Q2 Algo Review: Bitcoin Core

I find the performance of Bitcoin Core interesting. I've been very negative on its performance because it seemed to chop and whipsaw. However, when I compare it to buy and hold it did the job I intended. It moved from outperforming buy and hold by 3.16x with its first trade for the quarter to outperforming buy and hold by 4.70x. Further, it reached a new peak in accumulated Bitcoin reaching 4.849 Bitcoin cumulative through its test and live history up to the signal on July 17th*. I'm going to continue with my work on a new algo but I want to be careful to not destroy these positive aspects which still match the original design intent.

*I'm using the continuation to Q3 because it had no 100% trades in Q2 so I can't see the full effect. 

Trade history (I cut off early test data because I'm running out of space):

Vs. Buy and Hold:

Oscillation of Holdings:

The goal here is to show growth in the amount of Bitcoin held when at 100%, so the peaks of the chart should go up and to the right, while the low data points will always hit 0. 

Ryan Wilday hosts the Crypto Waves service on ElliottWaveTrader.net.