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Stock Waves is a premium service within ElliottWaveTrader featuring analysis on individual U.S. stocks. Founding analysts Zachary Mannes and Garrett Patten provide real-time wave analysis on dozens of their own selected as well as member-requested stocks each session. Lyn Alden Schwartzer, one of the top-read columnists on Seeking Alpha, highlights stocks with not only strong wave set-ups but with high rankings in her rigorous fundamental analysis.

Meet our All-Star Stock Analyst Team!

Zac Mannes
Zac Mannes
Garrett Patten
Garrett Patten
Lyn Alden Schwartzer
Lyn Alden Schwartzer
"The amount of trades I've been able to take the past week resulting in 100%+ returns is nothing short of amazing. If you do not have Stockwaves, you are only doing yourself a disservice."
dgriff617 - Trading Room 2020-05-18
Just a short note to let you know that after about 3 weeks of Stock Waves I have paid for about 5 years of subscription.
"dcep" - Email - 2020-04-25
Hands down, the <strong>BEST STAFF</strong> of any financial site on the web!!
Fred_Garvin - TradingRoom
"Stock Waves has produced more gains in the past month(+) than many sites do in years or decades."
Keto - Trading Room 2020-05-19

As featured on CNBC, MarketWatch, TheStreet, Forbes, Kiplinger Report, Money Show and more!

Plus contributions by our technical analyst Harry Dunn and our dynamic community of professional traders!

Members Receive:

  • Wave Set-Ups with targets and directional opinion.
  • Symbol Request tool enabling members to get chart work-ups on demand.
  • Nightly Videos on key charts and set-ups to watch.
  • Weekly Webinar reviewing both requested and analyst-selected stocks.
  • Special Sector Updates covering baskets of trending sector stocks.
  • Earnings Calls analyzing potential movers during earnings season.