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Carolyn you are awesome! Ive been looking at your charts and I am amazed by the detail and accuracy you put out here. WOW what a great service here on EWT!!
BigDaddyTuna - Trading Room
Shout out to Carolyn de FibQueen ... To combine her work with the other analysts is golden and a work in progress for me. She shows me the stops the train may take! THANK YOU FQ, your detail has worked for me several times!
RWC1981 - Trading Room
I’ve been following the Fibqueen’s work since she started here and it’s amazing! I can more clearly visualize market direction and setups. It perfectly compliments EW.
"Bloodndastreet" - Trading Room - Trading Room
After trying so many services within EWT, I find Carolyn's to be the most actionable and reliable, especially for trading short term.
vjse_GO - Trading Room
I appreciate Carolyn Boroden for sharing her EMA crossover method, which has worked really well for me when I combine it with looking for 5-up, 3-back structures. It has made a huge difference in my trading.
Worrybird - Trading Room
Carolyn is great and super professional! Enjoying her service and guidance. And I may also recommend her book too.
Artyom - Trading Room

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