Bayesian Service Sees Big Win Rate In April, Introduces Longer-Term Reports

Luke Miller's swing trading system in his Bayesian ETF Alerts service has had 17 winners out of 20 closed trades in April across a range of ETFs, achieving an 85% win rate.

A number of the trades were shorts that Luke closed out in mid-April before turning long in ETFs such as IWM, SPY and QQQ near the bottom on April 19.  Luke then went short stock ETFs early on April 24, noting to members that "these could be day trades" due to the expected "choppy, messy action," and closed them for gains intraday.

Of the losing closed trades, Luke's short in GLD on April 3 had the largest decline (-2.68%), with shorts in GDX and SLV still open from that same date.

Luke also recently added longer-term charts based on his Bayesian work, launching a Weekly Report that provides guidance for a long-term ETF model portfolio.

Each week members receive (1) a re-ranked list of ETFs as a function of probability and diversification implications, AND (2) charts of 1- and 3-month Bayesian probability (BP) cluster ranges for the main asset classes: stocks (SPY), metals (GDX), crypto (BITO), energy (USO), and bonds (TLT). 

Overheard in Luke's room:  "I find this Model Portfolio to really fill in the 'missing pieces' to understanding the rest of the service.  Thank you very much!"  -GliderGuider