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About ES Trade Alerts & Ricky

Ricky, you are a prodigy and Master teacher. Took enough profits at the scale to pay for more than your annual subscription. Letting the rest ride for free until the wheels fall off. If you are not subscribing to Ricky's ES trades, you are missing out on an amazing opportunity.
Harv - Trading Room
I love your service!
BryanB - Trading Room
Thanks for all your hard work this week. You really did above and beyond. Never think it's not noticed and appreciated.
QuickNic - Trading Room
Thank you for the great educational posts Ricky.”
WildWestie - Trading Room
So many great analysts here, impossible to choose! (though I'm team Ricky all the way simply for his teaching having made the biggest impact on my trading)
Lekkerbraai - Trading Room
Ricky you are just amazing. I have no idea how you called that short trade. Just amazing.
GoldenRatio - Trading Room
I want to give a shout out for and recommend Ricky's room to folks who haven't tried it yet because they don't want to day trade. I went there to learn levels, entries, and exits, but found myself taking trades because of the (surprising to me) *decreased* risk compared to other strategies including buy and hold. I love the risk management in that room. Case in point was Wednesday. It was a poor win rate day in the room; we didn't catch a single train on multiple attempts all day, took whipsaw full on the chin. What did it cost: 0.1% average loss (unleveraged) since stops were close, and raised, often to break even. Today, it was one trade, 1% gain, out before lunch, and money sitting safely in cash.
hiebertw - Trading Room
Love your work Boss! Easy to understand, actionable, defined risk/reward parameters, no BS. Great teacher too. Please keep up the good work.
JeffSpicoli - Trading Room
More important than getting signals is learning to identify setups and manage trades for yourself. Ricky's real-time lessons will help you learn that for yourself.
DamienC - Trading Room

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