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Market Analysis for Jun 9th, 2019

Alright here we go lots of weekend homework...realizing im posting this right in front of a likely gap up off mexico "deal" news....this is long, so scroll through as it tells a story.... Until these patterns break, this is still my expectation starting with SPX Dow Trannies barely bounced, quite weak..absolute speaking here And even worse on a relative lows last Friday.... Small Caps, very weak like trannies....absolute IWM not a good looking move off lows to me at all... Relatively speaking, continues to break lows....not healthy breadth here EEM not leading...barely bounced.... absolute relative even worse... Tape back to being led by generals....
4 years ago

The GENERALS - Market Analysis for Sep 6th, 2018

I still see a last run or gasp higher the GENERALS.....or the big heavy monsta's in the Nazzy Hundo.... but make no mistake...we are in the big bad target regions from the long term weekly and monthly charts.... check em out....
5 years ago

QQQ hrly view - Elliott Wave Chart Analysis on Aug 3rd, 2018

Setup for more of a consolidation as wave ii.
by Zac Mannes - 5 years ago

Elliott Wave Chart Analysis on Jun 12th, 2018

by Zac Mannes - 5 years ago