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It’s Almost Time To Chase JP Morgan

- We are looking for a specific high-probability long setup in JPM.- Follow along as we discuss why this type of setup can help the swing trader find key entry and exit points.- We also will analyze what implications this could have on the longer-term outlook for JPM.------------------------There is no need to tell any market participant that the last 5 months have been tough sledding for investors and traders alike. This, like all other corrections, will see an end and a new rally phase will unfold. You can see our updated market outlook in other articles published here on Seeking Alpha.
by Levi_Muts - 3 months ago

JPM gonna run - Market Analysis for Aug 7th, 2020

JPM gonna run freebie
2 years ago

JPM - a big tell

big bounce from where it had too.... see what it does now that its back at resistance....
2 years ago

Covering JPM shorts - Market Analysis for May 14th, 2020

ok at the C im out of half shorts...will hold rest for the implse to new lows...
2 years ago

July High Even More Divergent For Financials

Update to May coverage of Financials including: XLF, JPM, MS, GS, BRK.B, BAC, DB & GE.
by Zac Mannes - 2 years ago

JPM about to be triggered.

Consolidating nicely in the wave two.
by Zac Mannes - 3 years ago

JPM: going for the bacon

alright...i went for the bacon on this one...looks like a (i)-(ii) i-ii to my eyes........setup is so dog gone pretty....7/20 and 7/27's and ealrier on the am the 8/3's....
4 years ago

JPM full position now added into this wave ii

Nabbed more JPM at 105.
4 years ago