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I have tried many different investing services and used many strategies but none of them fully lived up to my expectation ... until I recently entered into Smart Money room and got to know its trading team.....I highly suggest everyone try out their system for 3 reasons: (1) Unbiased (2) Good risk management (3) Very careful and considerate and intelligent team.
"DrChen" - Trading Room
Princely's system has been rocking it. Takes all the emotion out of trading. Just follow the signals. No fuss. No muss. If you need excitement in your trading, just add leverage.
"RickG" - TradingRoom
Princely's signals paired with some mix between them have been stellar. We caught a big chunk of the last move up with a long and got out just in time on Friday. If you guys are not using this by itself or to cut bias on EW you are missing BIG TIME imo. Only thing you need to do is trust the signals....So a BIG shout to Princely, also, he is a REALLY great guy. If you have any doubts or want to work on something more specific within his system he will help you out, trust me, this is how we found the best way to use them.
"H.E.Pennypacker" - TradingRoom
Excellent service. Been in the room since the start. The system works great, but I think with the changing market, some alignment in the algorithms is needed from time to time, which Princely is on top of, and then we get back on track. Princely is a great coach and an exceptional trader. For myself, since I cannot watch the market all the time, this is a great service, and returns over the longer term are exceptional as well.
ShawnP - Trading Room
I'd like to take a moment to give a big time shout out and to the Smart Money Room and Mr. Princely Matthews. Since joining the Smart Money Room less than a month ago, in only three trades, I have made back almost 5% of my 18% loss from a counter trend index trade that began back in June of last year. I check the Smart Money Room before open .. check it again around lunch and then again before closing to find out where I need to be positioned overnight or weekend and I'm done for the day. It may not be for everyone but it hits the sweet spot for a purely novice trader like me because it's so easy a cave man can do it. There's a reason it's called the Smart Money Room.
"Sloopy" - Trading Room
I do my best trading and investing when someone else points me in the right direction. I have a full time job, 2 small kids and a busy life. I did a trial run on the Smart Money Room, joined and I now follow Princley on the buy/sell indicators --he does the work for you. Literally --just follow his signals ---push the buy button and push the sell button, take your gains and use as you wish.
"DaveJ" - Trading Room

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