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two best decisions in my life: 1) Marry my wife 2) Join VIX room.
Reegs - Trading Room
I'm absolutely speechless by Mike's trades. I think joining his service at the end of last year may have been the best investment decision I've made in 28 years.
Z3Jared - Trading Room
Mike G - A simple and genuine thank you. I appreciate the hell out of your Index/Sector Alerts. The guidance has allowed me to learn and set parameters that otherwise would never have been possible.
rforbesak - Trading Room
Thank You Mike. My membership is paid for for years just following this guidance this morning and trading accordingly.
AnilV - Trading Room
Mike...your an absolute superstar!
riffer21 - Trading Room
As a member of Mikes room for ~ 1 year, I highly recommend. In addition to the set-ups, the charting and guidance is outstanding and helps me personally get a better bead on which charts/scenarios are more likely in the indices. While a 15 day free trial is a good first look, I would urge you to do at least a 2/3 month trial. You can pay for that with 1 successful trade. And in that time you will find the value of the information, and the host.
Giannadante - Trading Room
Looks like Magic Mike has done it again….For the newbies to this service who have been questioning this trade, you’ll be amazed how many of these short window trades hit their target on the last day, or late afternoon the day before. In my 6-month experience, Mike seems to be in the money 75%+ of the time. My winners have well outpaced my losers ... I’m very glad to have joined the VIX & Index trading service.
Contrarian4Now - Trading Room
Mike G. killing it yet again!, Folks, if you don’t subscribe to the VIX & Index/Sector you’re doing yourself a huge disservice.
FractalWaveGuy - Trading Room
I've tried quite a few services since I joined EWT last year, but this one is by far the best one (clarity of setups and trade updates, avoiding overtrading and pure profit potential). Please join me in a big round of applause for Mike!
dk-alpha - Trading Room
Another Great Trade. Thanks Mike for this service...not just the setups but the educational explanations of late of how you determine entry points and where the trade potential is once it reaches 100%. Adhering more closely to your lead. Starting out to be a good year.
Allin2034 - Trading Room
Best start to any year I’ve had so far. Kudos to Mike - he’s helping members print money!
TX-stonks - Trading Room
Mike, I admire you not only for your skills, but above all for the humility you display. You are a true gentleman.
chris-from-the-mountains - Trading Room
Can't say thank you enough Mike... really generating life changing money for people on this board.
Carl_Spackler - Trading Room

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