About Ricky Wen

Ricky Wen Ricky Wen hosts the ES Trade Alerts service at ElliottWaveTrader.net, and also contributes his nightly KISS Report on the E-mini S&P 500 (ES) as well as educational posts to Avi's Market Alerts service.

Ricky is a full time trader and mentor who has been trading professionally since 2009, focusing on stock options and the ES futures. He is known for his mastery of candlesticks trading, moving averages, chart patterns and feedback loops. He has also developed his own proprietary Hourly Extreme Oversold/Overbought signals.

In his KISS report each Sunday evening, he includes a market projection for the week drawn in white, with an occasional "alt" projection in red. See example below of Ricky's white-line projection for the week of May 6, annotated later with the actual points the ES reached in mirroring the projection.

White-line market projection by Ricky Wen

Ricky's articles have appeared on sites such as Nasdaq.com, Gold-Eagle, Money Show and others.

Story Archive

Short-Term Trend Change Intact

We’re utilizing 3190-3230 as next key support in the Emini S&P 500 (ES) that could temporarily stabilize the price action to see if there’s a dead-cat bounce.
by Ricky Wen - 4 days ago

Price Action Elevated To Stratosphere

The uptrend can last for many weeks and months by embedding and rotating higher, but market participants must be made aware of the risks associated here.
by Ricky Wen - 4 weeks ago

Breakout/Breakdown Levels To Watch As Market In Slow Grind Higher

The Emini S&P 500 (ES) is in a horizontal, range-bound consolidation within the ongoing context of the bull trend.
by Ricky Wen - 1 month ago

Bullish Trend Intact

The main trend of the daily 20EMA for the past few months is still holding, so the ongoing bullish trend heading into end of July remains intact for now.
by Ricky Wen - 1 month ago

Bears Striking Back At Key Moment

We are short-term bearish right now when below 3226.25 on the Emini S&P 500 (ES).
by Ricky Wen - 2 months ago

Bears' Time To Shine

If the bears cannot capitalize on a breakdown continuation setup, then you would know that they lost a big battle.
by Ricky Wen - 2 months ago

Big, Bad Bears Are Back

This follow-through to the downside is merely just a continuation model from last week’s clues.
by Ricky Wen - 3 months ago

May Closed At Dead Highs As Expected, Continued Bullishness Into June

The bulls accomplished their key goal by ending the May monthly closing print at the dead highs in order to enhance the odds for upside momentum.
by Ricky Wen - 3 months ago

Bears Running Out Of Time

Bears had another perfect opportunity to capitalize on wrapping up the week at the lows, but they failed to do anything concrete.
by Ricky Wen - 4 months ago

Bullish Consolidation Pattern

The past 3 days has been playing a bullish consolidation pattern given the ongoing bull train/trend setup above daily 20 EMA.
by Ricky Wen - 4 months ago