Carolyn Boroden

Carolyn Boroden

Carolyn Boroden, who is renowned for her expertise in Fibonacci price and timing analysis, joined our ElliottWaveTrader analyst team in December 2019. She is a technical analyst and author of Fibonacci Trading, published by McGraw-Hill in early 2008. Carolyn has been involved in the trading industry since 1978, starting on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Her work is often featured on the "Off The Charts" segment of CNBC's Mad Money with Jim Cramer.

Carolyn provides analysis of U.S. Stocks, Equity Indices, Precious Metals and Oil in her new service called Carolyn Boroden's Fibonacci Markets & Stocks in our ElliottWaveTrader Trading Room. Members receive:

  • Streaming Analysis On Top-Pier Indices & Stocks, including Carolyn's videos and chart snapshots all-session and after-close on the S&P 500 (cash/futures), Nasdaq 100 (cash/futures), AAPL, AMZN, FB, GOOGL, MSFT, NFLX, NVDA, and TSLA. Also includes analysis on Gold (GC), Treasuries (TLT), and Oil (CLV), plus over a dozen Bonus Stocks, when Carolyn sees a set-up.
  • Live All-Session Screencast, illustrating the chart set-ups Carolyn is watching on her screen. The screencast is muted, except when Carolyn gives her live morning presentation.
  • Twice A Day Videos, one recorded from Carolyn's live talk each morning at 10:30 am Eastern, covering charts that are setting up, and the other recorded each evening to prepare members for the next day of trading.
  • Weekly Member-Request Webinar, each Monday at 6:00 pm Eastern on selected and member-requested stocks, in which Carolyn starts with blank charts that are requested and goes through a live analysis of them.

Introductory Videos/PDFs by Carolyn

How To Use & Profit From Carolyn Boroden's Fibonacci Analysis (1 hr) - Apr 28, 2020

Carolyn's most recent and a very comprehensive introduction to using her Fibonacci work and understanding how she derives trade set-ups and directional analysis in both stocks and market indices.

Introduction to Advanced Fibonacci Time and Price Analysis (1 hr): Mar 4, 2020 (NY Traders Expo) | Nov 21, 2019 (EWT)

See how Carolyn uses Fibonacci ratios on both the time and price axis of the market to identify key support and resistance decisions on the charts. View slides only: Mar 4, 2020 | Nov 19, 2019.

Identifying Trade Setups From Fibonacci Price Relationships

A brief summary of the Fibonacci price relationships Carolyn looks for in her strategy.

Applying Fibonacci Analysis to Day Trading (9 min)

This video provides instruction for trading the set-ups highlighted by Carolyn's strategy. Also available in text.