Grab The Discount Before Price Increase: "High Dividend Opportunities"

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Dear EWT Members,

I am proud to have launched access to High Dividend Opportunities on Elliott Wave Trader. Our community of income investors and retirees has continued to grow rapidly! I am excited about the prospects for the year 2021 and beyond!

  • Since October 2020, value stocks (and value dividend stocks) have been soaring. We have been beating the S&P 500 index by several times since.
  • A stellar record in targeting high-dividend stocks trading at cheap valuations, allowing our members to lock in higher yields at low prices for the long term.
  • Cheap dividend stocks are the best place to be in the current market environment, for income and upside.
  • We are among the first services to spot the best opportunities in the high-yield space.
  • Our research team has been growing. In the past two years, our team of dividend-focused authors has greatly increased. Our team today includes Beyond Saving, Treading Softly, Philip Mause, Preferred Stock Trader, and PendragonY. To view the profiles of our research team, please click HERE.
  • To win at investing, everyone knows that experience really matters. Among our most senior analysts alone, we wield over 200 years of investing experience to back our service. We are on your side. 

Friends Don't Let Friends Pay More For Great Advice!

Our limited-time charter member price will not last long! Currently, HDO costs $175 quarterly, and $59.95 a month. Come March 1st, our prices are rising to $225 quarterly, and $79.99 a month

If you have friends and family on the fence about joining HDO, now is the time to encourage them to snag a free trial and check us out. The cost of waiting is $200 a year, for life! Why wait and pay almost 28% more? Your friends and family shouldn't have to. Friends don't let friends miss out on signing up before the price increases!

Members Always Receive Top High-Dividend Picks Ahead Of The Rest!

We are always on the lookout for mispriced high-yield picks. Despite the recent rally, most dividend stocks remain very cheap due to relative undervaluation compared to large-cap stocks and technology stocks. Let us help you discover which ones are best!

Recently we’ve highlighted several opportunities in lower volume securities – these opportunities dried up before the public ever heard of them! Why? Because our members at High Dividend Opportunities were able to capture them first.

What could you do with an extra $20 a month? That’s the savings you get from joining now vs waiting! – a saving of approximately $240 a year! What could you do with $240?

  • You could buy 28 shares of Annaly (NLY) our top pick for 2021, which means your savings keep paying you!
  • Buy 96 cans of Red Bull, it may not give you wings, but it'll make your heart fly!
  • Buy 9 kerosene lanterns from Walmart (WMT), never hurts to have a backup light and heat source these days!

We love every member of HDO, but we would rather you keep your $240 that you worked hard for! These dollars could be hard at work with the opportunities we find throughout the year

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Beat the price increase and join today!


Rida Morwa

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Rida Morwa is part of the High Dividend Investing (HDI) team at EWT, currently offering a 15-day free trial.