The Subwave Path for TSLA

We talked about the subwave path for TSLA last week and how the (c) wave, if starting off 167, could be hard to distinguish from an alt purple b-wave of a wider flat.

Since we hit the 50% Fib for (b) we do not need to "default" to looking for the wider flat, but with many other equities flashing warning signs we should certainly remain open to it. ⚠️

Since our "default" is to expect a 100%+ Fib extension for a (c)-wave, based on Avi's #FibonacciPinBall, the subwave i of (c) should target 192s or 200 region if 167 was the low. However since this is a (c)-wave that does not NEED to be 5up. 

We know that (c)-waves can often be diagonals instead of impulsive moves and in a diagonal ALL of the subwaves are ABC moves. That is what the dark blue micro ABC is hinting at. And since we are also considering the purple alt b-wave of a wider and deeper (b) it is prudent to look first for only a corrective move toward 185-190.

As mentioned this morning in #StockWaves 171s are now ideal sub-Micro support off the 167 low. So far we only have 3up.

Going to be zooming in to show structure so far inside the possible blue micro B of purple b-wave. Tune into StockWaves for more!

TSLA - Primary Analysis - May-14 1157 AM (1 hour)
TSLA - Primary Analysis - May-14 1157 AM (1 hour)
Zac Mannes is a senior analyst at and co-host of the site's Stock Waves service, which provides wave alerts and trade set-ups on individual stocks.