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My AUM has grown exponentially because of you and I can't thank you enough. My biggest regret is not signing up sooner! You've done more good than you will ever know.
AAMilne - Trading Room
I worked on trading desks at top investment banks for 10 years, then traded on my own for another 8. I've seen 100s of research from the best analysts in the business. Avi and EWT is the only one I'm willing to pay for right now.
tzeyi - Seeking Alpha
CNBC had a stat this morning that over the last 20 years 86% of money managers/hedge funds have underperformed the market. They couldn't figure out why that’s the case given how 'smart' these people are. . . . I know my performance since joining the site has skyrocketed!
HenryH - Trading Room
I've been managing money since 1981 and ... I've never seen anyone handle fibs like him [Avi].
halburris - Seeking Alpha
I'm approaching my one year anniversary in the group and I truly believe this is the best decision I have ever made about a research service. FWIW, I'm a financial advisor and I have been in the industry for over 20 years. I manage over 300MM in assets and have routinely been a council member at every firm I have ever been with. Even though I'm just scratching the surface in my Elliot Wave education, this service has really helped me position my clients in the right way.
YogiZeke - Trading Room
Thanks Avi! You and this site are making a huge difference how I manage my clients money . . All by simply buying low and selling high based on the EW charts.
ElGringo1 - Trading Room

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