Charts on AMTD, GCI, ITW, HOG, UA

The highest confidence setups of the stocks reporting after close today or before open tomorrow:
AMTD - Setup for the start of a breakout in iii of 3 targeting over 42 into summer.
GCI - Setup to begin v of 3 targeting over 41.
ITW - Setup for the start of iii of 3 targeting 112+.
Worth noting:
HOG - potential bullish setup off 58 in the start of a 3, but only 3up so far. (potentially a micro (1)-(2)-(i)-(ii) into earnings, but could be abc and get an extension of the ED for c of 2).
UA - At the larger degree it still has plenty of room to extend, but looks like it is nearing the top of a 3rd in a diagonal into the quarter's earnings report. (warning for longs; not a clear short)
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