis was so thoughtful, and so much more accurate, when compared to other marketwatch authors. The rest of them all seemed lost compared to you. Then I noticed you had the free 15 day trial...and I was hooked! It's funny because I have not been back to marketwatch since!”
"WorkerB" - Trading Room2013-07-09
“Thanks, Avi. Great roadmap. Following you and Arkady the last few weeks on Silver has been very profitable, but with such clear guidance I have had no sleepless nights. I call that the perfect combination!”
"Chalkeye" - Trading Room2013-08-25
“You kept nailing major market turns when everyone else bombed (on Marketwatch). That's when I decided to sign up”
"Chance" - Trading Room2013-07-09
“I have no compulsion to even go to Marketwatch anymore to see "the news." That used to seem to be so important and necessary until I began witnessing your wave count projections very accurately make sense of the market's movements, over and over, regardless of "the news."”
"WaveRider" - Trading Room2013-07-09
“Garrett, Many thanks for your great WM coverage! I really love your extremely timely service with your clear counts and explanations, and find it quite invaluable!”
"Frank" - Trading Room2013-07-31
“I'm not a technician, nor do I trade based on charts alone, but if you go back and read Avi's articles over the past year you will be shocked at his accuracy.”
Pete Effinger - MarketWatch2013-05-03
“Read your MarketWatch articles for ES through Spring of 2012. Kept thinking "Who does this guy think he is, predicting not only direction but price levels!" Then got myself whipsawed week after week, only to go back and say, "What was it he said?" Took me about six months of this to come around.”
"Justin" - Trading Room2013-07-09
“I have always admired your work . What you bring to the table is first rate analysis.”
VIJAY SAMBRANI - MarketWatch2013-08-06
“Avi is very good. But he is even better at not being a bull or a bear. He is open minded and not boxed in and emotional about the up or the down. Just a slave to the waves and the rhythm.....he looks at the puzzle as pieces appear and does not hesitate to make adjustments. He sees what is in front of him and not what he wants to see. That is why I appreciate Avi. I am a fan.”
"Fariba" - Trading Room2013-08-06
“I'm reading you since some time ago, then decided to try for free your service. After that, with no doubt at all, paying for your service. Your predictions and suggestions, together with Cow and Arkady, are the most accurate on earth. You just cracked all robotic algorithms placed on markets. ”
"DrMoney" - Trading Room2013-03-12
“Avi - I am new to the site (about 1 month) but have been investing for over 25 years. I think your work is the best I have ever come across.”
"Javelin" - Trading Room2013-06-09
“Avi, my thanks for a wonderful site. Bagged my second 20 point ES futures rip in 3 weeks thanks to your targets, and literally bought them in my sleep with an automated fill order last night. You rock!”
"PokerGuy" - Trading Room2013-06-21
“How could a site dedicated to a book by F&P evolve so fast into the most advanced chat room of its' kind? Technology here has far out paced anything I have ever seen (and evolving like the number of members), a community of caring traders; Traders that add value; Risk mtg focused; Profit oriented; A site that has attracted top Investment mgrs; Pit traders; Trade desk people. RIA's and even...Top brokers...I get the feeling that most on this site have been around the block a time or 2. Those with a thick skin have stayed, laughed and cried. There is room for the other side of the trade; and a place to discuss it...You can be wrong, but at least w/ conviction, and still have a seat at the table. ”
"M&M" - Trading Room2013-04-18
“Avi, You're the best. Simple as that. My only regret is that I didn't know you before....I would have saved thousands of dollars. Since the day I followed your articles and instruction I have never lost a penny as matter of fact I'm working on plan to recoup what I have lost in the past. You made is easy for me. AVI THANK YOU. I appreciate your fine work.”
"Marc" - Trading Room2013-05-05
“I am on Day 1 today of my free trial membership, not more than two hours old. The first thing I saw was the Vxx chart alert. As it happens, I actively trade Vxx, cycling between Vxx and Svxy. As it also happens, I've been sitting out both for the last two weeks, due to the murderous whipsaws since the beginning of the year. First time in eight months I've been out of both. After seeing your chart, I'm convinced and I jump back into Svxy. Ten minutes later, it shoots up. 30 minutes on your site and I'm up $1200 to $1500. I strongly suspect I'll be subscribing at the end of the trial membership. You're not always this good, are you?”
"Imran" - Trading Room2013-02-21
“If ever there was an example of when our captain is pure gold this morning was it. Disciplined, calm and focused. And when you look at the calls going on around him at the time that was not easy. But the call was there for all to see that he would be taking profits on the next spike. Add to that his hedge in metals at the highs. Amazing Avi and thank you.”
"NRH/Nicky" - Trading Room2013-05-22
“It is very clear now that Jim Sinclair is NOT Mr. Gold. The title now goes to Avi.”
"Dorky" - Seeking Alpha2013-03-24
“Avi, Great job. With you, your analysis and blue box's I am up six figures this year.”
"MoneyMagnet" - Trading Room2013-05-20
“Gains are either made, or at least are aided by getting in close to the key fib levels you cite, and failures are nearly always are associated with ignoring them as stop levels. Win or lose, I'm rarely confused by a "crazy" market anymore. thx.”
"ArticEE" - Trading Room2013-05-07
“Avi you're going to have to change your name to Right Again Gilburt!!! Your simply Amazing analysis is way better than other EW analysts”
"Judy Barnes" - MarketWatch2013-07-26
“One of the main reasons I like this site is because if allows for open and transparent communication. The architects of this site deserve a sincere round of applause. It is no accident that this site has attracted intelligent traders and the flow of useful information is never ending...this site is the best I have seen in terms of communication....Congrats”
"CAIMAN" - Trading Room2013-05-05
“Avi, You brought me here from SA ! Subscribing to EWT is the best investment I have made so far ! Thank you !”
"bruno" - Trading Room2013-04-04
“I just wanted to briefly recognize Avi today for being so spot on in his counts! Being able to play both up and down in this way in a single day is simply incredible!!! Thank you very, very much for being so good!! I can't understand how anyone can not recognize the true power of EW analysis after calls like today!!”
"Snowman" - Trading Room2013-05-22
“Avi, You are the best forecaster I have seen period!”
"BullBearBattle" - Trading Room2013-03-05
“REALIZED GAIN on the metals trade short with options was 46%! and my portfolio is now a 4x in the last 6 months!”
"Moshe" - Trading Room2013-06-20
“The more time I am spending on this site the more I am appreciating your skills. This site is truly a blessing. Thank you.”
"JeremiahLaments" - Trading Room2013-05-07
“I know i found my golden goose..Avi's site.”
"Fariba" - Trading Room2013-05-12
“As we close out the week, I wanted to say THANK YOU! With your guidance, and the contributions of the other skilled members here, I have cured myself of many of my bad trading habits, and I posted one of my best % weeks ever. (I guess a 3rd wave will do that for you!) More importantly, I planned and executed better trades. Even bottom-ticked the end of a wave 2. All while traveling for my day-job. I believe I speak for all here when I say that I am grateful to have found your site. ”
"Fraser" - Trading Room2013-03-08
“I must recognize that your EW analysis is, technically speaking, just PERFECT. Please continue to focus on sophisticated analysis (if this, then this and so on), always mentioning the key levels and always looking at multiple possibilities, while also explaining the reasoning (which extension, what happens usually, what MACD behavior, etc.) so that we can learn as much as possible.”
"Parigi" - Trading Room2013-04-25
“Avi, I was one of your first 15 members in your trading room (left as not trading anymore) and on your analysis alone you pulled me out of Silver at around $42 and you called the $26 to $22 drop many moons ago. CONGRATULATIONS on your EXACT analysis, please call the shot for the all in on SA as you and only you should be listened to when it comes to Silver IMHO. Once again, well done!”
"Jack Schidt" - Seeking Alpha2013-04-15
“Avi has an incredible grasp of this technique which goes beyond personal skill but delves into intuition. Anyone who does not heed his forecasts is nuts!”
"Newcal" - Trading Room2013-04-11
“I had to be wrong on the price of silver over and over and read Avi's SA articles for months before I checked out his site. . . I feel like I have inside information now.”
"FTG" - Trading Room2013-04-16
“Thank you Avi, I invested in silver a year ago and have read every article I can find on silver since then. You are most accurate hands down.”
"Mikeman3033" - Seeking Alpha2013-04-15
“Avi, I have to say that your accuracy has been spectacular on this move. I caught the A, the B, and most of this C [took profits at close]. Never in my wildest dreams could I have thought EW trading could be this spot on, or I could be having this much fun with it!”
"MNIronMan" - Trading Room2013-02-25
“Avi; I so look forward to every one of your articles. Kind of like when I was a kid waiting for my favorite Saturday morning cartoon show. Your analyses & predictions are so spot on, they cannot be ignored.”
"nocnurzfred" - Seeking Alpha2013-04-21
“Avi I congratulate you on your predictions for gold/silver over the past half-year or so. To the extent that EW can be used to forecast price movement, you seem to have mastered the reading of these waves”
"Capitalless Capitalist" - Seeking Alpha2013-05-20
“Avi and others, consider this. I have covered the cost of this service for more than the next 10 years in just 2 trades made following guidance from this site and have only been a member for a few weeks. I have read extensively, spent many thousands of pounds on courses and subscriptions at al and have learned more here for $100 paid thus far! Value for money? Think about it!”
"MikeR" - Trading Room2013-01-23
“Avi nails it again with the dip to 22-24 range! I am laughing all the way to the bank... Followers and detractors alike should be bowing subserviently in unison in his mighty direction, chanting Ahhh-veeee, Ahhh-veeee.”
"Burticus" - Seeking Alpha2013-04-16
“After reviewing the post history, it appears to me that you have a remarkable insight and feel for market moves via the Elliot Wave/Fibonacci Pinball method you have developed. Indeed, you are the best I have seen, by a mile, and I have looked everywhere.”
"jack-of-all-trades" - Trading Room2012-12-30
“You have created a good thing with this site and as a business owner myself I appreciate your values, personal story and what you have done with this. It's creates such surpluses of value and you really don't see that much anymore - almost a lost art...”
"Oz$150BQEDXYBazooka" - Trading Room2013-04-24
“Bravo to all of you! I, too, am constantly checking-in to this site. A little too much for some (my missus). It has to be said, for the first time ever... I feel as though I may just have the upper hand over this market malarky.”
"global168" - Trading Room2013-09-24
“By far the most respectable and honest SA authority on silver IMHO.”
"Jack Schidt" - Seeking Alpha2013-03-03
“I also joined the Option service on day 1 while I was on vacation, and managed to catch a couple plays when I had some down time (this site is quite addictive). Xenia does a fantastic job explaining everything and is very easy to follow.”
"Geek" - Trading Room2013-10-14
“I am soooo thankful I don't have to wade through articles on SA anymore, a waste of time. ALL I need is this site! :)”
"NordicGlow" - Trading Room2013-04-04
“When you go back and look at Avi's weekend charts ...and look at where we are at any point during the week, we continue to track Avi's forecasts (and I'm talking his primary count) over 90% of the time! Let me repeat that...I didn't say 90%, I said OVER 90% of the time. ”
"QuickRick" - Trading Room2013-01-20
“Avi you constantly amaze me with your precision without biased emotion or unbalanced conviction. I don't think I've ever seen anyone epitomize the action of an "open mind" better than you have at each turn no matter how puzzling. As a new trader here I have learned more about general composure in the face of what seemed at times chaos in the thoughts and actions of traders in the marketplace. . . Just wanted to thank you for fostering this great place where so many great teachers remain students. . . ”
"Maestro" - Trading Room2013-02-16
“I follow DeMark like you follow Pretcher... although he refined (or, in Tom's case, created) a wonderful trading system, it's BECAUSE he's the pioneer in that field that he tends to focus on certain signals and make bold calls that are dogmatically followed and never face accountability when they don't come to fruition. That's what makes you a rare breed, if not one of a kind, as you hold that same stature but are so objective (which takes total humility) and modify your outlook as soon as any previously held position becomes tentative. For as long as that trait parallels your remarkable analysis, you'll always be my most trusted resource.”
"BigBoyPantsGator" - Trading Room2013-02-16
“Thanks Avi - you're a legend. A number of times I've been thinking of buying more silver but then read your warnings of no breakout yet so I've held off. Sure enough, no breakout came and the price often dropped. You've saved me quite a bit.”
"Rexxels" - Seeking Alpha2013-03-24
“I've been in the markets for 35+ years, was a broker for part of that but have learned more in the last 3 months than all that other put together”
"awitness" - Trading Community2013-03-15
“Avi Gilburt is not only about the best and more balanced Elliott Wave technical analysis that I have ever run into, but also about your personal commitment to the site and the well being of the members... I personally cannot sufficiently express my admiration and respect for you, as to how you have managed to balance your personal life under very trying of circumstances and still so consistently and generously give so much of your time to us...”
"Stocktrader" - Trading Room2013-02-23
“I am up 50K on my silver. OMG”
"OSA" - Trading Room2013-03-08
“I have been on this site for a week as a trial member and will be a paying member soon. Avi and company your calls are unbelievable, I am lucky to have found your service and I'm looking forward to learning much. Can't thankyou all enough.”
"TomT" - Trading Room2013-02-25
“The combination of experience, skills, and analysis here is essential to make good decisions in a choppy market. Coming here is one of the best decisions I've made to help my trading.”
"Ziott" - Trading Room2013-02-22
“'s almost scary how precise your predictions are! You have turned me into a believer. With the power of hindsight I have been going though your articles about Apple especially, and you are so spot on with your UP and DOWN price targets it's (almost) unbelievable. Thanks heaps for your great analysis!”
Adriaan Remeeus - MarketWatch2012-12-05
“he's the michael jordan of ew:)”
"RonMexico" - Trading Room2012-10-15
“Avi, I'm new to this site and have committed for a yearly membership. I have to say that your clear, concise, emotionless and even-handed analysis is immensely refreshing. Especially the care you take to detail and update your charts and thoughts daily. All the while providing key provisions and markers for when you may or may not be right. I found you and your site through SA and was amazed at both how people would argue certain points of contention with your previous articles and market calls to the point of idiocy and often times it seemed like they just wanted to be argumentative. You on the other hand would take to respectful discourse all the while pointing out the exact points where you claimed your calls would be right or wrong. Please keep up the outstanding work, and I look forward to learning as much as possible in the future.”
"Charliefoxtrot01" - Trading Room2013-02-12
“I have watched and learned from the best over the years, all the way back to 1969 when Sherm and Marian McClellan first developed the Oscillator. I also have several indicators that I have developed myself; and they work well. That said, I want you, and the whole board to know, that I will never enter a trade in the markets you cover without checking your wave counts, fib projections, and blue boxes first. Further, your exit targets are exactly the thing I lacked to be a complete trader. Simply awesome analysis. Finally, the other contributors, too many to mention, are spectacular. I am grateful that I found this site!”
"El Hombre" - Trading Room2013-02-16
“I have to say I have followed a half dozen other sites in trying to learn to trade with EW and yours is HANDS DOWN the best. I have dropped all other subscriptions.”
"MN_IronMan" - Trading Room2013-02-07
“Avi, I just wanted to say thank you (personally) for your very thorough analysis and blow-by-blow throughout the day. My trades have steadily improved while I've been here learning and I don't have to tell you how satisfying it can be to be on the 'right' side of the trade for once let-alone on a more consistent basis.”
"Whip" - Trading Room2013-02-26
“If you ask me Avi could write a book of his own. The basic first 4 chapters of F&P could be re-iterated in a part 1, and the remaining chapters would be put to shame by what Avi adds to the EW methodology.”
"ArticEE" - Trading Room2013-02-21
“Avi is kind of like Spock, "His guess is better than most peoples facts".”
"Quickrick" - Trading Room2013-02-04
“I have been a lurker for quite some time, but I simply feel compelled to write. Avi, I have not seen ANYONE on Seeking Alpha who has been more correct or more accurate than you have been. Your targets come so ridiculously close, if they do not hit to the penny, that I almost always stunned.”
"Avi'sFan" - Seeking Alpha2013-01-28
“I follow Avi Gilburt and EWT, and have experienced better returns with less risk in less time by an enormous factor to my FA days. . . Avi's method of coupling TA with EWT, and supporting structure with Fibo's is incredibly effective, and I can take that to the bank, and if you had an open mind, you would too.”
"Mustan9916" - Seeking Alpha2013-01-22
“I always heard there were 3 kinds of people but I guess there are 4 kinds of people not three: 1) Those who make things happen, 2) Those who let things happen, 3) Those who ask what happened, and 4) Avi - who predicts what happens!”
"NightTrader" - Trading Room2013-01-03
“I have been following you and absolutely love reading your TA. It's great. Your predictions are nearly-godly”
Dharmi - Seeking Alpha2013-01-28
“Just went thru the weekend update pretty amazing stuff, cant believe this elliott wave stuff is so accurate. You hit the nail on the head with the blue box count for the dollar and now its next move is higher.”
"JetGun" - Trading Room2013-02-04
“Mr. Gilburt, I have been following you for the past year, and, to your full credit, your calls have been precise - which is very difficult.”
Dan V. - MarketWatch2013-01-28
“Anyone following your posts should be *killing it* in a tough market. You have a patience and a discipline for your method that is rare. I am leaning a ton here.”
"MN Ironman" - Trading Room2013-02-21
“I was one of those idiots who was difficult, but you converted me with your logic and then curiosity got the best of me. You have saved my investing life. On SA I made a comment to you about how my dog could trade stocks as he is also right 50% of the time, or something to that effect. LOL You have been right on the nose with AAPL and saved me more then a years membership.”
"Kapt" - Trading Room2013-01-25
“I appreciate your specific analysis and your willingness to come back and consistently update your thoughts. I don't think i have seen anyone be more specific and forthright with their predictions. It seems your approach with EW is as good as any and better than most on when to enter and exit trades.”
"Jakurtz" - Seeking Alpha2013-02-10
“Avi - Thank you for your continuing articles and insight on Seeking Alpha. I have been watching your calls for the past year and have made more money trading as a result. Period. . . . You are not perfect, but I have not found anyone else out there that has been more accurate and willing to take the risk of posting actual price targets”
"Syndicate" - Seeking Alpha2013-02-04
“Continued kudos for your wave analysis! Your record over the past year is indisputable! I almost, at mid-November's new bottom, threw in the fundamental towel and body surfed the wave per your strong admonishment! But my fundamental education did not teach me how to divide (discount NPV) by ZERO or negative net real returns! I keep coming up with a tsunami that is difficult to go body surfing in! Live and learn! Keep up the excellent work!”
Gary Strand - MarketWatch2013-02-12
“Personally for the less than 100.00 per month for this site plus another less than 100.00 for the live video 3 times a day and all of Avi's comments in the video and live during the day and at night, all times of the day and night, ITS A STEAL OF A BARGAIN AND I WONDER WHY AVI DOESN'T ASK MORE FOR THIS SERVICE!!!!!! I would have no problem Avi asking 500.00 per month for all the knowledge that is imparted from Avi and so many others. Again, I don't know of any site that has this knowledge and dedication to make us better traders for ourselves and become rich in the process. I know without being here and on my own I would be much more lost, but being here and following and listening to what is being said has made all the difference for me in being a good trader now vs a guessing trader. Thanks Avi and company”
"SteinwayB" - Trading Room2013-06-19
“I've been following Avi for a while... it's quite amazing how on point he is.”
"Harp Man" - MarketWatch2013-01-28
“Avi, I investigated the site after reading one of your MarketWatch articles. The work you do is head and shoulders above anybody else; and many of the contributors are simply amazing.”
"El Hombre" - Trading Room2013-02-22
“Just wanted to extend the most sincere thank you possible to Avi, Cow, Shift, Bama, KGB, Hawk, Harry Dunn, and all of you who have helped me capitalize the S in "Sharpe Ratio"! This site was the best thing to ever happen to me and my clients.”
"BullGator" - Trading Room2013-01-10
“I don't know how you do it but I have witnessed it almost to the penny . . . you've hit the nail on the head with more frequency then any others I've watched”
"72horse" - Seeking Alpha2013-02-10
“I have both saved money on the way down, and made more money on the way up reading your articles! Your writings have been more accurate than any other writer I have followed, nobody will ever be 100% accurate, but I feel like I have had a huge advantage having access to your articles!”
"Silverman2013" - Seeking Alpha2013-01-28
“I have actually been watching Avi for over a year now, and trading in small amounts to his calls. I have made money at a much higher percentage than I could have imagined. Now I'm all in, starting to learn Elliot Wave and Fibonacci Pinball, and joining Avi's site tomorrow.”
"climber1867" - Seeking Alpha2013-01-28
“Just want to thank Avi for his great work. He has added apple as his 5th index that he follows to our benefit. He posted the blue box for about 6 months for his bottom call and he further clarified that the approx 482 fib was the normal fib for an apple bottom 2 days ago. It came to with a point or so of his call and turned and let's just say I made enough to pay for his service for decades. Thanks again Avi.”
"Kingforaday" - Trading Room2013-01-17
“You have helped open the last door that I just couldn't get through the past few years. I just didn't know how to make that last step to confirm what I was seeing. Thank you so much. This community here has finally allowed me to put what I see and believe into action with authority. And most importantly, to make sure that my family is taken care of for many years to come. You just don't know how deeply I appreciate this.”
"Hawkeye" - Trading Room2013-01-17
“Bofo article once again Avi. Glad I joined your merry band of traders. They are the savviest, funnest bunch I have ever been associated with. What a contrast with some of the sourpuss commenters here on SA. Maybe its just that the traders who make money are happier than the losers.”
"Montebagley" - Seeking Alpha2013-01-28
“Avi, you made a believer out of me. I am so glad i found this site. Wish i had months or years earlier. Better late than never.”
"Fariba" - Trading Room
“Have I mentioned lately this is the best trading room on the PLANET!!!!!”
"TCAT" - Trading Room2013-02-07
“When I first read your calls on AAPL - I thought - "Who is this guy" when you called the run up. When you called the top before it got there and a potential 200 point drop I again asked- "Who is this guy" But when you called the hard run back to 590 and a pull back to 500 and then the run to 550 (oh by the way protective puts would be a good idea because confirmation of the bottom nor confirmation of breakout was in and that it may return to the 480 region) - all i could think of was the movie Jerry Maguire "You had me at Hello" and "Show me the Money"!”
"Gronks World" - Trading Room2013-01-21
“I have been a want-a-be trader since 2005 mainly looking at Realmoney and Realmoney PRO for guidance. I make a little or lot and then lose a lot because I had no idea how the market worked and did stupid things. I ran into Avi from RealmoneyPRO article last summer and have been glued to this site since. I am shocked at his use of EW and the richness of contributors on this site. I have stopped loosing money and made some being careful in small amounts in the last 4 months being up 15% in my portfolio just from this site.”
"GG" - Trading Room2013-01-05
“I gave up investing on PM's by fundamentals thanks to Avi's was a frustrating and useless exercise.”
"Streakmarine" - Seeking Alpha2013-01-20
“Love you work Avi. I made fat money playing both ways last week. You nailed it again”
"Row" - Trading Room2012-12-08
“In my experience, Avi Gilburt is the best in the business, and is ready to teach those who are ready to learn. I started checking out his EW quidance a few months ago via his website, and it's the absolute best decision I have made in a long time when it comes to my investments. Why? Because I am learning more now than ever before about the market, and finally have the confidence that I can consistently make money investing... regardless if the market is going up or down. One of the many things I have improved on is my ability to plan ahead based on where we are in the elliot wave pattern (i.e. if AAPL turns here, I will do X, and if it breaks through there, I will do Y). While I am still early in the learning phase, I am much better positioned than I have ever been from a mentality and approach perspective. I'd highly recommend you guys give it a try. One warning though.... expect to work at it and don't expect to be spoon fed! ”
Percy Rose - MarketWatch2012-12-07
“I read Marketwatch everyday, and who kept popping up? Avi. So I loosely followed his articles, and sure enough - his calls were good....... good enough that I stated looking forward to his articles. Low and behold....... here I am. The trial was fantastic (thanks for offering it), and the people posting are very nice. I still don't really understand the whole wave within a wave and how it structures yet....... but I'll learn. At least Fibs are easy as pie :) Now I'm starting to understand that EW isn't voodoo - it requires understanding something that isn't easy to grasp. How can most people predict future human emotion when they don't have control over their own emotions in the present? They can't: Thus to most = EW is Voodoo. ”
"Dark_Element" - Trading Room2012-12-03
“You are truly 1 of a kind, thanks for all you do. You are 1 of a very few that truly is most interested in others success and that's why your business will go to the moon”
Skybird - Trading Room2012-11-26
“I mean this compliment sincerely: you are as good at what you do with EW analysis as anyone I've ever known and I am glad to make myself part of this group of experts who follow you.”
ziott - Trading Room2012-10-15
“Avi, I have only been a member for a short while, and your analysis and the on-the-fly updates have been amazing and impressive. I especially appreciate the treatment of alternatives. Many thanks for a great service, and for establishing a unique culture of sharing in the trading room, with you leading in front.”
English Pointer - Trading Room2012-10-14
“I have made more money here in 1 month than I made all year - and being super conservative even.”
Frisco - Trading Room2012-10-11
“Avi, just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the explanation on the wave count this morning. Your technical expertise is truly outstanding and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your willingness to take the time to explain those things. In addition, this site has the greatest culture that I can imagine. Everyone is so helpful and decent to one another. This kind of culture is so rare and exists because you allow that to be. And, not just "allow" but foster.”
QuickRick - Trading Room2012-10-11
“EW is such a powerful trading tool and you are the master! Your calls are great and now I am starting to count waves myself and am enjoying it very much. Thanks not just for the great calls but the education is even better. I was bleeding losses before I found your site and am now going quite well thanks to you. The entry point is the key. Have been happy to miss some trades if the setup is not there. Waiting for the entry allows such tight stops and that is where you rule.”
Row - Trading Room2012-10-11
“The level of detail you give in your analysis and your thought process is far superior to the other websites I looked that give Elliot Wave analysis.”
KCK - Trading Room2012-09-25
“Avi, you've been the only guy I've seen who's nailed this every step of the way. If anyone here has not made lots of money since July (that's when I started here... I'm sure your record has been just as spot on over the preceding period), then they have been letting in way too much news/emotion and not enough Avi. If I had been strictly using the other indicators out there we've followed in the past, I would have been on the opposite side of just about every swing since the June low. Waking up and heading into the office knowing you've got the closest thing to a crystal ball does wonders for one's sanity. Thank you x1000 times over! ”
GatorTrader - Trading Room2012-09-06
“I've very much enjoyed many of the references to various info sites, trading tips, and watching EW work out it's marvels. I found Avi thru RealmoneyPro which I will let expire as this site has changed my whole approach to the market.”
"GG" - Trading Room2013-01-16
“I don't know how I traded before I found Avi. This is the best market analysis you will find. No exceptions, the best!”
RonMexico - Trading Room2012-08-21
“This site is truly amazing. To have folks of the caliber that we have here, sharing with real interest in the well-being of members, is simply incredible. For those who are new and don't understand, there's no way to put a price tag on this. We get a bargain just with Avi. All the rest is heaped up on top of all that he already does. I have to say that I doubt there's another opportunity to learn like this anywhere. But if there is, it'll cost a bundle.”
Joe Johnson - Escanaba, MI2012-08-25
“I am totally amazed after being here only 2 months. The amount of knowledge that can be obtained by just watching the daily videos is mind boggling. From a total newbie to being able to chart and have them match up to yours (most of the time) LOL is testimonial to the value of this forum. Thank you!”
"AEP" - Trading Room2012-08-22
“I question myself daily why I never had the good fortune of tracing Mr Gilburt's Elliottwave Advisory Service a number of years back! My confidence in trading has been restored, and I look forward each day in anticipation to receiving Mr Avi Gilburt's bespoke trading analysis. Mr Gilburt's level and dedication to trading is profound, against a backdrop to his professional academic qualifications.”
Andrew Brann, Johannesburg, South Africa2012-08-20
“Thanks so much for recording the Stock Talk from last night. I realize EWT is a business, but you've made it a place that's rare in today's anonymous (and sometimes callous) electronic world. A true community, and not just by name -- but with concerned guidance and association with so many traders of great character. And always Avi, with your intelligence and intervention to keep trading and emotions in check. Thanks for all of your work and caring.”
Bill - Mississippi2012-08-20
“Avi, I joined the site about 6 months ago because I could tell from your writing and response to comments on SA that you were intellectually honest, which is soooo rare if not impossible to find elsewhere. It goes without saying that you are doing a fantastic job.”
"CUguy" - Trading Room2012-08-15
“Avi, this is some AMAZING E-Wave work and FIB work off the lows from this year. You are killing it!!! Just wanted to say how appreciative I am of this masterful work. ”
"Boston" - Trading Room2012-08-14
“Congratulations on your service, accuracy of analysis, and customer care! I'm a 47-year-old economist from Hungary. I have tried several subscriptions already, and I have to tell you, yours belongs to the best ones!”
George Schab, Hungary2012-08-14
“Avi, to tell the truth, I have just joined the site after following your uncanny ability to nail your calls for the last 4 weeks on MarketWatch. I have to congratulate you on your prescience.”
"CliffyH" - Trading Room2012-08-13
“Avi (and the rest of the room) has probably added .5-1% alpha to our portfolios over the last month alone. Some days it feels like I have a crystal ball.”
"GatorTrader" - Trading Room2012-08-03
“"We all benefit tremendously from the combination of Avi's EW analysis, the exchanges among you professionals and all opinions in-between. In fact, I don't believe there's a better environment possible for the average trader to use for making informed decisions. Period."”
FlyorDieTryin - Trading Room2012-07-20
“"I have had many services over the years. None of them can even hold a candle to yours.. . You're not only a good analyst, you're also a hell of a kind-hearted fellow."”
Scott Miller - Vancouver2011-11-17
“"I spent 8 years at a top money management firm where we only did fundamental analysis, NEVER looked at the technicals ... but Avi has convinced me that Elliott Wave is a powerful tool!" ”
Mark - Mission Viejo, CA2012-03-08
“For me, Avi is the best I've seen at 'reading' these cycles. The singularly outstanding quality of Avi is his willingness to be very analytical and informed by the facts, as they present themselves. He will never marry his dogma and can, and does, change his mind, as the facts dictate. That kind of discipline is very rare.”
Stanley J G Crouch, CEO, EXP Wealth Enhancement, LLC2011-12-31
“(I) am a major league disbeliever of imaginary lines as I call them. But I have gone back and proofed these very detailed turn points for 2012. They are amazingly correct. Hey, try this week and the "forecasted" points in this article? He is on to something! Avi is amazingly accurate and his precision inflection points are eerily spot on! I acknowledge this brilliance and currently I am a "Poor" Village Idiot for not drinking the EW Kool Aid!”
Gary Strand - MarketWatch2012-12-04
“"I hope everyone in here knows how lucky we are to have Avi. To make these calls he does in beyond amazing! He knows more about market direction than I have ever seen. Making money off him once you understand better is like taking candy from a baby."”
"Bamabroker" - Trading Room2012-08-02
“Your write ups are simply fantastic Avi. Very detailed and thoughtful. In that way, you are MILES above any subscription service that i've come across.”
"Hawkeye" - Trading Room2012-07-13
“This is by far the best group of professional traders I have ever had the opportunity to learn from and there is a lot to learn. Everyone brings something to this party and I am sure you will as well. Avi has an ability like no other but take your time, be patient and take the high probability trades. We are all blessed that he shares this forum with all of us.”
"BL III" - Trading Room2012-04-21
“Well I have never made any money before trading options (last time I traded them was in 2001). But I want to tell you that my option account I funded last Friday has increased by 300%!!!! And I've been conservative and going small. Many thx AVI!”
Bert - Las Vegas, NV2012-04-17
“The accuracy of your Fib pinball method is just mind blowing! I have been using it for a while now and still shake my head in disbelief each and every time the market turns right on these levels.”
"Mick" - Trading Room2012-05-10
“"Your understanding of timing and Fibonacci is like nothing I have seen before and I look forward to webinars where I can learn more."”
Mick Wallis2011-11-18
“Avi -- I have tried many market analysts, but no one is as good as you and your Trading Room. Thank you! ”
"Techtoys" - Trading Room2012-07-13
“I'm floored by the quality of people here. This doesn't happen by accident, it happens when someone special creates a "place", virtual or not, that people feel respected and valued. And I really do feel your concern for all of us here, it's palpable. From Stan, Bama, Cow, and others who have helped me with guidance and questions, to KOS, NAC, JB, Another Joe, Doc Squared, Sky, Joybaybay, Hawkeye, Tiger (where's Tiger?!?!).... I could go on forever. I'm just glad to be here.”
"Bill" - Trading Room2012-06-03
“"Your site and updates, as well as the collection of folks who contribute to it, are truly incredible. I, like many, have profits in the bank from your wise council. The VXX call Thursday and Friday was a site to behold and I was in it! Thank you!" ”
Richard Cockrell - Tupelo, MS2012-02-11
“I just want to say how helpful Avi and this group has been to my trading confidence. Before joining this site, I probably would've gone 100% short during this decline, expecting like every other novice trader out there for the market to go into a free fall. Bad news everywhere, market dropping every single day... surely it will only crash here and now ... Instead, with the help from all of you, reading your skeptical/bullish comments on this decline, I was actually building long positions on weakness, even though it was going against my bearish instincts. Now, looks like the wisdom of this community paid off.”
"Eugene" - Trading Room2012-07-13
“The value of this site is Avi's dedication to technical analysis, to bringing out the facts and possible solutions, without bias. This is the only product that I have found in 20 years that has not consistently tried to sell me something other than the service I purchased. There is purity here, and a sense of community.”
"Maker" - Trading Room2012-05-20
“Congrats to Avi and Rich (and all others) who make this a special place to experience all types of personal enrichment; learn, laugh, frustration and very importantly make less trading blunders by following the collective wisdom of all on this amazing site!”
"RDOTT" - Trading Room2013-09-24
“Avi. I learn things from you that I find no where else. This time it is a clearer understanding of inflation, QE and how silver has responded.”
"Blackberryman" - Seeking Alpha2013-06-09
“This is a great community and Avi is the teacher with a knowledge and those priceless qualities like enthusiasm, integrity, care, concern that evoke true learning and that deep-seated passion and experience.”
"Ancy" - Trading Room2012-04-21
“In summary, this site is excellent! Avi, you provide an honest, candid and brilliant analysis . . . putting your heart and soul into assisting others. You are doing a fabulous job and thank you.”
"Zed" - Trading Room2012-06-04
“"I am up about 35% since starting to learn from you. You truly are a G-d send!"”
Robert McClenahan - Los Alamos, NM2012-01-02
“"I am going to start calling u the Wizard of OZ .You are like the man behind the curtain. Great guidance these past 4 weeks. Nobody saw the pullback when market was flying at 1270. Then call xmas rally..Come on OZ sell us that crystal ball. If there are any traders trying this site out, if u want to learn to trade better sign up and study...worth a miilion bucks."”
Mark Lelekacs2011-12-01
“Avi taught me how to "straddle" long the June contract and short the Sept contract. This has doubled my trading account in the past 3 weeks. I've been studying Elliott Wave for 2 years and learned more on this site in 3 months then all the other time combined!”
"Jima" - Trading Room2012-05-30
“Last week was awesome for me. Thank you so much, my short from 1334 was brilliant and I would have been lost without your great analysis. Well done.”
"Row" - Trading Room2012-06-03
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your targets for this move down from 1334 have been incredibly accurate and I've more than tripled my investment by following them. ”
"Calico" - Trading Room2012-06-03
“If you only have one chart and analysis subscription, is the most comprehensive, accurate and thorough site you will need. Avi covers Elliot Wave in a way that is not only very accurate but highly educational. His chartwork comes with plenty of analysis and his communication with his subscribers is first class! I highly recommend this clear, accurate and educational site.”
Shannon Woollett (Australia)2011-09-24
“Following the concepts that Avi and others espouse to on this site has the real potential of transforming your investment career. It frees you from the handcuffs that the herd and media place upon you. This is a fabulous opportunity!”
"DocSquared" - Trading Room2012-03-26
“I appreciate the diversity within this group here, and fully believe it is an absolutely great trading discussion platform here. I really do think great of your work and admire the way you interpret EW and appreciate highly your skills to do so. Personally I believe it is YOUR skills that makes EW principle great. Not the other way around.”
"Baijin" - Trading Room2012-04-22
“I'm new here and have had Avi look over some of my charts recently to assist me with improving my trading. Avi, thank you for the objectivity you have brought to the way I have traded the recent decline.”
“I'm a new member, but I've been following your free analysis on line for some time. Your technical analysis are always correct and very helpful. I really appreciate the work you do and I'm considering you one of the best.”
"Youlia" - Trading Roo,2012-04-22
“I've been following Avi's thoughts for the past few weeks and I think he's made some outstanding calls. (I especially like when they match ours!) I have to think trading some of his thoughts will make us more than the subscription. I've definitely benefited in that I've at least been made aware that more than just Fibonacci relationships (which we've used for a while), Elliott waves can give more confidence to the trade. I have to thank Avi for that.”
Robert J. Santarpia, Jr., President & CEO, U.S. Wealth Group LLCWoodbury, NY2011-09-14
“You were right over the last few weeks. Nice job! Your EW count has been the only bullish one I have seen over the last couple of weeks. Sure glad I am here.”
"RonMexico" - Trading Room2012-07-04
“Congratulations on a great website. I have been a member for several months now and have seen new members log on every day it seems. As I think I told you before I started on EW when I traded at Enron starting about 15 or so years ago. Your style fits my trading objectives as well as anyone I have found. It is evident by the quality of people/traders you are attracting that many others feel as I do. ”
Subscriber "Wade"2012-03-21
“Just wanted thank you Avi for a great work. I'm new here (3 weeks) I don't understand EW, but you make it very clear to see the patterns and support/resistance levels. Sold gld calls for 120% profit. ”
Subscriber "Ancy" - Toronto2012-01-11
“We trade options, and your insight into Elliott Wave is very helpful for market direction. We are trying to learn the Elliott Wave Theory, and I might add you are a good teacher. Keep up the good work!”
Joe and Rosemary A.2011-09-13
“Avi, my equity curve is at an all time high since following your service. Your work is exceptional!”
Subscriber "Tickerhound"2012-01-13
“Your calls to market weakness at end of July and middle of September were right on and your call in weakness in silver in middle of September helped me to lock in profits that I probably would have seen evaporate otherwise. I believe in cycles and rhythm and the way you explain ewave with acknowledgements to fibonacci makes sense to me. I'm not the mathemetician guys like you are but I think I can use your expertise in these things and profit by them. Avi, your method of explaining what can easily look like just guesswork to the untrained eye without emotion and with openess helps me understand what you're aiming at and how to apply your updates to my buys and sells. Bottom line is I think your method is easy for me to understand and helps me make and keep my profits.”
RickyBeldon, MS2011-10-25
“First of all, I want to thank you for always responding so timely to any and all of your followers questions or comments. It is truly commendable given all your businesses and the timeliness of the subject matter. For the first time yesterday, I did get into your web site and sign up for the FREE 15 day trial subscription. After spending a goodly amount of time reading your articles, research and comments I must say that I am duly impressed, and will in fact pay to be one of your followers...I am that convinced of your research.( For those of you reading this comment, NO, I am NOT a paid Gilburt employee !!!). I encourage readers to visit The Elliot Wave Trader and see for yourself. Thank you in advance for educating and enlightening those of us who are actively managing our assets.”
"Joybaybabe" (on Seeking Alpha)2012-01-15
“"I can actually understand your wave counts, unlike some of the other EW analysts I've seen. You seem to be very gifted, seeing wave counts others simply cannot see."”
John Kim2011-10-31
“I recently subscribed after reading your articles in SeekingAlpha. I wish I had subscribed much earlier. Your analysis is very thorough and you give very good direction, especially for longer-term traders in larger picture. You are also very prompt in giving the daily market update within 1-2 hours after market close so that subscribers have enough time for decision making for next day.”
Rama S Krishnan - Gilbert, AZ2011-11-28
“Avi, excellent work! Just posted it for my members.”
Harry Boxer2011-07-03
“We trade options and this information is very useful to us. Your charts are very useful also.”
“Avi, agree with Hari nice call on the wave 4 bottom and previously the green wave 3 top. Really appreciate your keen insight and look forward to reading your analysis commentary each week. Although I am not a trader I find your analysis to be most helpful in understanding the dynamics of the market and the merits of Elliott Wave theory to forecast market trends. Keep up the great work and thanks for your support along the way.”
"John Whitehurst" - MarketWatch2013-06-09
“Avi has been extremely accurate thus far. He has definitely earned the right to be listened to and taken seriously concernng the movement of the metals.”
"Stonegate777" - Seeking Alpha2013-06-09
“Your work keeps getting better; you are 'on fire'!! Some of the best analysis I've ever seen! Avi, you are an 'educating' genius! Just love this stuff.”
“Avi, nice call today. You NAILED it on the markets!!!!!! I am actually using your analysis, trading and profiting from it. Not just reading it.”
“I'm enjoying and looking forward to each day's analysis by Avi.”
“Avi, it's articles like this, and your overall performance record that motivated me to join your paid service recently! I find your service to be very actionable on an ongoing basis especially given the frequent updates. Thanks again!”
"BobWelsh" - Seeking Alpha2013-06-09
“I really liked your email the other day explaining EW in terms of Friday's action. Really nice stuff. EW can work great in the right hands (and I'm thinking that you have the right hands here). So thanks for keeping me in mind on this and taking time to go into some detail. I have Prechter/Foster's earlier book and intend for read it along with some of your recent commentary. Keep up what your doing on this!”
“Please send me your reports. You have been right on the money!”
“Your work is just beautiful, not to mention profitable.”
“Very grateful for your ongoing guidance. I feel like a bit of a child who constantly needs positive reinforcement. Please keep it coming as I most definetly need it. So thanks for keeping me long today when every fibre in my body wanted to sell at the lows.”
"Powell_River" - Trading Room2013-06-06
“Your wave counts are very powerful. I use multiple tick fib areas to form confluence and look for macd divergences in those areas. Just started using wave counts. Your knowledge has pushed my trading to a new level.”
Mark L2011-09-12
“Follow Avi"s advice on his weekly or weekend analysis, and stick to it. His weekend advice has made me over 80 million dollars.”
"24hookin" - Trading Room2014-10-02

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