About Stock Waves

Stock Waves is a premium service within ElliottWaveTrader providing wave analysis on U.S. stocks. The service is hosted by Zachary Mannes and Garrett Patten, who provide an extensive Coverage List of U.S. stocks, filtering through charts & wave counts on hundreds of individual stocks.

Members also receive:

  • Charts of the Day Video (3 nights per week) on key stocks to watch
  • Weekly Live Video review of requested stocks and analyst-highlighted stocks
  • Periodic Special Updates on baskets of stocks
  • Chart work-ups throughout the day on any U.S.-listed requested stock
  • Earnings Calls analyzing potential movers during earnings season.

About the Analysts:

Zac Mannes
U.S. Stocks/Miners
Garrett Patten
U.S. & World Markets, Education

Zac Mannes began working in finance as an investment advisor in 2008, and adopted Elliott Wave Theory as one of the founding members of ElliottWaveTrader. Garrett Patten, who also adopted Elliott Wave analysis initially as a member, is now ElliottWaveTrader’s chief educator. Both Zac and Garrett also co-host the site’s weekly beginners Webinar, co-manage the Miners Model Portfolio service, and are popular speakers at educational events such as the Money Show and Traders Expo. See video interviews with Zac and Garrett.