What Members Are Saying About Our New Trading System

Mithrandir:  "The best part about the new system is the high win rate on B Class shorts in backtests. I feel confident taking short trades now. And overall, I like the straightforward simplicity of the ABC system with clearly defined sizing and risk profiles tied to a single signal."

Jedi_Joe:  "As someone who has come back to the system after a lapse, I reiterate Mith's comments.  Greater simplicity with the ABC system and direction on risk profiles were the big sells to re-subscribe."

Habs: "I love the fact that there is a lot less whipsaw!"

Harv: "It's so incredibly simple and easy to follow. On top of that, it works!"

JimmyLee:  "Besides the fact that it's making me money and has beaten the S&P handily since it launched, I like how stable the signal is.  It's able to withstand the whipsaw of this crazy market and keep my trades on the right side far more often than not.  It's very simple to follow... one index and one alert at the end of the day if there's a change."

LindaAustin:  "I love the new ABC system.  I work full time so the system gives me a lot of value by not requiring a lot of mental cycles (that I don't have to spare during the day) in order to benefit from market moves.  Simple as ABC / 123 :).  Additionally as Mith said, having the backtests and confidence levels helps me with discipline (very important since I don't have time to analyze during the day).  Of course, I know there is uncertainty and unexpected moves happen but I can trust that the probabilities are on our side.  I'm so appreciative of your system, your willingness to continue to improve upon it (as you've said, systems work great until they don't), and the many contributions from other community members."

rickg: "Simply, if you follow the system, you will enjoy the back-tested returns. But beyond the incredible returns, if you allow it, the system will teach you something about yourself.  First and foremost, if you already know the long term outcome, why allow your emotions to create short term battles for you."

SteveOz: "In addition to the results...   I find it incredibly simple both for the "trading" portion and the LT portion.   The back tested and actual results provide a huge amount of confidence.  The win rates on B class shorts make taking action (whether flat or short) very compelling. The win rates on A class longs is astounding.  The more time passes, the more I wonder why I bother with anything else..."

RandyR: "I like the new system because it simplifies my life!  My goal is to have a life outside of trading.  I don't want to be a day trader and appreciate the new system that seem clear and accionable.  The new system scales in and out of trades and seems much more tuned to the market.  It reduces risk when it is appropriate and has been very good about calling bottom and good trades.  Thank you Mr P for all you do and for looking out for us peeps."

Don: "I love that I am now making successful money-making trades following this awesome system at a low stress, relaxing, and high confidence level"

quagmire: "Been with this system from the beginning. Love the continuous effort to always improve the system. % success rates might just be the best around. Princely is a class act...you can tell he cares. Top reason would be I make money with the system."

Princely Mathew hosts The Smart Money premium service at ElliottWaveTrader.