Catching the Downside Reversal in IWM

There were some timing cycles last week that did not kick in....but you still want to watch the time windows for possible reversals.  We had another example of this in IWM on the daily chart this past week.

We had key price resistance at the 212.15-54 area.  This zone includes a major 618 retracement along with a 1.618 extension of another swing.  When we hit this resistance we were in a time window for a possible high with cycles that came due between 3/29-31.  When both time and price parameters come together, we always want to watch for a possible reversal.  

The sell side did trigger a short entry and so far we've seen a decline of $7.24.  Now since we don't know how much the cycles are going to give us on the downside, we just trail stops down and see how much it gives us.