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My AUM has grown exponentially because of you and I can't thank you enough. My biggest regret is not signing up sooner! You've done more good than you will ever know.
"AAMilne" - Trading Room • Mar 2nd, 2021
Thanks Avi! You and this site are making a huge difference how I manage my clients money . . All by simply buying low and selling high based on the EW charts.
"ElGringo1" - Trading Room • Jan 31st, 2019
Quick note of thank you to Avi and the crew this year (I know it isn't over yet) however, absolute masterful job of keeping people invested in equities globally and importantly getting the rotations right as well (X has had AWESOME calls on RUT and NQ which has been the game the market has played all year) G on international, Mike on Vol has been stunning. All this to say, thank you. I run a fund and this sight has been as important as all the proprietary work that we do.
"slu" - Trading Room • Nov 29th, 2017
Herewith I would like to thank Avi and all the founding partners of elliottwavetrader.net , and the distinguished analysts Xenia, Zac, Garrett, HD , Ricky , Princely, Arkady, MikeG and Victor for your outstanding analysis throughout the time I have been here, your excellent calls on trades and discipline. You all have contributed a great deal to my own work, and this year directly contributed to fixing the Jan/Feb slap. A thank you is owed, and herewith presented.
"TauR" - Trading Room • Nov 23rd, 2016
I see the best quants, strategists and technicians the street has and you and your group are amongst the absolute best. My trading desk is floored at turning levels you are able to provide.
"Slu" - Trading Room • Mar 12th, 2016
This site is fantastic! More ideas in a single day here than anywhere else I have seen, or been (trading floors at CBOT, CBOE).
"Civkid" - Trading Room • Aug 31st, 2016
Avi Gilburt has had a very good run as a successful prognosticator of precious metals prices for the last few years. He called the top in 2011, the subsequent correction, and now seems to think that the bottom may be in. While no one is right all the time Avi has been right more often than most in this space and this is why we believe following him is important.
MetroWest Precious Metals, LLC • Feb 1st, 2016
Love your work and all your articles, read them for months before finally starting an account here. Have yet to see an author on SA with as impressive a track record as yourself that explains their thought process in such a clear and concise way.
Taylor Dart – SeekingAlpha Contributor • Sep 27th, 2016
Joining EWT, and using it to be a better portfolio manager has been the smartest thing I’ve ever done in my 30-year career. Not only is it another great tool in my toolbox, it has become the single most important tool.
Mark - Memphis, TN • Sep 30th, 2016
great calls in the last year .. really helped our fund results
Willem Middelkoop - Commodity Discovery Fund • Jul 23rd, 2016
An important voice has returned to SA. Welcome back, Mr. Gilburt. You have been missed.
Eric Parnell, CFA , Seeking Alpha Contributor • Jul 23rd, 2016
I've been with you for 3 years after investing for 25+ years and being a broker, you've totally changed the way I look at investing. Thanks again.
"RC" - Trading Room • Apr 26th, 2016
Avi is, AND BY FAR, one of the best market technicians out there
Laurent-Patrick Gally • Apr 19th, 2016
I have seen an identical box in GLD since more than 3 years ago. While the possibility was always there for one more low--- isn't it always--- the BUY BUY BUY was extremely ballsy of a call more than 3 years ago. One of the most incredible calls I have ver seen. And while we are not completely out of the woods yet, while we were hitting that blue box several times over the past 6 months you clearly said --- cover your eyes, pinch your nose and hold your breathe and ..... BUY. Spectacular call even if oml was still a possibility.
"LB" - Trading Room • Mar 17th, 2016
I have been an options trader for the last ten years in the SPX pit at the CBOE. I have been following you from the outside looking in for a while and have recently subscribed to this service all in. You are truly the best in the business . . . I just want you to know how great of an impact you have had on my trading/risk management decisions.
"FishersOfMen" - Trading Room • Mar 19th, 2016
I'm grateful for what Garrett & Zac (StockWaves) offer here at EWT. I'm not a trader, I'm a long-only, all-equity portfolio manager, and these guys have helped me tremendously with ideas to outperform the general market.
"DJMarkyMark" - Trading Room • Mar 20th, 2016
Avi Gilburt . . . has a very good record of calling the wiggles of both the bear market since 2011 and the preceding bull market.
ZeroHedge.com • Nov 1st, 2015
I'm a better portfolio manager since I started using EWT than I was before.
"DJMarkyMark" - Trading Room • Nov 3rd, 2015
Avi, thank you for insight last few days, saved my a$$ as I have to be long given my mandate but hedging was spot on following you. Absolutely fantastic service.
"slu" - Trading Room • Mar 11th, 2016
Avi Gilburt is someone that I have found to be a solid source on gold and silver
Investorinthefamily.com • Jul 1st, 2014
Avi i have been trading markets for more than 15 years and trust me i know what i am talking about. 90% of fund managers should come here and learn
"Falco" - Trading Room • Jul 1st, 2015
Avi Gilburt is one one of the few analysts in the Precious Metals community who has actually gotten things right for the last few years.
"MetroWest Precious Metals, LLC" - Trading Room • Jul 13th, 2015
I was in the business and have traded for 30 years. Avi is simply one of the smartest people I've encountered. I've been a part of his site for almost 3 years and he along with a bunch of very smart people continue to analyze the markets with incredible results.
Robert Cockburn - MarketWatch • Jun 18th, 2015
join Avi Gilburt's site . . . you can trade in real time using EW, and all the analysts are excellent and will talk you through the counts as they progress. They have all sorts of videos in their library too - It's a brilliant learning resource.
Ben Lockhart - Contributor – Seeking Alpha • Feb 7th, 2015
This is my first post after being on the site for 3 months. I've worked on the street for about 15yrs and the analysts here are better than most I've worked with. You guys balance the emotions with your thesis, and are extremely diligent in your process. It's been a pleasure and quite profitable following your work. Thank You!
"Sach" - Trading Room • Jul 6th, 2015
I have been here since almost the beginning and in 26 years in the investment business, I have come to recognize there is NOTHING like EWT anywhere. . . there are a couple of dozen non-staff contributors that are worth the price of admission by themselves, let alone Avi and gang. Those that don't see this are not utilizing this site to its fullest potential.
"David" - Trading Room • Jun 30th, 2015
The bible is 'The Elliott Wave Principle' available pretty much everywhere, but in addition to reading the book, I'd advise you to join Avi Gilburt's Elliott Wave Trader site should you want to learn to apply the principle yourself in real time. I have used most of the sites now, and all of them are useful and have merit, but his ranks highest in my estimation because you can interact with the analysts throughout the day and learn from them whilst trading.
Ben Lockhart – Contributor – Seeking Alpha • Dec 18th, 2014
Avi, I just signed up for your site. Very nice site and design. I don't think these weekly articles give enough info on the type of service Avi's site provides. On ElliotTrader site you get more up-to-date charts with specific targets and ranges and Fibonacci retracements along with trades. I find the Fibonacci retracement charts especially useful.
"Stephen Aniston" - Seeking Alpha - Contributor • Nov 19th, 2014
Ok, the bulls got slaughtered and now the bears. Pretty soon nobody will be posting here because everybody will be lying dead on the battlefield LOL ... except Avi of course who sits on Olympus and enjoys the show :)
"Stepehen Aniston" - Seeking Alpha Contributor • Jul 17th, 2014
I highly recommend following Avi Gilburt . . . his work with Elliott Wave Theory in the precious metals space is superb.
Eric Parnell – Contributor at Seeking Alpha and Founder and Director of Gerring Capital Partners • Jan 3rd, 2014
If you're not reading Avi Gilburt, well, you should be...
"WeBuyGoldReviews" - Facebook • May 20th, 2013
ive been trading long time and this place is best ive been in over the 10 or so sites ive been in in 20 yrs..........awesome folks and great character qualities and many times fun too....thats important to me....cuts the stress
"Timmay" - Trading Room • Nov 24th, 2013
Avi is as close to perfection that I have ever seen in 25 years of working in the investment industry.
DP - Trading Room • Oct 20th, 2012
I've been in the markets for 35+ years, was a broker for part of that but have learned more in the last 3 months than all that other put together
"awitness" - Trading Community • Mar 15th, 2013
I spent 8 years at a top money management firm where we only did fundamental analysis, NEVER looked at the technicals ... but Avi has convinced me that Elliott Wave is a powerful tool!"
Mark - Mission Viejo, CA • Mar 8th, 2012
For me, Avi is the best I've seen at 'reading' these cycles. The singularly outstanding quality of Avi is his willingness to be very analytical and informed by the facts, as they present themselves. He will never marry his dogma and can, and does, change his mind, as the facts dictate. That kind of discipline is very rare.
Stanley J G Crouch, CEO, EXP Wealth Enhancement, LLC • Dec 31st, 2011
I've been following Avi's thoughts for the past few weeks and I think he's made some outstanding calls. (I especially like when they match ours!) I have to think trading some of his thoughts will make us more than the subscription. I've definitely benefited in that I've at least been made aware that more than just Fibonacci relationships (which we've used for a while), Elliott waves can give more confidence to the trade. I have to thank Avi for that.
Robert J. Santarpia, Jr., President & CEO, U.S. Wealth Group LLC - Woodbury, NY • Sep 14th, 2011

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