Fibonacci Targets For AAPL, AMZN, FB & GOOGL

Here are four stocks that have held their key Fib support levels and on which buy triggers have signaled or are close to signaling. 

AAPL:  As long as AAPL continues to hold above key daily support described on the chart, the potential is a run to the 145.35 area.

There's an important hurdle on the way up that's going to come in at 125.82 to 127.63, which constitutes the .618 extension as well as the symmetry projection from the prior rally swing.  It AAPL pushes through that, then 145.35 is the next target.

AMZN:  The 3095 to 3126 area is symmetry support.  If AMZN continues to hold the low, potential target is the 1.272 extension at 3672.

FB:  This is another stock that has tested and held support at 265.73 to 270.98.  See our targets in the video.

GOOGL:  Google, too, did test and hold key daily support at 1512-1515.  If the low continues to hold, potential upside target is at 1783 (the 1.272 extension), with hurdles on the way up at in the 1623 zone.

See our video chart analysis on these and other stocks.