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The Cryptocurrency Trading service features analysis and trade alerts on cryptocurrencies, hosted by Ryan Wilday. Ryan focuses primarily on Bitcoin and Ether, with charts ranging from 5-minute to daily, but also covers other large-caps like Ripple, Litecoin, EOS, BSV, and Tezos down to the 1-hour charts. Ryan covers any small-cap coin by request, provided he can pull in solid data, as well as the Greyscale Investment Trusts, (GBTC, ETCG, ETHE, and the like) and blockchain stocks. In addition to his intraday analysis, Ryan provides a nightly report six times a week and a weekly webinar which is recorded. See important notice about Risk Considerations.

About Ryan Wilday

Ryan Wilday

Ryan has over 17 years experience trading equities, futures and options. He was introduced to cryptocurrency in 2013 by a programmer friend and began mining and trading shortly thereafter. Though he read Prechter's Elliott Wave Principle in the early 2000's, he didn't make practical use of the theory until joining EWT in 2015. Today he melds his deep knowledge of the cryptocurrency market with Elliott Wave theory and Fibonacci Pinball.

Key Intro Articles

Thoughts on Using the Service Thu Oct 5th 2017

I wanted to put this together for new folks coming on. We haven't had too many come on since the trial but we are holding steady over 200 people. So, I want to have this to point to. So here goes: Know The Asset Class.

Trading Elliott Basics with Cryptos Wed Oct 11th 2017

This post is not for the veterans here. That is unless you never created a trading plan. If you haven't start. But, I got a PM today that was clear the person didn't have a handle on trading the wave counts. So, want to give some quick basics.

Getting Your Feet Wet in Cryptos Mon Dec 18th 2017

Reposting this article Avi and Ryan wrote a while back on Seeking Alpha so we get it archived in our Crypto education section.

Additional Articles

WRT B Waves Thu May 14th 2020

Sorry for the notification, but you can ignore.  I'm just writing this to 'file' in my pinned posts. It seems I'm writing this 5X a day because cryptos create such wild B waves. I want a quick link.

Lesson of the Past Wed May 13th 2020

While we're slow, I wanted to share a sad story that I hope helps some. I just happened to be thinking about it this week as we have a very important inflection here.

GBTC micro buy/sell Restart Tue May 12th 2020

I'm going to jettison the micro I was trialing. I have a new one. It called this recent top. I'm going to start to post. Right now it went back to buy at $10.72, but may soon take on water. Do not trade it until it proves to have an edge.


This is just a loud heads up to new folks. It seems we have some. Webinars in crypto are Saturday mornings at 11:30 AM EST. We get some good attendance but you need not attend as I always record them (except for two days I fat-fingered the record button).

GBTC MOMO- Layered Signal Mon Apr 27th 2020

I'm going to start testing a layered signal on the Momo Up. Forgive if this is not clear but I'm happy to answer questions. The signal is going to be a micro signal for partial profit taking in the middle of a momo-up signal.

Failed Breakouts Thu Apr 23rd 2020

If you are a 'Breakout Trader' you know the feeling. You see price push hard into a breakout level, you buy like nuts and then price teeters, slamming back into the range. You hit your stops. This is why I am a pullback trader. I learned the hard way.

Levels Not Counts Thu Apr 23rd 2020

Waxing Educational here while we're slow.  I always say 'I don't trade counts, I trade the levels they reveal' which are used for entries, exits and very objective invalidation or 'proof' of my point of view'.

Tactical Review Mon Apr 13th 2020

Let's talk tactics again while this is slow. Per the webinar,how you approach this action depends on how long you've been, what timeframe you play, and how closely watch your trades. Some considerations:  Price Action:  1.

Discussion Fri Apr 10th 2020

Good discussion in this thread so knowing that many are off the board today, I'm putting it on a notification. Sorry if annoying but I consider it worth it.  https://www.elliottwavetrader.net/members/atchat/?threadId=5919005

The Flip Side Fri Apr 10th 2020

I'm posting in notifications because this is an important concept. We're slow today so I can wax tutorial. I'm sure those that were 'feeling bearish' yesterday are feeling more so, or even vindicated.

GBTC Signal Update Thu Apr 2nd 2020

By popular demand, we'll call the GBTC signal 'GBTC Momentum Up/down'. This reflects what the signal is doing. What I want to state  very clearly that this is not a 'buy/sell signal'.

GBTC Risk On/OFF Tue Mar 31st 2020

Another message- After a little machine learning we have an adjustment that leads to a risk on/off signal that far outperformed GBTC buy and hold since its creation. So, I'll start posting this updated signal tomorrow and it is currently risk on.

GBTC Risk On/OFF Tue Mar 31st 2020

I'm doing a restart on the GBTC risk on/off signal. After backtest it just isn't solid enough. It does a good job of watching risk but also a great job of keeping one out of good runs, and so in a 2Y backseat, buy and hold outperformed.

Dealing with Paralsysis Mon Mar 23rd 2020

I sense some paralysis among the ranks and want to give a very simple approach to trading, if you are sitting without a position. First of all, I never recommend trading binary (all in all out).

GBTC Risk On/Off Mon Mar 23rd 2020

I'm going to start tracking the results of a technical risk on and off system for GBTC, and posting signals. I actually don't want anyone following it but you might choose to track.

Webinar Reschedule Mon Mar 16th 2020

Let's have. webinar tomorrow at 1:30 PST / 4:30 EST. Put requests here>>

FYI Fri Mar 13th 2020

Guys because some of you like to know my plan. Below $4300 I'm going to be short with a $2200 target. But right now I'm still watching for this sticksave to continue develop, or breakdown. 

Evil Scenario At Play? Fri Mar 13th 2020

I went to bed last night wired. Thanks to a heavy dose of Vitamin B3 I got to sleep (awesome natural secret by the way). But I was wired enough to get thinking about what I see in the charts. Yesterday was evil. No doubt.

FYI Tue Mar 3rd 2020

Just an FYI- Tentatively we are going to take a vacation the week of March 23. As you know that generally means I'll be on a bit, when I'm up 4 hours before the rest of my family. But I'll be sparse that week if we go. Right now we're working on arrangements.

XXXBTC Thu Feb 27th 2020

To circle back on the question of what to trade but Bitcoin or Ether, you can trade some of these B wave charts if we get a clear 5 wave setup for C. The issue guys, is that this is very low probability trade. This example is BNB but we may see similar in LTC.

Make Trading Easy Tue Feb 4th 2020

This is a repeat and I'm going to push such lessons into your heads all through this bull run (tone is jest ) Don't be a hero and try to take full positioned binary trades (all in/all out) at the supposed target. SCALE IN. SCALE OUT.

Webinars Fri Jan 31st 2020

This is a heads up for new people as I know we have a few. Webinars are every Saturday at 11:30 EST.  I always cover Bitcoin, Ether, GBTC, and ETHBTC. Then I do request.  I post a request thread the day before and that was posted this morning.

Special Webinar Fri Jan 31st 2020

Hey all- We're doing another special webinar as a marketing push. You know all I can say, and get a ton more on our Saturday webinars, but if you wish to attend you'll need to register:  https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/8625571267973571587

Monero Intermediate View Wed Jan 22nd 2020

Like so many cryptos the early days make an accurate count difficult to come by. However, for now I hold that Monero topped in the third wave of its primary third and the 2018 bear market was the fourth of the third, possibly complete.

Ether Classic Intermediate Term Tue Jan 21st 2020

This is a bonus as we have too many bearish or questionable counts in the top 10. Ether Classic was one of our strongest trades in the service in 2017. That move culminated in a large five wave move. So, I am a long term bull above $1.74.

Tezos Intermediate View Tue Jan 21st 2020

I am a tentative bull on Telos. We first must recognize this chart is relatively new amongst large caps. Further, I can make an argument based on look that wave 1 topping in April 2019 is an ABC, but based on extension, I can make an argument it is an impulse.

Stellar Intermediate Term Tue Jan 21st 2020

This one will be short like the other bearish charts. In 2017 I was very bullish on Stellar. I recall we bottom ticked the September 2017 bottom. However, the 2018 bear brought it below long term support for wave 4, confirming an ABC top.

BNB Intermediate Term Mon Jan 20th 2020

BNB's 2017 wave 1 shows fib characteristics of a three wave rally, and a five rave rally. Even if three waves, as long as the 2018 low holds, we'd expect at least a C wave to $4961.

EOS Intermediate Term Mon Jan 20th 2020

If you have been in the crypto service long enough you know I see strong potential in EOS. This is due to the high X wave we saw in the middle of the crypto bear market in 2018. This is sign of a trend begging to continue.

Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision (BSV) Intermediate Mon Jan 20th 2020

Like Bitcoin Cash, this report will be short. Just as in Bitcoin Cash, we see fiery battles over which is better: BSV or BTC. Mostly, these are arguments are about tech. But if you want to make money, you follow the market, not  developer.


Where Is Bitcoin Going Next? - Feb 4, 2020

Ryan shares his current analysis on Bitcoin and whether the next key bottom is behind us, having anticipated the bottom in Bitcoin at $3,000 in late 2018 and the top at $13,900 in mid-2019.

Trading Timeframes with Elliott Wave - Apr 27, 2018

Ryan Wilday talks about how he applies this knowledge of Elliott Wave to managing his cryptocurrency model portfolios in multiple timeframes, making long-term holds, swing trades, and short-term 'scalps' as part of this trading repertoire.

Applying Elliott Wave to Crypto Trading - Jan 17, 2018

In this webinar Ryan covers the basics of Elliott Wave and how it applies to analyzing Cryptocurrency charts and generating successful trades with appropriate risk management.

Revisiting Crypto Trading for Beginners - Jan 3, 2018

In this webinar Ryan revisits getting started in the ever changing Cryptocurrency market including new discussions on security and taxes. He also showcases some of the performance in his Cryptocurrency service since the launch in August 2017.

Crypto Trading for Beginners - July 27, 2017

This 1-hour Webinar by Ryan covers the following:

  • What is a Crypto currency?
  • What are the unique benefits and risks of Crypto trading?
  • How can you enter the Crypto market?
  • Does Elliott Wave work with the Crypto markets?

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