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WalMart: Ready For A Rollback

- Fundamental analysis can give us a good idea if a stock is likely to do well over a 5-year period. Lyn Alden discusses the current outlook for WalMart.- The technical viewpoint also agrees with Lyn’s assessment. We discuss specific price levels and where we believe WMT is headed next.- Where might this scenario be wrong or need revision?by Levi at StockWaves; produced with Avi GilburtA team of virtuosos in their respective fields has been mustered. We are privileged to have Lyn Alden provide her world-class fundamental viewpoint. Zac Mannes and Garrett Patten provide technical analysis that gives clear parameters across the universe of stocks in the dynamic marketplace. This is StockWaves - where fundamentals meet technicals.
by Levi - 1 year ago