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Will Barton

Co-hosts Will Barton and Rida Morwa and their team of high-yield experts have joined ElliottWaveTrader! Sign up TODAY for a Free 15-Day Trial -- no credit card required for first-time members.

Why Invest in Dividend Stocks?

Not only does dividend investing generate regular cash flow needed to supplement one's income needs, but dividend investing is a defensive investment style that generates regular cash flows for investors and tends to outperform when markets are volatile.

High Dividend Investing focuses on bringing members the newest and most profitable dividend ideas and fixed income securities trading at attractive valuations. Our goal is helping members generate a safe and recurrent source of income in today's low-yield world, with a model portfolio of common equity, preferred stock, and bond picks targeting yields of 9-10%.

We follow a strategy unique to our service that we call the "Income Method" to boost members' income instantly so they can enjoy worry-free passive high income investing. Starting with a fixed-income base consisting of high-yielding preferred shares and baby bonds, we add opportunistic high-yielding common equity picks to build a very stable high-yield income.

With 4000+ members, High Dividend Investing is the largest and fastest growing community for income investors and retirees. Our success is based on our commitment to continuously upgrade our service and remain the standard in providing the best dividend stock service in the nation. With interest rates at all-time lows, investors are struggling to find a way to boost income, we are here to help you out.

There has never been a better time to join High Dividend Investing and build passive income for your savings and retirement!

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What You Get With Your Membership:

  • Access to our Model Portfolio: Our portfolio is actively managed and targets maximum total returns with a 9-10% on-going yield. It is composed of 40 high-yield securities including dividend stocks, high-yield ETFs & CEFs.
  • Access to our Preferred Stock Portfolio, and Baby Bond Portfolio: These provide an excellent starting point for conservative income investors. Our preferred stock portfolio alone includes over 50 preferred stock picks, with optimal "buy under" prices and an overall yield close to 7%. It is designed especially for those who like fixed income. This is the best resource for Preferred Stock picks on the web.
  • A free 'Dividend Tracker': Hate not knowing when your next big dividend payment is coming? Hate buying a security and realizing you missed the Ex-Div date by a couple of days? Our dividend tracker solves these problems by highlighting when and how large your next dividend payment will be! It makes organizing your bills and finances easy when you know when your money is coming!
  • Regular Market Updates: You’ll get continuous market updates and macro-economic analysis so you’ll always be on top of the overall economic climate and context that drives our investing strategy. This is a must-have analysis to support your portfolio as we enter more volatile periods.
  • Timely Buy & Sell Alerts: We send email alerts each time we make a change to our portfolio so members can stay up to date in managing their portfolios. You’re never caught behind the news on High Dividend Investing. We manage positions actively to protect our portfolio and take advantage of opportunities in the market.
  • Live Interaction: We're available 24/7 in EWT's Trading Room to share market news and investment ideas, and help new members get started.

Plus, if you also have Stock Waves, you'll see which High-Yield Picks Best Align with EW!

That's right. For those members that join our service and also subscribe to our Stock Waves, you will enjoy an added benefit: EWT's Jason Appel will be writing a weekly article under the "Where Fundamentals Meet The Technicals" umbrella, wherein he will outline specific picks made by the HDI team which match up with the Stock Waves analysts technical outlook.

In other words, members who have both services will access the best opportunities in the high-yield dividend arena where our fundamental analysis and the Stock Waves team's EW analysis align!!

Here's What EWT Members Are Saying About Us:

Welcome Rida & team! One more great resource for us subscribers.
-- LearnEarn
That's amazing you and Rida were the only 2 I loved back in the SA days. Awesome!
That’s awesome! I love to take dividend yield into account for my long swing holdings.
He’s one of my favorites on SA, and I have bought many of his it!
This is great! Will be joining.
Great news! As a current member of HDI and EWT, I couldn't be more excited!
This is great, Avi. Super addition, I have been considering taking a trial of HDI.
I have subscribed to both EW and the HDI service for several years now and have learned to enter HDI picks using EW...If value investing does return most of the HDI picks should do well for the next couple of years.
Can't wait to check out the new service - Welcome Rida and team!
Excellent! I have picked up some great fixed & high dividend suggestions from Rida Morwa. Fills a gap at Stock Waves. Thanks for making it happen, Avi.
It will be a good pairing! Welcome Rida - I look forward to upping my dividend stock game with the EWT timing and analysis on your dividend stock picks!

Don't miss out on the "Power of Dividends!" Join our family of Income Investors and start generating high dividends TODAY. Thousands of satisfied income investors have already joined our group. We are confident that you will love our service! No one needs to invest alone in these difficult times.

Sign up TODAY for a Free 15-Day Trial -- no credit card required for first-time members.