Same move, but when?

As discussed in the BCW last night (on SPX/ES), we are looking for pretty much the same potential (a)-(b)-(c) move up toward 160 region. IF that is still supposed to be a vth of an LD for 1 then it should happen faster into mid-month in order to be more connected to i-ii-iii after the deeper than reliable ivth. If that is meant to be the blue a of 3 it could easily stretch out more in time.

*The purple 1 is hinting at another variant I have discussed a bit, this being just a-b of a larger 1 of an ED for (5) rather than 1-2.

RSP - Primary Analysis - Sep-08 1449 PM (1 hour)
RSP - Primary Analysis - Sep-08 1449 PM (1 hour)
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