Crude Oil Bounces Off Symmetry Support

We saw a nice symmetry setup this week in Crude oil.

After Crude oil pulled back from the 5/31 high we ended up holding key support at the 110.87-111.21 area. The actual low was made at 111.20 directly within this key price support zone. After we saw a trigger on the 1 min chart with the 8/34 ema crossover, you could have been a buyer with the initial stop either below the low made at 111.20 or below the low end of the price support cluster.

So far we've seen an $8.22 rally off this support.  I do have a higher target at 122.37, but we should be ratcheting up stops just in case we do NOT make the target.  Note that I have time resistance to this rally early next week which is another reason to trail up those stops!!