Q2 Algo Review: GBTC Magicbus

It's time, and honestly a little late for our Q2 Algo review. I'm going to start this set with Magicbus. Needless to say, it was a terrible quarter for 'Da Bus'. It was the worst quarter on cumulative return with a $3.98 per share loss, and the second worse in skew. That said, this algo is not expected to do well in strong downtrends but is handy for catching fresh upturns so I leave it signalling. 

And, despite this bad quarter Da Bus is still killing buy and hold. Signals started at $17.98 and our last sell signal was at $14.91. So, GBTC lost $3.07 during the life of the algo while Da Bus 'bank robbed' $36.84 per share. That's astounding. Since it was designed as a quick scalp/swing algo, this is something I never expected. Da Bus lives on as an arrow in our quiver, a wrench in our tool box, and the dress slacks amongst our grubs. 

GBTC Magicbus trade history:

Magicbus Kelly Criterion:

And, the latest news is that I find BITO Magicbus behaves similarly so we are in test deployment with attempts at short term option trades.

Ryan Wilday hosts the Crypto Waves service on ElliottWaveTrader.net.