Video Chart Analysis on AMZN, TMUS, FEYE, REGN, VALE, NVDA

Last night's Stock Waves Charts of the Day video featured analysis on Amazon (AMZN), T-Mobile US, Inc. (TMUS), FireEye, Inc. (FEYE), Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (REGN) and NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA).  In it we noted:

AMZN appears to be in a 4th wave bounce setting up for one more low towards the 1430-1414 level.  That would finish out the pattern very nicely, from which it should bounce in the b-wave back up towards the 1800 level into year-end.  But, keeping the larger chart in mind, the stock then would be setting for our steep primary wave 4 down.

TMUS was up strong on earnings, and is now in wave v up of (iii), projecting to 75.81.

FEYE, which has had a nice reaction on earnings and appears to have hit resistance, could get a corrective retrace towards 16 into the beginning of next year before its next run.

REGN had 5 waves up to complete wave (1), had an a-b-c consolidation to the exact .618 retrace.  If the low isn't already in and it gets one more extension down, I would like to see it hold the 320 to 306 region.  But then I'm looking for an initial wave up that tests the 370's as the first wave of the bigger wave higher.

VALE got a nice turn up today from the b wave that we talked about the other day.  We want to see that 14.21 low hold.  If it pushes a little higher towards 15.40, it would give us a little micro waves 5 up, setting up a retrace that should hold at about 14.80, and then continue on up towards the 18 region.

NVDA looks like it may have bottomed in this A wave.  Still a dangerous chart on the long side, but should get a B wave up towards the 227-241 region into year end, setting up a potentially strong short in the C wave towards 140.

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VALE - Primary Analysis - Nov-01 1114 AM (1 hour)
VALE - Primary Analysis - Nov-01 1114 AM (1 hour)
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