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Costco: This Is Where The Bold Will Turn Cautious

By Levi at StockWaves; Produced with Avi GilburtTake a brief trip with me if you will, please. I want to go back to March 9th of this year when we turned bullish on (COST) stock. It was with a very tight stop but also specific parameters and expectations. Well, we will give you the end of the story first. COST did indeed match our projections and fulfilled its upside target and then some. At the time of the article published on March 14th, we placed a ‘Buy’ rating on COST with a bit of a caveat. It would need to meet very specific goals. And, it certainly did, a bull through the eye of a needle, to put it metaphorically.
by Levi - 2 months ago

Costco: Should You Pay For Premium?

- We delve into the fundamentals with Lyn Alden and discover something interesting.- What is the technical setup telling us at the moment?- How do you quantify how much to pay for a premium company like Costco?by Levi at StockWaves; produced with Avi GilburtWe have an intriguing situation with the fundamentals telling one story and the technicals pointing to another potential outcome. How do we decide what is the more likely path? Let’s discuss both sides and then how to make the final determination.Digging Into The Fundamentals With Lyn AldenLyn Alden provides us with unique insights from her deep dives into the financials and fundamentals of companies that she covers.
by Levi - 11 months ago