About Mike Golembesky

Mike Golembesky Michael Golembesky is a senior analyst at ElliottWaveTrader covering US Indices, the US Dollar, and the VIX. He contributes frequently to Avi's Market Alerts service while also hosting his own VIX Trading service.

Mike began his trading journey as a SOES trader in the late 90's. In 2005 he began trading the Forex markets at which time he was first introduced to Elliott Wave analysis. In 2012 he joined EWT where he further honed his knowledge of Elliott Wave analysis and Fibonacci Pinball. Mike also has an extensive background in real estate investing and finance, having spent close to 10 years working in this field. He is a popular speaker at trading conferences such as the Traders Expo, and a regular contributor to sites such as Seeking Alpha, Nasdaq.com, and Money Show.

About Mike's VIX Service

The VIX Trade Alerts service features Mike's day and swing trade alerts on the VXX as well as VXX options. The alerts are posted live in the ElliottWaveTrader room and available by email. The service also features a Live Video on Mondays after the close, in which Mike presents his charts and answers member questions.

See a recent Webinar by Mike on VIX trading opportunities.

Story Archive

Market Still Over Support, But No Breakout Yet

As long as the S&P 500 is holding over support, the near-term pressure does remain up.
by Mike Golembesky - 3 days ago

US Dollar Finally Breaks Down

This week the US Dollar Index (DXY) continued to move lower and has now finally broken under all of the key support levels that I have been noting for several weeks.
by Mike Golembesky - 2 weeks ago

Market Showing Mixed Signals, But Still Over Support For Now

While the market has yet to fully show its hand here, we are closing in on some fairly key support levels.
by Mike Golembesky - 3 weeks ago

Near-Term Pressure Still Down In US Dollar

This week the US Dollar Index (DXY) continued to consolidate under key resistance at the 97-69-98.
by Mike Golembesky - 1 month ago

Market Trying To Confirm A Top

Today the S&P 500 opened up again moving well into overextended territory.
by Mike Golembesky - 1 month ago

Approaching Local Top

I still think the Nasdaq 100 (NDX) is getting close to at least a local top even if this does grind a bit higher first.
by Mike Golembesky - 2 months ago

Patterns Getting Quite Full

We still do not have an initial signal of a top just yet, but the pattern on the Nasdaq 100, like with the Russell 2000, is getting quite full.
by Mike Golembesky - 2 months ago

Local Top Forming For Nasdaq?

The structure of the NDX move up off the 8562 low now counts better as a 3-wave move rather than a full 5 up.
by Mike Golembesky - 2 months ago

USD Moves Lower

Last week I noted that the US Dollar may not be far away from a sharp reversal after grinding higher into the end of the week.
by Mike Golembesky - 3 months ago

Nasdaq Breaking Out, But ...

The break higher in the Nasdaq 100 should take the shape of an abc up off of yesterday's low and will likely be a very muted move.
by Mike Golembesky - 3 months ago