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I have been with many other advisors/subscriptions before I came here. You are THE BEST in this business. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for all that you have done for me and my life. I cannot thank you enough. Though sometimes I believe that you are 'supernaturally superior' in your analysis, it is your human-ness that I have come to admire the most. Most importantly, the fact that you sincerely and genuinely care for the financial well-being of members like us - that is astounding and touching. You are a huge gift to all of us.
"PSK" - Trading Room
Avi is the Michael Jordan of EW!
SunnyYellowstone - Trading Room
I learned my technical trading concepts from my grandfather, Victor Venrick, and he followed a number of the better technical analysts of the decades following WW2 and forward until his death. He was one of Richard Russell's original subscribers, he exchanged correspondence with E.S.C. Coppock, subscribed to and owned the book written by the incomparable George Lindsay (3 Peaks and a Domed House, among other patterns), several others. . . .my point is I had an early exposure to so many of the great technical guys. Prechter, too, I had an early seat, so to speak, to watch his amazing early accuracy, and many more like Joe Granville until he over-played his OBV hand. To all of this at now age 64, I will simply say that I think Avi Gilburt has surpassed all of these others in terms of understanding and reading patterns, here of course meaning the Elliott Waves in particular. . . Gilburt is one of the best at picking good patterns, one of the very best at altering the course if conditions say so.
"Bradleto55" - Seeking Alpha
you have been my most cherished teacher in the 20+ years of investing for myself....i could never thank you enough !
"tsol64" - Trading Room
Avi you're the master!!! making a fortune, thanks a lot for your guidance!!!
"AngelG" - Trading Room
Thanks Avi. Not sure what I did before your guidance. Oh yeah stumbled in the dark listening to idiots.
"plumb" - Trading Room
Avi is the best metals analyst in the world. His overall accuracy is unparalleled.
"MoQ" - Trading Room
Thank you so much Avi, for bringing enlightenment to my financial education
"Heino" - Trading Room
Appreciate all that you do for us. Personally I have never met any analyst who is as committed to his membership as you are. I recommend membership to everyone who cares to listen.
"G002093" - Trading Room
Avi, As a new member, I need to tell you that your guidance has been the best I have seen.
"pepperflip" - Trading Room
Avi you made our life so much easier. You are just amazing...I sincerely don't think there's anyone in this world who can read and analyze the metals complex better than you do...I wonder how you can do this...there's a reason I'm exhausted but still stay up at 7am in my timezone
"Katz" - Trading Room
Avi Gilburt, the EW Guru.
"Quantum Profit" - SeekingAlpha
Avi is a Golden God. He has been spot on with his analysis. Made nice money bc of him.
"Crusher Creel" - SeekingAlpha
The multiple times per day emails I get from your service are really a comfort; they are more than reasonably accurate in terms of predictions of what will happen next...and have allowed me to profit from my investments in the metals without much worry. Thank you and your crew..
"thotdoc" - SeekingAlpha
Listen up everyone, if you want to make consistent money in the metals ETF's and PM miners sector, follow Avi's posts, or better yet, join his trading room at elliottwavetraders.net... is not a commercial, just a testimonial from a satisfied subscriber. Avi and his other analysts helped turn my portfolio around.....period
"DC West" - SeekingAlpha
Avi repeatedly demonstrated to be amongst the best on gold there are.
"yeti786" - SeekingAlpha
A True metals guru, the initials AG are icing on the cake.
"jlarzz" - SeekingAlpha
Avi - ty so much for all the navigation thru this gold move - I feel blessed to have found u and everyone on this site - I was going down the wrong path and this site has helped me tremendously ty ty ty - oh and my wife and kids thank u as well
"dbal" - Trading Room
Been doing Elliot Wave through Prechter and point and figure under Tom Dorsey for over 18 years. I have never seen anything like Avi and Ark in my life. I am so $$$$$ happy to be here.
"TAlto" - Trading Room
Been trading for 30 years, worked for Lehman and been an "expert" in securities litigation for over 20 years. Avi totally changed the way I view markets and the best group of analysts I've encountered. It's amazing the talented people in this room.
"RC" - Trading Room
Avi, I would classify you as an unborrowed visionary in your field. You allow us to stand on the shoulders of giants and see greater horizons of possibility objectively.
"Mike1710" - Trading Room
Avi....you are a legend. Thank you for all you do....not just the what but the how. Am learning so much AND making money. Sincerely grateful for it all
"Gapman" - Trading Room
Avi is a master Elliottician, very detailed.
"Sacred618" - Trading Room
no other market analysts are better than Avi.
"howell" - Trading Room
I've been familiar with Elliott Wave Theory for over 40 years ... and in my experience, Avi is probably the best and most accurate analyst around.
"TheGame2" - Seeking Alpha
Avi is a professional trader that also happens to be one of the best experts to be found anywhere related to Elliott Wave and Fibonacci theory.
"Gelstretch" - Seeking Alpha
I have never seen a more accurate EW technician than Avi Gilburt. If everyone else is saying something different than he is, then THEY must have missed something.
"Wrongwaygoldman" - Trading Room
Trading is a risky business and Avi is the best "hedge against risk" I've ever come across. With his targets, I trade more confidently and sleep better at night.
"Ninja Trader" - Seeking Alpha
Avi's analysis of the market is the best that I have ever seen since I've been investing.
"AMEX" - Trading Room
Want to know the direction of the metals????? This Elliot Wave Trader, Avi Gilburt is the best trader I've ever witnessed. He has been so accurate over 3+ years it is uncanny. Now I personally have never studied the Elliot Wave Theory, and at first I just thought he was lucky and had a lot of skeptism, but after seeing his CONSISTENT accuracy over 3+ years, I'm convinced he has something unmatched by others. No person can be this lucky in their accuracy. This is a skill, I've never witnessed before, so he's one of the few people I follow closely.
Anne H. - Seattle, WA
Avi Gilburt has made some of the best calls in the business
"Birdman" – Kerlin Report
Your market timing is uncanny. I wish I listened to you earlier.
"Soundofmusic" - Trading Room
My conclusion if that most accredited analysts are better on picking tops than bottoms. However after reading Mr. Gilburt's blogs I have concluded that his sentiment indicators are outstanding. Even though I have always been a long term fundamentalist, I time my moves based first on what Mr. Gilburt has to say.
"Silver Bog" - Seeking Alpha
you're too good to be true
"Justaconsumer" - Seeking Alpha
Remember the old E.F. Hutton commercials decades ago ? Now it's, "when Avi speaks people listen !
"Terry1" - Seeking Alpha
Your calls have been nothing short of excellent. Thank you
"John_Galt" - Trading Room
Avi, the real master of the game. " Chapeau bas, monsieur.
"GYRD" - Trading Room
Avi's track record is something crazy like 7 or 8 out of 10.
"AR" - Trading Room
Avi is probably the best elliott wave analyst out there and I have looked at many others. He seems to work really hard at it and has this innate ability to defy the odds and see the big picture. Pretty amazing stuff!
Judy Barnes - MarketWatch
Avis insightful comments and his track record are unbelievable and to sum it up with one word “FANTASTIC”. In contrast to PERMA BEARS and PERMA BULLS he is right in being a PERMA REALIST.
"KT1" - Trading Room
Avi you are god! Thank you for everything! Loving trading with you. $&@/ing loving it.
"Ransom" - Trading Room
You have no idea who Avi is. This guy is one of the best analysts (if not the best) in the market. There I said it. I've been following him for quite a while, and even though I consider myself a savvy trader, he taught me things I would have never learned anywhere else. His return on investments is staggering. He is usually spot on, many times on the penny. I still make my own decisions (every investor should,) but if Avi isn't on board with my decisions, I'm definitely not comfortable. He is that good.
"Davemet" - Seeking Alpha
Avi - I am new to the site (about 1 month) but have been investing for over 25 years. I think your work is the best I have ever come across.
"Javelin" - Trading Room
Avi is very good. But he is even better at not being a bull or a bear. He is open minded and not boxed in and emotional about the up or the down. Just a slave to the waves and the rhythm.....he looks at the puzzle as pieces appear and does not hesitate to make adjustments. He sees what is in front of him and not what he wants to see. That is why I appreciate Avi. I am a fan.
"Fariba" - Trading Room
Avi, You are the best forecaster I have seen period!
"BullBearBattle" - Trading Room
Avi Gilburt is not only about the best and more balanced Elliott Wave technical analysis that I have ever run into, but also about your personal commitment to the site and the well being of the members... I personally cannot sufficiently express my admiration and respect for you, as to how you have managed to balance your personal life under very trying of circumstances and still so consistently and generously give so much of your time to us...
"Stocktrader" - Trading Room
he's the michael jordan of ew:)
"RonMexico" - Trading Room
Avi is kind of like Spock, "His guess is better than most peoples facts".
"Quickrick" - Trading Room
I always heard there were 3 kinds of people but I guess there are 4 kinds of people not three: 1) Those who make things happen, 2) Those who let things happen, 3) Those who ask what happened, and 4) Avi - who predicts what happens!
"NightTrader" - Trading Room
When I first read your calls on AAPL - I thought - "Who is this guy" when you called the run up. When you called the top before it got there and a potential 200 point drop I again asked- "Who is this guy" But when you called the hard run back to 590 and a pull back to 500 and then the run to 550 (oh by the way protective puts would be a good idea because confirmation of the bottom nor confirmation of breakout was in and that it may return to the 480 region) - all i could think of was the movie Jerry Maguire "You had me at Hello" and "Show me the Money"!
"Gronks World" - Trading Room
You are truly 1 of a kind, thanks for all you do. You are 1 of a very few that truly is most interested in others success and that's why your business will go to the moon
Skybird - Trading Room
As a former currency trader in EUR/USD, I can say this with confidence: Avi, you're a genius pure and simple, hence my subscription.
"CelticTiger" - Trading Room

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