Too Much Leverage - Market Analysis for Feb 7th, 2017

Do I expect the metals to be rising in a major bull market?  Yes.  Do I see huge gains that can be made in the complex in the next 10 years?   Yes.  Can I be wrong?  ABSOLUTELY!!!

So, when I see a survey in our room with over 75% of the respondents noting that they have more than 15% of their assets in the metals complex, it worries me greatly.

For years, I have attempted to provide you a balanced approach to non-linear markets, while always maintaining risk management standards, as the market owes us nothing.  And, when I see so many of those that follow us completely throwing caution to the wind and either being overinvested in the complex or overleveraged, I am compelled to speak out.

Folks, I implore you to be investing and not gambling.  What some of you are doing is akin to playing roulette and placing all your money on black.  While we certainly have better probabilities at making money than you do in roulette, it is not advisable to be placing all of your eggs in one basket.

Again, you are all adults, and have to make your own decisions.  But, personally, I like to sleep at night (even though it may only be for 4 hours), and having all my eggs in one basket certainly does not allow me to sleep at night.  You will make plenty of money simply investing in the complex and not gambling. 

Remember, bulls make money, bears make money, AND PIGS GET SLAUGHTERED!!!!!

Avi Gilburt is founder of