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Avi Gilburt

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No Movement – Nothing New Thu Nov 19th 2015

Today seems to have simply been a consolidation day.  And, as long as the SPX remains over 2075, the bullish pattern remains intact.  Today, I put out a few charts explaining that the ES has much higher targets, due to its lower low, relative to the SPX.  In fact, a full 5 waves in the ES would target the level which would be equivalent to the 2175SPX level.

Could There Be A Bottom In Place? Thu Nov 19th 2015

For over 4 years, many have been looking for a bottom to this metals black hole.  Many have called for a “certain” bottom in place many times over.  But, until we reached our targets AND had a full pattern in place, we were not able to call a bottom. However, while I am not yet “calling” the bottom, I am going to note that the potential now exists that a bottom can be in place in the GDX as it now has the bare minimum number of waves to call it a full 5 waves down in this larger degree c-wave.

Bulls Are Walking Through The Door Wed Nov 18th 2015

The market had to provide us downside follow through early this week for us to begin to thinking bearishly.  But, as we have seen, the bears have been unable to hold it down, and the bulls have opened the door – as noted last night – and are now trying to walk on through it.  The 2067SPX level was the initial resistance that had to be broached, and, today, the bulls have done so.

Bull/Bear Battle Rages On Tue Nov 17th 2015

Last week, over this past weekend, and all day yesterday I have warned that this region will be where the bulls and bears battle it out to determine if the larger degree wave IV of primary wave 3 has confirmed as completed.  And, today, they have continued to battle it out.

2020SPX Holds – So Far Mon Nov 16th 2015

As we noted over the weekend and all of last week, 2020SPX was the very important level of support which must hold to keep the bullish counts alive.  Last night, as most of the market seemed to be looking for a market crash, we were setting targets in our Trading Room at for the rally we expected into today.  And, we have hit those targets quite well. But, the question now is if the market can maintain this uptrend or not.

Inflation, Deflation, Or Something More Devastating In Between Sat Nov 14th 2015

For years, we have been listening to analysts and pundits arguing about two diametrically opposing perspectives for various market troubles; we have the inflation camp and the deflation camp.

“Bearish” Follow Through Thu Nov 12th 2015

While the bears have gotten over their hangover and were able to complete the job today to take the market lower, this is only one battle, and the war has not yet been won.  In fact, the set up for the bulls is just as good now as it is for the bears. We are now in a region where I don’t see an edge for either side.  We have a solid i-ii green bullish set up for the bulls, but they have to show up within the next few days to prove their mettle.

Bears Are Not Growling YET Wed Nov 11th 2015

With the market still holding the down trend channel, it still has contained any upside to the market thus far.  And, as noted this morning, the IWM/TF has suggested that I offer a slightly different count on the SPX, which is now more in alignment with the IWM.  However, there is still potential for the SPX to target the 2104 region, whereas the IWM can make a higher high in the current set up.

Market Has Stalled Tue Nov 10th 2015

The bearish count we have been following for the red c-wave to lower lows needed a big follow through to the downside today, at least based upon the pattern we have been tracking.  While the move down off the high has left some open questions, and still can leave that c-wave to lower lows as a strong possibility, the move up today may be making it less likely.

Why You Should Not Buy IPO’s Fri Nov 6th 2015

Everyone is talking about the surge in IPO’s of late.  And, as we know, there are few stocks which receive more hype than an initial public offering, yet, at the same time, there are few stocks more risky.  But, I have not seen anyone really review what these IPO’s do after their offerings are made on the market.  An initial public offering is when a private company makes its shares available through a publically trading stock market.