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Again MEGA-Gain Eur/USD....Thank you very much....you are the best .... your prediction of BTC (20.) ist also amazing....THX!!! :)
RGG889 - Forex Room • May 12th, 2022
Amazing charts ... thanks Arkady.
lounging - Trading Room • Sep 13th, 2022
Big fan of Arkady myself. It’s clear EW can be counted many ways at any given time & he gives you those parameters to work with.
Skyfall77 - Trading Room • Sep 1st, 2022
Arkady has pretty much nailed it every step of the way.
Hogwatch - Trading Room • Aug 31st, 2022
Arkady without competitors [in response to a member question about who the best analyst is at EWT].
Aquarius - Trading Room • Aug 1st, 2022

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