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The Cryptocurrency Trading premium service in our EWT Trading Room provides analysis and trade alerts on cryptocurrencies, hosted by Ryan Wilday, focusing on both Big Cap coins and Tokens/post-ICOs. Big Caps are the top 15 coins in terms of market cap, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, Ripple, and Litecoin. Tokens are a name for small coins or coins built on the network of another larger cap coin. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are coins that are released to fund projects and we will trade them after they are listed on exchanges. Tokens and ICOs are more speculative and it is the service participant's responsibility to decide exposure to each portfolio. See important notice about Risk Considerations.

About Ryan Wilday

Ryan Wilday

Ryan has over 17 years experience trading equities, futures and options. He was introduced to cryptocurrency in 2013 by a programmer friend and began mining and trading shortly thereafter. Though he read Prechter's Elliott Wave Principle in the early 2000's, he didn't make practical use of the theory until joining EWT in 2015. Today he melds his deep knowledge of the cryptocurrency market with Elliott Wave theory and Fibonacci Pinball.

Key Intro Articles

Thoughts on Using the Service Thu Oct 5th 2017

I wanted to put this together for new folks coming on. We haven't had too many come on since the trial but we are holding steady over 200 people. So, I want to have this to point to. So here goes: Know The Asset Class.

Trading Elliott Basics with Cryptos Wed Oct 11th 2017

This post is not for the veterans here. That is unless you never created a trading plan. If you haven't start. But, I got a PM today that was clear the person didn't have a handle on trading the wave counts. So, want to give some quick basics.

Getting Your Feet Wet in Cryptos Mon Dec 18th 2017

Reposting this article Avi and Ryan wrote a while back on Seeking Alpha so we get it archived in our Crypto education section.

Additional Articles

Slow Grind Diagonal Bottoms Tue Nov 6th 2018

If you are new to EW this is an important lesson, and I wanted to show this chart just to prep. We have a lot of corrective moves off the lows, in many chaarts.

Reminder Tue Nov 6th 2018

Hey all- Just a reminder. All the last skew charts are still valid if you are looking at tracheing in for the long term. But all targets were placeholders based on the expected bottom.  I will redo all of them again when we have firm bottoms.

Price Action 'Analysis' Mon Oct 29th 2018

While the market is slow (for now ), I wanted to do a quick educational post on how I look at price action. This term 'price action' means to me, in essence, that you are analyzing how price is moving. I am not sure how others think about that term.

A Setup is JUST a Setup Sat Oct 27th 2018

Just a friendly reminder and because we have a few new folks.... The purpose here is just to so you are clear about how I lean as an analyst, as we are likely close to a key turn in the market.

Regarding XXXBTC and XXXUSD Charts Thu Oct 25th 2018

I received a PM with a question, paraphrased, 'I trade in Bitcoin not dollars, can you provide XXXBTC charts? This comes up now and then and now that we have 'pinned posts' I wanted to address this in a thorough fashion.

MACD Thoughts Wed Oct 10th 2018

Slow day and after last night, where I called for a $100 drop on BTC based on the MACD,I thought I'd do a simple post on the MACD.  First, rule #1 in using the MACD is you must not use the crosses as direct buy and sell signals, even the 0 line.

Will EOS Kill Ethereum? PT 2 Mon Oct 1st 2018

[Just realized I didn't post this last night. Must have been tired] In Part I of this series, I discussed how some investors and developers have questioned whether EOS posed a threat to Ethereum.

Can Ripple Keep Ripping? Fri Sep 21st 2018

Note: This is going to take a bit to put together charts for. I'll get them worked up, but I know everyone is chomping at the bit. So I wanted to get the verbage out.  Obviously, Ripple has broken through swing resistance.


Please look at the following images. I've sorted all coins I've completed alphabetically. Anything you would add? If not, this is final. Please reply if anything your watching is not included.

Reminder 2X Mon Sep 10th 2018

I want to remind that there is no bell ringing at bottoms. There is a lot of evidence we look to: 1. A=C projection levels on the way down 2. 5 Wave completion of C or Y and for micro 5 wave completion of that 5th.  3.

How I Short And Not Get Killed Fri Sep 7th 2018

I want to do my best to give you a full guide to my approach.  #1 is don't over leverage. When I begin to build a short position, I decide how much I want to risk, and I let that be no more than 1/2 the margin needed for a margin call, often only 25%.

Mood Wed Aug 29th 2018

Just a quick esoteric take on 'market mood'.... Since we had our May's high we have not had a market that was willing to push on bears at all. It gave them free rein to pillage. We are now seeing different. This is a significant change in my view.

EOS Ram Trading Tue Aug 21st 2018

While slow, I'm making a post on EOSRAM trading. I get a lot of questions. If I've misrepresented anything let me know.  What is RAM trading? RAM is a component of the EOS network.

Staggered Bottom Tue Aug 21st 2018

Important enough to notify:  We have to sometimes be prepared for staggered bottoming'. Yes I just invented a phrase. What I mean is that some things may bottom and some things may get OML.

Schedule this Week Mon Aug 20th 2018

FYI on schedule- This week is the SF Moneyshow, and Friday I'm teaching a class on Elliott Wave and cryptos. So, I doubt I'll be seen much on Friday and I'll I'll make up some time on the weekend, if the market warrants.

Alternate Waterfall Thu Aug 16th 2018

Jappel's validly called that my primary count is questionable if wave 3 as I have marked is shorter in price than 1, and certainly invalid if shorter than v. This would be an EW rule validation.

Bitcoin: Landing Gear Engaged Wed Aug 15th 2018

[new article] Bitcoin: Landing Gear Engaged I haven’t been able to write for a considerable time due to business trips, vacations, and just the day to day of running a crypto trading room, a 24/7 job at times. But I’m back.

When is a Correction Done? Wed Aug 15th 2018

I got the question in another post regarding how do we know a correction is done? I personally do not actually operate on certainty in markets. I believe the market doesn't offer that.

The Bottomer's Reading Assignment Tue Aug 14th 2018

#1. The next micro lows in MANY coins CAN and emphasis CAN bring a bottom. But there is no bottom proof without the corresponding impulse. Just be aware. I don't want you to miss out if interested in knife catching, but please don't bet the farm.

Fundy Thoughts on Ether Tue Aug 14th 2018

So, I had a request on a comment I made in another post that goes like this: 'Perhaps Ether doesn't make it past wave 2'. This comment is based on the clogged nature of the Ether network and how EOS appears to be 10X in technology.

Bottom Zone? Mon Aug 13th 2018

Just so it doesn't seem like I'm not making bottom calls, I'm just trying to give you simple visual guide for where this may happen. We are in a diagonal so watch the channel. We're getting close but have a bit to go. We can over shoot if this is the white.

Trend is Your Friend + Positioning. Mon Aug 13th 2018

The market is slow so I want to get this out before it speeds up....This was inspired by a PM exchange with a member yesterday. The basic content of the PM was that he was losing money short term trading this drop and so I took the time to understand why.

Webinar Correction: 4PM EST (30min. from now) Wed Aug 8th 2018

Sorry. I fired off the last message regarding hte webinar too quickly It is actually in thirty minutes. A few emails volleying amongst the team and I mixed myself up :)

Webinar Update Wed Aug 8th 2018

Webinar will be at 5PM EST today. Again, due to travel I'm holding it today, not Friday, and it seems a very beautiful day to do it :). 

Fight the Capitulator's Urge Wed Aug 8th 2018

Folks- While I cannot confirm this is it, we are starting to see signs of capitulation in the market. Really this is just a natural follow on to the 'waterfall' post two days ago. We're seeing only anemic rise into resistance and extension to the downside.

Recent Reflections: A Handicap and a Curse Tue Aug 7th 2018

[placing in beginners circle but wanted to share here in case you have that turned off] Feeling a little inspired today.

BTCUSD Waterfall? Mon Aug 6th 2018

I felt this was important enough to put on notification. One of the questions on my mind is whether this is 5 of our large C wave diagonal or, just C of iii. The former is in red.

Summary Point of View Mon Jun 25th 2018

Where have we been? We had a very bullish April in cryptos and to many of our eyes, referring to analysts on EWT, we had five waves up. Then as we moved lower in May we fully expected to see bullish retrace levels hold.

Revised Post for New Subscribers Thu Jun 14th 2018

Now that we have a pinning function, I wanted to create this new post for new subscribers: Achieving Success 1) If you are new to trading, starting from 0, I strongly advise not putting much money in this market, if at all.

Algo Trial Period Thu Jun 14th 2018

FYI- In order to improve swing trading, I've been working on an algorhythm. I'm going to start to use the swing trades here as a record fo the algo trades for continued testing. I am still using Elliott Wave to add discernment 'by hand'.


Trading Timeframes with Elliott Wave - Apr 27, 2018

Ryan Wilday talks about how he applies this knowledge of Elliott Wave to managing his cryptocurrency model portfolios in multiple timeframes, making long-term holds, swing trades, and short-term 'scalps' as part of this trading repertoire.

Applying Elliott Wave to Crypto Trading - Jan 17, 2018

In this webinar Ryan covers the basics of Elliott Wave and how it applies to analyzing Cryptocurrency charts and generating successful trades with appropriate risk management.

Revisiting Crypto Trading for Beginners - Jan 3, 2018

In this webinar Ryan revisits getting started in the ever changing Cryptocurrency market including new discussions on security and taxes. He also showcases some of the performance in his Cryptocurrency service since the launch in August 2017.

Crypto Trading for Beginners - July 27, 2017

This 1-hour Webinar by Ryan covers the following:

  • What is a Crypto currency?
  • What are the unique benefits and risks of Crypto trading?
  • How can you enter the Crypto market?
  • Does Elliott Wave work with the Crypto markets?

Other Presentations

Trading Elliott Wave + Crypto 'Predictions' (PDF)

Applying Elliott Wave and ‘Fibonacci Pinball’ to analyzing cryptocurrency charts and trading different timeframes, including setting stops and targets. Presented at the SF Money Show, Aug 24, 2018.

Securing Your Cryptocurrency (PDF)

Cryptocurrency traders need to double down on security, so they are not the source of compromise. Here are some insights.

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