"Royal" Setup In Apple

AAPL is an example of what I like to call a "Royal" setup.  That just means that the daily chart of the setup has all the moving averages I like to watch, supporting the setup.

For a Royal buy setup, that is when on the daily price is above the 200 and 50 simple moving averages, and we also have the 5/13 ema combo in a buy mode with the 5 above the 13.  We always want to look at buying symmetrical pullbacks/setups in that kind of technical environment.  

AAPL had symmetry support at the 170.23-48 area.  The actual low was made on May 24 at 170.52, which was just pennies above the zone.  Since we held the zone we knew we could take the 15- or 30-min chart triggers an entry with the 8/34 ema crossover.  

AAPL has met 2 key upside targets already and rallied $11.26 so far.  If it continues target 3 is at 185.89. At this point I've suggested trailing up stops since the move is extended to the upside.