Metals, Mining & Agriculture

Zac Mannes Garrett Patten Jason Appel

Opportunities in stocks related to metals, mining & soft commodities.

What Members Receive:

  • Intraday Analysis on Metals, Global Mining Stocks, and select Soft Commodities, including key supports and resistance.
  • Wave Setups highlighting setups at or nearing ideal support/resistance or with promising initial moves off important levels.
  • Coverage includes U.S., Canadian, and Australian resource stocks. Daily Updates on key indices & ETFs, including GC, GDX, NG, URA and more.
  • Mid-Week & Weekend Metals Updates by Avi.
  • Symbol Request Tool enabling members to get chart work-ups on demand.
  • Weekly Video highlighting select opportunities with an Interactive Webinar once per month.
  • 1/2 Off when combined with Stock Waves

About The Strategy:

The service is for anyone with a near- to intermediate-term time horizon for investing in metals, mining and soft commodities.  The analysis is based on extensive understanding of Elliott Wave theory combined with Fibonacci ratios and technical indicators.  Zac was the second analyst added to our EWT team, and Garrett the fourth, with our team now numbering over 20.  Both joined EWT in our early years, adopting and building on founder Avi Gilburt’s analytical methodology.  They along with Jason are among the site’s chief educators, rotating as hosts of the weekly Beginners Webinar series, where they assist newcomers in better understanding Elliott Wave analysis.


I've been a member here 12 years. I have watched some amazing calls by Avi. But to see the metals playing out is absolutely mesmerizing. I keep looking at my positions as if I'm dreaming and about to wake up lol. And I was buying holding my nose in 2015 buying as much as I could. And in 2020 Covid crash. Wish I had more but am plenty happy. Thanks Avi and his team for keeping me on the right side of this :)
Jayman - Trading Room
The Mining Stocks Portfolio service and Elliot Wave in general have really helped me enhance my performance and have also taught me so much for the markets.
nikaras1997 - Email
Thank you G, thank you Z ... the miner service is awesome.
mybad60 - Trading Room
Thank You Zac (and Garrett). Excellent call on UEC (and other U names) you helped me immensely (again). I would have been lost trying to get in/out of these trades without your charting. UEC has been a milking machine.
wookieanator - Trading Room
You have no idea how much I appreciate your work in this crazy market. It really helps me navigate with limit orders, stops, profit taking, and keeps me sane.
Zoe - Trading Room