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Wells Fargo: A Solid Sell Setup In Place

- The stock has been significantly underperforming the SP. A clear sell setup is now in place. - Would you like to see just how strong your bank is? We have developed a testing methodology for bank strength. - Only examining the earnings and financials of a bank is not enough.- Follow along as we paint the likely scenario for the stock going forward. by Levi at Elliott Wave Trader; produced with Avi GilburtWay back now almost 2 years ago, we began to warn of issues developing within the banking system. Specifically regarding (WFC), Avi wrote this article last December, “Is Your Bank Safe? A Look At Wells Fargo”.
by Levi - 6 months ago

It’s Almost Time To Chase JP Morgan

- We are looking for a specific high-probability long setup in JPM.- Follow along as we discuss why this type of setup can help the swing trader find key entry and exit points.- We also will analyze what implications this could have on the longer-term outlook for JPM.------------------------There is no need to tell any market participant that the last 5 months have been tough sledding for investors and traders alike. This, like all other corrections, will see an end and a new rally phase will unfold. You can see our updated market outlook in other articles published here on Seeking Alpha.
by Levi - 1 year ago

JPM gonna run - Market Analysis for Aug 7th, 2020

JPM gonna run freebie
3 years ago

JPM - a big tell

big bounce from where it had too.... see what it does now that its back at resistance....
3 years ago

Covering JPM shorts - Market Analysis for May 14th, 2020

ok at the C im out of half shorts...will hold rest for the implse to new lows...
3 years ago

JPM allows for on final high in P.3.

Since the fourth wave of a diagonal can drop deeper than in an impulse even overlapping wave one, and that technically a four of a diagonal does not invalidate until a break of the wave two low... JPM can still attempt the purple v. It has one of the better shot at it. But this should certainly not be viewed as isolated market action. We expect more of this (though ideally taking longer and with more clear bounces) as the larger Primary 4s unflod.
by Zac Mannes - 4 years ago

July High Even More Divergent For Financials

Update to May coverage of Financials including: XLF, JPM, MS, GS, BRK.B, BAC, DB & GE.
by Zac Mannes - 4 years ago

JPM about to be triggered.

Consolidating nicely in the wave two.
by Zac Mannes - 5 years ago

JPM: going for the bacon

alright...i went for the bacon on this one...looks like a (i)-(ii) i-ii to my eyes........setup is so dog gone pretty....7/20 and 7/27's and ealrier on the am the 8/3's....
5 years ago

JPM full position now added into this wave ii

Nabbed more JPM at 105.
5 years ago

Strong cases for OML.

AXP JPM & XBI are also among some of the strongest charts for the coming 5th wave...
by Zac Mannes - 6 years ago