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Featuring analysis and trade alerts on cryptocurrencies, including alt coins, and crypto-related stocks.

What Members Receive:

  • Intraday Analysis in Our Trading Room on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and high quality, tradable alt-coins and Crypto-related stocks, including key supports and resistance.
  • Symbol Request Tool enabling members to get chart work-ups on demand.
  • Nightly & Weekend Crypto Report on Bitcoin & Ethereum, plus ETHBTC and the Grayscale Bitcoin fund (GBTC).  Weekend report includes longer-term counts.
  • Live Webinar Each Saturday Morning that provides expanded detail about Bitcoin, Ethereum and selected other coins.
  • Weekly Altcoin & Crypto Equity Report, covering coins and crypto-related stocks we’re either trading or watching closely for a trade, with entry and profit-taking levels.
  • Weekly Crypto Opportunities Sheet:  A centralized place to find the medium or micro degree trade setups that Ryan and Jason are tracking.  Members:  Learn more about the sheet and view the latest one.

About The Strategy:

Cryptocurrencies are investable tokens that, for the most part, do not give the holder the right to cash flows or any rights normal securities do. Further, there is not an accepted method of “coin valuation,” though there are many potentials debated. 

This means that participants in the crypto mark fly quite blind in regard to valuation, and instead trade purely on sentiment terms.  This is where Elliott Wave theory excels, as our methodology tracks sentiment via wave analysis.  Given this context, it is our experience that the wave patterns we see in crypto can often be purer and clearer than we see in other asset classes.

In the Cryptocurrency Trading service we use Fibonacci Pinball, developed by Avi Gilburt, to identify key price regions where cryptocurrencies should turn, as well as support and resistance for managing trades.   Using this method, we help crypto investors identify key cryptocurrency opportunities ahead of time.  This includes swing as well as long-term setups, where to enter, and where to manage risk.  And, with our eyes on Bitcoin as the center of the crypto market, we identify where bull and bear cycles begin. It can be said that where Bitcoin goes, so goes the rest of crypto.

Suggested Reading & Videos:

We strong suggest that you start to get a basic familiarity with the Elliott Wave Theory. While you don’t need to learn how to do analysis, acquiring a working knowledge of the terminology will help. We suggest reading Prechter and Frost’s The Elliott Wave Principle.  We also recommend the following videos to help you understand our analysis better and how to decipher opportunities.  The first is "Keys To Success In Our Crypto Service at EWT."  We also recommend  "Getting Started in Trading Cryptocurrencies" and "Using Elliott Wave In Analyzing Cryptocurrencies."

Also, we invite you to study this article on the long-term “count” for Bitcoin. This is the necessary context for the coming bull and bear cycles. Elliott Wave is a technique that works best by focusing on the longest-term projection that is valid and then honing in on shorter-term charts for a more granular view geared towards shorter-term and swing trades. This long-term chart changes a little with each [cyclical] bear, but is relatively stable over time.


Our calls have been lauded by members, especially recently after we put out a buy signal on Bitcoin on October 12, 2020 when it traded at $11,299 and had been largely sideways for four months prior.

Here’s a sample of what members have been saying about us:

This [cryptocurrency] service is simply the most profound and beneficial subscription service I have been a part of, on any platform. Ryan and Jason are amazingly dedicated to helping this community....Most importantly they offer incredibly accurate guidance in the crypto market that is otherwise opaque and fraught with pure speculation. In this bull market, they are an indispensable resource to guiding you through the extremely volatile world of crypto. This is highly recommended.
Wigleyja - SeekingAlpha
This [cryptocurrency] subscription has been my best investment of the year!
cfcp - Seeking Alpha
Ryan truly has a finger on the pulse of the crypto currency market. His thoughts and recommendations reveal a truly unique talent that can benefit anyone remotely interested in this crazy fast-paced 24/7 market. Can’t recommend anyone higher for cryptocurrency analysis.
Godzuki - Trading Room
If not for Ryan's service, I wouldn't buy or trade cryptocurrency on my own. I thought I was too old for learning and managing these crypto accounts, but I was able to do it. It is very important to read Ryan's list of security measures to be taken when dealing with cryptos. Ryan provides us with analyses covering a large range of coins, teaches us how to trade, answers our questions and makes actual trade calls! We also have a good team of members contributing to the service by sharing information and their personal counts. I enjoy it!
"Chana" - Email
Gotta say, I'd been practicing EW for years prior to joining the site, but your pedagogical skills has been invaluable in helping me get to the next level!
hugo-manenti - Trading Room