Overheard at EWT: A Great Year for Our Members

We know that 2020 has been a very difficult year overall for many, but we're very glad to know that many of our members tell us they've had a great year in the markets working with EWT.

Here's what we heard this past week alone:

"Avi et al, this site is amazing!  With your help (including the great support staff) and all the patrons, my success rate has improved tremendously.  I am a conservative trader and rarely more than 60% invested but this year with EWT's help I have increased my trading account by 164% YTD.  I am humbled and very grateful for all the members that freely share their insights with the goal of helping others. Thank you all."  --Tom99577

"Today was the single largest daily gain day I've had.  Between SW300, metals/miners and crypto, everything aligned.  This was not even using options.  Nearly all the charts are still looking strong so I'm just raising stops at this point.  Can't thank you enough EWT team!"  --Rowan

"I'm having my best year ever! Up 70%. My thanks is 100% to this site. The analysts and members. My wife thinks I'm a genius because of you guys/gals. Best 3k I spend a year. She wants me to spend more on you!"  --tightlines

"This is so outrageous!  I just scanned the past 20 or so postings and nearly half are gratitude to EWT!!!!   I'm laughing only because it is truly hard to believe.  Only been here since August and I shake my head in amazement every day." --genoj

"Shout out to Thomas in account services! What amazing, prompt, and thoughtful attention.  Thanks, Thomas!"  --Jasondono

"This man Zac is a money printing machine."  --Defyant

"I've only been here < 3 months and already up over 30%. It's unreal."  --Mithrandir

"The string of posts below about people having amazing years, that's what this place is all about, and what makes it so special. Love seeing those so much. Congrats to everyone having a great year, but really congrats to everyone who is here to learn how the market works. Even if it hasn't clicked for you yet, if you're truly here to learn you will be making posts like that soon as well, and sooner than you think."  --UncleHank

"I had been trading for 25 years when I joined this site. I had a lot of ups. And a lot of downs. But I have been here almost 3 years and learned so much that I am having a lot of ups and not so much downs; less risk, more reward.  This is not to brag, but to pay tribute to the great team of analysts, and great members here."  --DamienC

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Avi Gilburt is founder of ElliottWaveTrader.net.