Stock Waves Produces New 40+ Stocks To Watch List, Plus More Big Gains

Stock Waves picks continued their strong runs this week, led by energy names such as CDEV.  In addition, Zac and Garrett produced a new list of 40+ Stocks To Watch in their video on Thursday.

CDEV added another 10% this week, prompting member CinderellaStorey to write: "Bought this beast sub $2 and rode it to $7.40 across two accounts. What a freaking set up a few months ago.  Will look to reload later this summer. Kudos to the SW team; your energy plays alone have been absolutely incredible."

MacAinsLeigh added, "I bought 15,000 shares (not options) of CDEV back in Oct.  Currently up 153%.  Absolutely Amazing and thanks to EW and all the expert traders here."

Outside of energy, HYRE this week hit Zac's target for blue circle iii, prompting KevinC to write, "Fantastic call Zac, great run thanks!" and davidp1232000 to exclaim, "Crushin it man!"

BNTX jumped nearly 9% this week, prompting this post from ElectroNoire:  "This has been one awesome ride. Still holding the 1000 shares bought around $85 last december. Your and Garrett's analysis gave great confidence and for that I can't put to words how grateful I am.

Over on Twitter, @hypersonic78 wrote:  "Elliot Wave Theory is amazing and Zac is one of the best analysts I've had the privilege to learn from over at"

After Zac and Garrett posted their video listing the 40+ Stocks To Watch, plus analysis on dozens more member-requested stocks, FDL2025 wrote:  "I still don't understand how you and Garrett can cover so many stocks each week.  2+ years later and I still find it unbelievable on a weekly basis.  Thank you and the entire team.   Great information."

AdamL added:  "I was so tired last night after tagging most of these videos I forgot to say you guys are amazing. Just a great video and I feel delivering over and above the expected for the update coming next week. Thanks guys!"

For those interested in viewing the Stocks To Watch list, login to Stock Waves and visit this post, titled "You Are Here: Outperform/Extension Candidates."

For those who are not yet members, you can learn more about and add Stock Waves here.