About Carolyn Boroden and Her Fibonacci Trading Analysis at EWT

Carolyn Boroden

Carolyn Boroden, who is renowned for her expertise in Fibonacci price and timing analysis, joined our ElliottWaveTrader analyst team in December 2019. She is a technical analyst and author of Fibonacci Trading, published by McGraw-Hill in early 2008. Carolyn has been involved in the trading industry since 1978, starting on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Her work is often featured on the "Off The Charts" segment of CNBC's Mad Money with Jim Cramer.

Carolyn provides analysis of U.S. Equity Indices, Bonds, Precious Metals and Oil in a new service called Carolyn Boroden's Fibonacci Market Analysis in our ElliottWaveTrader Trading Room. She also covers individual U.S. Stocks as host of the section, "Fibonacci Set-Ups," in our Stock Waves service. In each service, Carolyn provides both nightly videos and intraday follow-up charts, highlighting where the low-risk, high-probability moves are based on her analysis of Fibonacci price relationships.

Introductory Videos/PDFs by Carolyn

Introduction to Advanced Fibonacci Time and Price Analysis (1 hr)

See how Carolyn uses Fibonacci ratios on both the time and price axis of the market to identify key support and resistance decisions on the charts. View slides only.

Trades and Triggers: How To Make Money Using This Work (1 hr)

Once you understand how Carolyn's Fibonacci system identifies key support and resistance zones, the next step is to understand how to trade off those zones using triggers. In this Webinar, Carolyn shares chart examples on applying day and swing trade triggers when using her work.

Fibonacci Trading Guidelines & Key Terminology (PDF)

Detailed description of Carolyn's strategy with chart examples.

Applying Fibonacci Analysis to Day Trading (9 min)

This video provides instruction for trading the set-ups highlighted by Carolyn's strategy. Also available as a PDF.

Applying Fibonacci Analysis to Swing Trading (PDF)