Elliott Wave Weekend - Market Analysis for Sep 2nd, 2017

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We're going to be raising the rates of Princely's The Smart Money from $49.95 to $79.95 per month for anyone signing up after Labor Day.

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The Smart Money, a premium service within Avi's Market Alerts, provides S&P 500 and GDX directional analysis based on proprietary indicators that use options trading activity to track sentiment.

The service also issues swing trade alerts in leveraged S&P 500 instruments (i.e. UPRO, SPXS, ES) as well as in leveraged mining ETFs like DUST and NUGT.

The mining-related trades began in May when Princely added a new feature called the GDX Razzmatazz Wave. Since then, he has had 8 winners out of 10 trades with a total return of over 50%. Princely has also had 23 winners out of 26 S&P 500-related trades (88% success rate).

With the success of the trading and the expanded coverage, as well as the fact that the service is priced extremely low relative to our other services, we are making the change (only for new sign-ups).

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Did You Profit This Week from Avi's S&P 500 Calls?
We hope you did!  In his expanded S&P 500 report last weekend, Avi called for the SPX, which had closed at 2443 on Aug 25, to drop to 2425/30 to set up a rally to 2465-75 into the Labor Day holiday.  
On Tuesday, the SPX bottomed at 2428, and closed the week at 2476.55.
The call capped a great month overall.  As Avi notes, "The market has been playing out in an almost perfect fashion based upon the parameters we have been following, despite all the reasons it had not to do so.  In fact, for those of you that read us regularly, in mid-July, we were calling for a top to be struck between 2487-2500 on August 9th, whereas the market hit its last all-time high towards the end of the day on August 8th at 2490.  Since that time, the market has been in a pullback mode, as we had expected."

Record Month for Ricky's ES Trade Alerts:  +153 Points
Ricky's ES Trade Alerts service had its best month ever, netting 153 ES points on 11 winning trades out of 14.

As noted in past weekend newsletters, Ricky's nightly KISS Report (within Avi's Market Alerts) -- the basis for Ricky's ES trades in his own service -- has been uncannily correct in forecasting the S&P 500's moves.

The overall monthly range for August was 72.75 ES points (2415.75 range low vs 2488.5 range high), so Ricky's ES Trade Alerts outperformed 2x the range by nailing the twists and turns and taking quick profits in and out.

You can add Ricky's ES Trade Alerts here.

Options Traders:  Another Strong Week in our GammaOptimizer Service
Our GammaOptimizer.com service, hosted by "Leov," continued to deliver very good trade results this week.  The service had a VIX call spread (known to members as its monthly "end of the world" trade), which yielded 51% from entry in the small volatility event it got this week.  The service also had some SPX put butterflies for Sept 29, on which it profit for about 52%, which is impressive in a short gamma trade that was closed substantially earlier than expected.

Miners Service to Introduce MicroCap Portfolio
As the metals complex gets closer and closer to a potential long-term breakout, our EWT Mining Stocks Portfolio service plans to add a second, and more aggressive, model portfolio. 

This portfolio will be geared toward more micro-cap, and even some miniscule-cap, mining stocks that are EXTREMELY high risk, but which would present us with very high reward potential.
Again, we want to stress that this may not be for everyone, as the stocks we will be utilizing will often be less than $1 in price, which make them HIGHLY speculative. For this reason, we will only be using a hypothetical value of $5,000 for this model portfolio.
There will be no additional charge for this expansion of the service, as it is simply looking to benefit from the market moving into a more aggressive stance once we are more confident that we are back into a long-term bull market move.
We'll announce more as we get closer to launch.

Most Bookmarked Post This Week ... by Xenia!
GDX - overnight bullish action is not at all surprising, given my posts yesterday. And, we now may be seeing further acceleration. Today and the next couple of days will likely determine whether we are in a "tame" bullish count targeting 25.7-29.0 (Alt on my daily chart) or in the really bullish count, where 29 will be seen swiftly, with ultimate target off Dec low at 35-40. .... View post here....

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