"Simple As A-B-C": The Smart Money Rolls Out New Trading System

EWT analyst Princely Mathew has rolled out significant changes to his trading system at The Smart Money service that have both generated impressive returns and rave reviews from members.

Since launched on May 13, the new system has had a win rate of 79%, yielding 340 ES points for a total weighted return of 8%.

The biggest change in the system is the classification and sizing of trades based on their odds, as gauged by backtests. "A-Class" trades -- those that have a win rate of 96% in Princely's backtests -- are leveraged at 1.5x, whereas B-Class are full-sized trades and C-Class 1/2-sized trades.

"I love the new ABC system," says member LindaAustin. "I work full time so the system gives me a lot of value by not requiring a lot of mental cycles (that I don't have to spare during the day) in order to benefit from market moves. Simple as ABC / 123."

She adds, "Having the backtests and confidence levels helps me with discipline (very important since I don't have time to analyze during the day). Of course, I know there is uncertainty and unexpected moves happen, but I can trust that the probabilities are on our side. I'm so appreciative of your system, your willingness to continue to improve upon it ... and the many contributions from other community members."

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