The Frustration From Both Sides Is Palpable

I must sound like a broken record already, but I still cannot get past the fact that the structure of the market since we topped in July has been corrective and overlapping in nature.
by Avi Gilburt - 22 hours ago

Bears On The Rope But Still Have Opportunity To Put Up A Fight

Price is once again pushing our bearish setup to the edge, similar to the move into the September high that held marginally below the July high.
by Garrett Patten - 1 day ago

Can We Get This Over With Soon?

My title refers mostly to the coin charts as GBTC is behaving as expected. We are simply seeing three wave drops that fall short of a full impulse.
by Ryan Wilday - 1 day ago

VXX Still Forming Larger-Degree Bottom

With the continued breakdown in the VXX last week, we are now left with the yellow primary and blue alt counts.
by Mike Golembesky - 2 days ago

Higher Odds to Bullish Breakout Scenario

I am inclined to give the bullish breakout scenario higher odds this weekend. Above 2990/95 on the Emini S&P 500 (ES) would indicate a breakout to all time highs and beyond.
by Princely Mathew - 3 days ago

Déjà vu or False Hope?

Basically, the bears had two legitimate chances to breakdown the 2880-2890s area on the Emini S&P 500 (ES) in a decisive manner, but they failed to capitalize on these perfect setups thus far.
by Ricky Wen - 6 days ago

Leaning Bearish Since October 4 Short Signal

On October 4, our Bayesian Timing System (BTS) gave us signals to short the SPY, QQQ and IWM.
by Luke Miller - 1 week ago

The Corrective Action Continues

I cannot maintain any semblance of a bullish perspective for as long as we remain below 2992 on the S&P 500 (SPX), and the indicators suggest this is simply a corrective rally in a bearish trend.
by Avi Gilburt - 1 week ago

Very Brief Window Of Opportunity For Bears

We have to be open to the idea that the low is already in on this correction, with the bears having a very brief window of opportunity to take control back.
by Princely Mathew - 1 week ago

US Dollar Back To Highs, But Longer-Term Downside Setup Remains Intact

I still remain quite cautious to the long side here on the DXY, as the risks to the downside still outweigh those to the upside, even as we continue to grind higher.
by Mike Golembesky - 1 week ago

Blue October Mood Indicator

Our Market Mood Indicator suggests conditions are favorable for sudden, steep market drop(s) at any time over the next three weeks.
by Dr. Cari Bourette - 1 week ago

Long And Looking For Clues

Our Bayesian Timing System shows a 64% probability that the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) bottoms above 282-ish and begins an aggressive path higher to all-time highs.
by Luke Miller - 1 week ago

Resurrection Of Bears

Tuesday’s session confirmed the resurrection of the bears alongside with the initial confirmation of the 3020s double-top pattern on the Emini S&P 500 (ES).
by Ricky Wen - 2 weeks ago

Slight Edge to Bears

Based on everything we track, I think it is reasonable to expect this correction to continue for some more time, but this is likely to just be another pause to refresh before we can move back higher.
by Princely Mathew - 2 weeks ago

Presidential Impeachments Do Not Cause Market Declines

I am still expecting the market to take us lower in the coming weeks. And, any impeachment discussion will simply be an excuse for what the market is setting up to do. But, make no mistake about it. It will simply be an excuse as history “proves” that impeachments “cause” 10% rallies in the market (smile).
by Avi Gilburt - 2 weeks ago

Light At the End of the Tunnel?

Barring further surprise breakdowns, the train should be leaving the station very soon on Bitcoin.
by Ryan Wilday - 2 weeks ago

Awaiting Next Quality Set-Up

Our Bayesian Signal Alerts service cashed out of its longs in indices at nearly exactly these levels last week.
by Luke Miller - 3 weeks ago

Market In Bull Flag

Last week played out as digestion as price action remained in a bull flag pattern given the prior three weeks of upside continuation from 2810 to 3025 on the Emini S&P 500 (ES).
by Ricky Wen - 3 weeks ago

US Dollar Holding Onto The Immediate Downside Setup By A Thread

This week we saw the U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) move higher again, failing to break through the 98.00 low that was struck on September 13.
by Mike Golembesky - 3 weeks ago

MarketMood Friday: Beyond Reason

Tomorrow's mood pattern implies strong or passionate emotions alongside plain old irrationality (not a day for logic or reason).
by Dr. Cari Bourette - 3 weeks ago

They Don’t Ring A Bell At The Top

Over the last couple of weeks I have been following the market rather carefully to determine where this b-wave is going to top.
by Avi Gilburt - 3 weeks ago

Eye on Oil & Gas Stocks

With the attack in Saudi Arabia over the weekend which caused a surge in oil prices and carried over today into oil and gas stocks, I thought it would be a good time to revisit some of these stocks.
by Garrett Patten - 1 month ago

Digestion vs. FOMC + Quadruple Witching

The second week of September was the third week of the upside bullish continuation pattern since the August 26 sticksave bottom at 2810.
by Ricky Wen - 1 month ago

Buying The Dips

A pullback is being forecasted by it into the beginning of October from here or from one more high.
by Princely Mathew - 1 month ago

Nightly Crypto Report: Primary Short-Term Count Still Pointing Down

Bitcoin has fallen three waves into support, rallied in three waves, and then dropped in three waves into today's close.
by Ryan Wilday - 1 month ago