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Michael Golembesky covers Forex, the S&P 500 and the VIX, contributing frequently to Avi's Market Alerts service while also hosting his own VIX Trade Alerts service and co-hosting the EWT Forex service with Arkady. He began his trading journey as a SOES trader in the late 90's. In 2005 he began trading the Forex markets at which time he was first introduced to Elliott Wave analysis. In 2012 he joined EWT where he further honed his knowledge of Elliott Wave analysis and Fibonacci Pinball. Michael also has an extensive background in real estate investing and finance, having spent close to 10 years working in this field.


Option Workup Video Explanation Wed Apr 24th 2019

This is a link to a VIX service live video that was posted on April 2nd of 2018.

VXX and VIX OPEX Wed Jul 18th 2018

I often hear statements such that that the VXX will always dump into the VIX OPEX and one should never be long the VXX just before the VIX OPEX.

The VXX: It's Not Magic, It's Fib Pinball - A Real World Example of How To Execute and Manage Trades Using Fib Pinball Thu Jul 12th 2018

This article was originally published in August of 2017. I am re-publishing it here in the newly created educational section of the VIX Service as it is an excellent example of how to execute and manage a trade using Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Pinball.


VIX Trading Opportunities - Jul 14, 2017

In this Webinar, Mike covers the basics about the VIX and how to trade it, as well as how to apply Elliott Wave analysis to this area of the market.