Why Do More Than 6000 Traders Subscribe to ElliottWaveTrader?

Why do more than 6000 traders subscribe to ElliottWaveTrader?

We certainly have had a history of outstanding market calls since our founding 10 years ago by Avi Gilburt. In fact, Avi's "Fibonacci Pinball" methodology has been called "the single most useful addition the Elliott Wave lexicon" and "one of the most profound discoveries in EW analysis."

But here are a few other things you may not know about our EWT team and services that account for our popularity:

1 - We offer a Cryptocurrency trading service hosted by Ryan Wilday that is unparalleled on Web, having called Bitcoin's major support low at $3000 in December 2018 before targeting $60k+ by 2021.

"This service is simply the most profound and beneficial subscription service I have been a part of, on any platform."  --Wigleyja

2 - Our team includes star fundamental analysts like Lyn Alden Schwartzer who highlight the highest-probability opportunities where fundamentals and technicals align.

"Lyn Alden [is] by far the top emerging macro analyst from 2020. Incredible addition to the EWT team."  --@UKTR15

3 - We offer Fibonacci analysis by the "Queen" herself, Carolyn Boroden!

"Carolyn's work is amazing and truly provides an edge for day trading and swing trading. Congratulations Fib Queen!"  --JimmyB

4 - We feature the Web's #1 service for income investors and retirees, High Dividend Opportunities, hosted by Rida Morwa.

"Can’t tell you how helpful these write ups are for due diligence in allotting capital for my clients who need income." --Basilmi

5 - All this in addition to providing services for traders of stock market indices, stocks, options, world markets, forex and more -- all within our live community forum!

"Love this community.  Best analysts anywhere, and so many terrific experienced members who are generous enough to share their thoughts and trades .... None of us can control the market, but this site provides more confidence via the counts and suggested stops.  Appreciate you all!  Absolute rock stars!"  --WildWestie

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