Market Poised to Test Higher?

I am leaning toward the idea that we saw some kind of low Wednesday overnight and as long as that holds we can go higher into the 2950 area on the S&P 500 in the coming week.
by Princely Mathew - 3 days ago

DXY – Corrective Retrace Likely In Progress

As long as the U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) can hold under the 97.92 level, the pressure will remain down and my base case will remain that this has indeed struck a top.
by Mike Golembesky - 3 days ago

Bearish on Longer Timeframes

Until I see the evidence necessary to reconsider my outlook, I will continue to be bearish on longer S&P 500 chart time-frames.
by Garrett Patten - 5 days ago

Neutral on S&P 500 and Metals, Next Several Weeks Key

The next several weeks has the potential to dictate the next 6-12 months.  A corrective retrace into mid-June that stays below 290-293 in the SPDR S&P 500 (SPY) supports a conditional probability of a sharp drop through the summer.  Above 290-293, and all-time high odds in the 300s increase quickly.
by Luke Miller - 6 days ago

Proceed With Caution in Likely Consolidation Week

The S&P 500 is just a few points away from the 78.6% retracement of the entire drop, so the confluence of levels in this area is very important.
by Ricky Wen - 1 week ago

The Market Is Setting Us Up – The “New Paradigm” Is Almost Here

Overall market sentiment has seemingly changed from a fear of the market to one where "BTFD" is THE place to be.
by Avi Gilburt - 1 week ago

Awaiting Wednesday Before Monthly OPEX Week for Market Clues

In this current week before OPEX week, we'll look at Wednesday for clues on what to expect into OPEX.
by Princely Mathew - 1 week ago

Nightly Crypto Report: No Let Up, No Get Up

Today's action makes it clear to me that this correction is not at an end with price action so weak.
by Ryan Wilday - 1 week ago

SPX - The Rally Continues

Overnight the S&P 500 (SPX) futures continued to push higher, which pushed the most immediately bearish path over the edge and has us now focusing on the more complex patterns which had previously been alternate paths.
by Mike Golembesky - 1 week ago

Temporary Bottom Established, Deadcat Follow Through

The main takeaway from Monday’s session session is that the temporary bottom/floor has been established and the dead-cat bounce is following through and has already fulfilled its first target of 2765.
by Ricky Wen - 2 weeks ago

Trend Clearly Down, Though Short-Term Bounce May Be Due

A bounce back to test the head and shoulders neckline at 2800/2810 on the S&P 500 would not surprise me before further downside action.
by Princely Mathew - 2 weeks ago

Initial Bond Target Struck

There are times I look at a chart, see what the waves are telling me, and think to myself “this can’t be.
by Avi Gilburt - 2 weeks ago

Gold & Miners: Nice Turn

Friday saw some nice movement from the Metals and Miners.
by Zac Mannes - 2 weeks ago

Nightly Crypto Report: Short Term Relief or Extension?

I remain long in my core Bitcoin (BTC) account for now, until the next clear short setup shows, at which time I may go slightly short.
by Ryan Wilday - 2 weeks ago

MarketMood Weekend: Finishing Up a Rough Week

The mood pattern for Friday implied "a desire to move forward on an agenda, but with perhaps the annoyance or distractions of economic or domestic issues.
by Dr. Cari Bourette - 2 weeks ago

Competing Micro Potentials

As long as the market remains below the 2920/30 region on the S&P 500 (SPX ), we are tracking a downside set up which can take the market down hard and fast.
by Avi Gilburt - 4 weeks ago

DXY - Failure To Follow-Through

While we still may have a bit more work to do the upside prior to this topping, I am certainly quite cautious to the upside on the US Dollar Index (DXY) at the moment.
by Mike Golembesky - 1 month ago

Video Chart Analysis on SMH, INTC, TSM, QCOM and NVDA

Our Stock Waves Charts of the Day video looks at the semiconductor sector, starting with the VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF (SMH).
by Garrett Patten - 1 month ago

Bayesian Path Is Lower in SPY

The Bayesian Timing System (BTS) still believes the path lower will begin or has already begun in the SPDR S&P 500 (SPY).
by Luke Miller - 1 month ago

Nightly Crypto Report: Are We There Yet?

We still have no sign of a top in Bitcoin, but it sure feels close, at least for a large pullback our red count.
by Ryan Wilday - 1 month ago

Tops Apparent in Asian Markets

Tops at the April highs appear to be in place in the Nikkei, Hang Seng, Shanghai, and Nifty charts.
by Garrett Patten - 1 month ago

DXY - The Floor Is Starting To Creak

I am quite cautious to the upside on the DXY at the moment, as the short setup is still looking quite promising.
by Mike Golembesky - 1 month ago

Probabilities Are Shifting

As I have been saying for the last several days, the structure into the high we struck last week is not a clearly completed b-wave structure.
by Avi Gilburt - 1 month ago

Short-Term Bears Alive Again

Tuesday’s session was fairly surprising as the likely inside/range day did not pan out accordingly.
by Ricky Wen - 1 month ago

Awaiting Clear Set-Up for a Trade

We wait for a clear setup to get back in on a trade. My best read right now is we get a top on Monday -- lower high -- and then pullback into Wednesday or Thursday in what we call the WWW effect. WWW is the Wednesday of the week before monthly OPEX week.
by Princely Mathew - 1 month ago