Nightly Crypto Report: Can't Stop This Train

Bitcoin is pushing against the idea of a correction, again.


I slightly favor the blue count which should hit between $69K and $71,800 as long as Bitcoin remains over $64,400. Below that level should indicate a high B wave top. As long as the move off of the $58K low is three waves, a B wave top is possible. 

If Bitcoin does fill five waves, I will dispense with my black count, and focus on the more direct count to $125K+ as primary. 


I still prefer for Ether to form a B wave top here, unless it holds blue wave-(2) at $3400. If the case, then I will expect a break toward the low $4Ks. 


ETHBTC has reached the limit of its bullish setup. If it cannot turn here, I will assume that Ether has closed its window where it can outperform Bitcoin, until it shows otherwise. 


In light of Bitcoin, ARKB should continue to fill in five waves toward $69-70, as long as over $64.40. Below that level should indicate a B wave top.

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