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About Metals, Mining & Agriculture

The Mining Stocks Portfolio service and Elliot Wave in general have really helped me enhance my performance and have also taught me so much for the markets.
nikaras19978 - Email
killin’ it with your ag product/nag gas charts, Jason … wouldn’t even attempt to trade these without your guidance.
montybird - Trading Room
Thank you G, thank you Z ... the miner service is awesome.
mybad60 - Trading Room
Thank You Zac (and Garrett). Excellent call on UEC (and other U names) you helped me immensely (again). I would have been lost trying to get in/out of these trades without your charting. UEC has been a milking machine.
wookieanator - Trading Room
You have no idea how much I appreciate your work in this crazy market. It really helps me navigate with limit orders, stops, profit taking, and keeps me sane.
Cathy22 - Trading Room

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