Stock Waves Posts New "Shopping List" Of 70 Setups, Plus Big Wins In Earnings Calls

As the market was bottoming in March 2020, Zac Mannes and Garrett Patten provided a "shopping list" of more than 100 stocks to their Stock Waves members, almost all of which gained at least 50% in as little as three months.

Then in June of that year, they put out another list of 100+ stocks, many of which went on to prove their large upside potential into 2021.

This past week Stock Waves released another list of 70 stocks that they expect to do quite well as we look towards the rest of 2022.

As Garrett explained, "These are candidates setting up for attractive entries on the current pullback in the broader market. Some are more immediately actionable, but that is not the case for all of them, which may need a little bit further subdivision before bottoming or more confirmation off the low to assume a bottom in place."

Stock Waves members can view the video analysis of the 70 stocks here. They can also view and comment in the thread in which Garrett posted the charts.

Also this week, Stock Waves earnings calls yielded a 71% win rate, with 67 winners versus 27 misses. Stocks moving in Zac's and Garrett's anticipated direction after releasing earnings included GLW +13.4%, NOW +12.4%, STX +15.9%, FFIV -13.0%, and PKG +9.8%.

As Zac explains, "Some like FFIV and MSFT [see analysis highlighted on Zac's Twitter page] could even count as 2x Wins! Not only did they get the exact drops we called for on the initial ER's, but they also reversed strongly from there, too! TSLA also got the fifth lower we were looking for and is trying to turn up."

Noted member Satya_K:  "Zac, you are a magician. I was following your FFIV chart from Dec, it is uncanny how accurate your chart prediction was then and now it confirmed with today's move. Wow!! Thank you!"